The corporation is tasked to conduct the military business’s digital transformation and to carry out the development strategies in a new period of digital society creation.

With the goal of “initiating digital life,” VDS will  focus on the digital finance, data service, and e-commerce spheres. It targets to have 26 million customers and operate 600,000 transaction and service points  by 2025.

At the debut of VDS

Addressing the event, Viettel Group’s Acting Chairman Le Dang Dung said the establishment of VDS affirmed Viettel’s strong step in digital transformation and determination to switch from a traditional telecommunication service provider to a digital service one. It was also to realize the military business’s vision of bringing telecommunications, IT and digital application to all aspects of social life.

Dung emphasized that VDS plays a vital role in realizing Viettel’s mission of creating a digital society.

He said that the corporation’s operation should rely on technology platforms for digital payment and must ensure national monetary security, while digital payment methods should be simple, user-friendly, safe and secure for customers. He added that the corporation should make the target to soon become a leading business in digital payment.

At present, Viettel plans to bring services to customers across the country through mobile phones. Mobile Money, a digital money payment service through a mobile account, is an example for Viettel’s efforts in bridging the technology gap between areas and bringing digital services to those in rural and remote areas where access to traditional financial services is limited. It was expected to be a catalyst for the boom of the digital revolution in Vietnam.

In addition, digital financial and commercial infrastructure will help connect businesses to businesses and businesses to customers. Together with firms and the start-up community, the corporation will build a non-cash society and try to become part of the national payment system.

Translated by Tran Hoai