A report delivered at the conference said during the four-day program, 95 Vietnamese military medical staffs in cooperation with the Lao partners screened and provided medicines for 11,700 participating locals in the three districts of Muong May, Muong Khoa, and Sam Phan, reaching 120% of the plan.

At the event

Apart from that, the mission also presented 31 gift sets worth VND 2 million each to policy families, and 20 gifts for diplomatic purposes at the value of VND 500,000 each. The mission then presented each hospital of the districts with 10 sphygmomanometers and some other medical supplies.

At the conference, the GDL presented awards to outstanding individuals and collectives participating in the mission. This is the second time that Vietnam and Laos have carried out such a joint activity.

Translated by Song Anh