The workshop was held by Vietnam’s Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and the Embassy of Vietnam in the RoK.

The event was attended by Vietnamese Deputy Ambassador to the RoK Tran Anh Vu, Director of the Ministry’s Center of Overseas Labor Ha Xuan Tung, Director of the RoK Human Resource Development Department Woo Bong Woo and about 300 Vietnamese laborers working in the city and vicinity.

Vietnamese laborers in the Republic of Korea advised to return home when their labor contracts expire

Addressing the event, Vu underlined fruitful labor cooperation between Vietnam and RoK based on the two nations’ memorandum of understanding on the Employment Permit System program signed in May, 2016.

He called on Vietnamese laborers in the RoK to observe the regulations in their contracts, the host country’s laws and to return home when their contracts expire.

He also expressed his hope that the RoK’s Human resource development Department and other organizations and enterprises will continue working with the Embassy in ensuring the legitimate rights of Vietnamese laborers in the country.

For his part, Woo Bong Woo said cooperation in labor between Vietnam and the RoK has contributed to the development of the two nations’ relationship, and acknowledged the contribution Vietnamese laborers have made to the nation’s economic development.

He also pledged to support Vietnamese laborers during their stay in the RoK.

According to Tung, numerous job placement activities have been held to help Vietnamese laborers who return home from the RoK.

During the event, several RoK employers were honored for their support for their Vietnamese workers, as were several Vietnamese laborers for their contributions to the local society.

Currently, the RoK is home to nearly 50,000 Vietnamese workers. About 16,000 of them are working in the country on expired labor contracts.

Source: VNA