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  • An APK teardown of Google Camera v7.5 has revealed a few new features coming to Pixel phones.
  • Some of the new camera features Google is currently working on include a “motion blur” mode, audio zoom, and the ability to adjust the flash intensity.
  • These features are likely to debut with the Pixel 5 later this year.

A teardown of the Google app by the folks at 9to5Google earlier this month revealed that Google will be launching two Pixel 4a models this year, including one with 5G connectivity. The publication has now found references to some of the new camera features that Google is working on for the Pixel 5 in the latest version of the Google Camera app on the Android 11 Beta.

Google Camera 7.5 includes a mysterious new string that says “Lasagna.” According to 9to5Google, “Lasagna” is a placeholder name for an upcoming camera mode that will offer a “motion blur” effect. The mode will allow users to capture DSLR-like photos of moving subjects.

Another upcoming feature that has been revealed by the APK teardown is “audio zoom,” which has been available on LG and Samsung phones for quite some time now. Once enabled, the phone’s microphone will focus on the area you zoom in on while recording a video.

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The upcoming Pixel phones will also allow users to adjust the intensity of the camera flash. Google is also working on easier video sharing for Pixel phones. Similar to how you can easily share recent photos to apps like Facebook and Instagram from with Social Share, Pixel owners will soon be able to share videos as well in the same way.

In addition to revealing some of the new camera features that Google is currently working on, the APK teardown also reconfirms the codenames of the company’s upcoming Pixel phones. As reported previously, Google will be releasing three Pixel phones this year: – Pixel 4a (sunfish), Pixel 4a 5G (bramble), and Pixel 5 (redfin).

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