A first look at the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians has shown that the sisters resort to violence to settle a disagreement.

The 18th series of the reality show has teased some explosive action with Kim Kardashian launching into sister Kourtney as an argument becomes hands-on.

Kourtney, 40, has indicated that she would be scaling back her screen time with the reality show and it could be her sister Kim, 39, coming at her with fists flailing that may have driven this desire to step back from the show.

The previous season of KUWTK had shown there were rising tensions between Kourtney and her siblings, Kim and Khloe, and it doesn’t look like a lid has been put on it as words turn into explosive actions.

While Kim and Kourtney have been known to vent their frustrations with each other, it hadn’t got to this point as yet, where Kim attacks her elder sister.

The teaser clip shows Kim actually punching Kourt in the face as the sisters argue.

The epic fight escalates after Kourtney is seen throwing something at Kim, who looks to settle the matter with a couple sharp blows to the head.

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As the pair square up, Kim shouts: “You have nothing to say! Don’t ever come at me like that!”

She then launches into Kourtney in what looks like could be a defining moment in their relationship.

Tensions were high from the start of the clip, with Kourtney bickering with Kim and Khloe, as she asks Kourt: “Why do you have to have an attitude?”

Kourtney replies: “Don’t involve yourself in business that is not yours

To which Khloe retorts: “Then don’t talk about it in front of me.”

Kim is in full meddling mode later in the clip, as she drops a bombshell on Khloe about her ex Tristan Thompson, almost a year since they split following the Jordyn Woods kiss.

Kim tells a shocked Khloe: “You’re gonna kill me: Tristan is joining us for dinner.”

Kendall Jenner sums up the feeling for the new series, commenting: “Buttons have been pushed.”

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