Installing a 4G station in Dak Song border district

Standing Deputy Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Tran Xuan Hai said that from a locality with a poor telecommunications network and IT infrastructure in the first years of re-establishment, Dak Nong province now has a wide and modern telecommunications network and IT system that meets the demand for socio-economic development and defense – security. Among the contributors to the achievements, Viettel Dak Nong is known as a pioneer unit in developing telecommunications networks and IT systems in the province. The business boosted investment in infrastructure to serve people in remote areas and disadvantaged localities. Thanks to its ability to identify and target customers, the military business soon dominated the mobile subscriber market share in the province and was listed among five businesses that have made major  contributions to the local budget. 

Colonel Tran Van Thuan, Viettel Dak Nong’s Director, recalled that Viettel Dak Nong was founded on December 15, 2004 with only three staff and had six base-transceiver stations (BTSs). After 15 years of construction and development, the number of its personnel  increase to 400, while its agencies in communes and points of sale in villages are 105 and over 3,000, respectively. The business helps create jobs for more than 3,500 local people.

Regarding basic systems, the unit has so far built 888 BTSs, including 268 2G, 323 3G, and 297 4G ones, expanding the network coverage to 95% of the total area and 98% of the population. At present, Viettel optical cable Internet is installed in all of the communes, wards, and towns of Dak Nong province, ensuring high-speed Internet and new-generation digital television services for local people. So far, there are more than 38,000 Internet users, 22,000 television subscribers, and more than 400,000 mobile phone subscribers, including 240,000 with access to the Internet. Viettel has four consecutive years held 60% telecommunications market share. Recently, the military business has focused on strengthening its basic systems for the development of the province in the fourth industrial revolution, including building smart cities and e-commerce.

Apart from effective production and trading, Viettel Dak Nong has shared local leadership and organizations’ efforts to take care of needy people and those who rendered good service to the nation. Since 2004, the unit has contributed more than VND 260 billion to the local budget while allocating VND 15 billion to conduct programs for local students and heads of villages, improve main roads in Gia Nghia, build houses for needy locals, and take care of fallen soldiers’ relatives.

According to Deputy Chairman of the People’s Committee of Dac Song district Nguyen Ngoc Than, Viettel Dak Nong provides Internet services to 48 schools in the district and annually presented 20 scholarships to needy students with good academic records in Thuan Ha and Thuan Hanh border communes. At present, the unit is applying IT to education and healthcare management, helping raise the quality of the services in the locality. More significantly, Viettel invested in building infrastructure in the border district, contributing to meeting the demand for communications, IT application to daily activities, as well as defense maintenance. Thanks to Viettel’s services, Dak Nong is not as remote and underdeveloped as it was ten years ago.

Realizing the “respect, care, listening, understanding, and service” motto, Viettel Dak Nong has over the past years paid attention to providing telecommunications and IT services, including Viettel pay (Online Payment Service via phones), Onme (Free Online TV), Smas (Education Management Application), My Viettel (Mobile Service Management Application), Mocha (Free Messages and Calls), Viettel CA (Digital Signature), and (Online Education Portal and Pharmaceutical Management Software), to local customers. 

For great contributions made by Viettel Dak Nong over the past time, its Director Colonel Tran Van Thuan was honored as a “Outstanding Vietnamese Businessman in 2019” and presented with the Thanh Giong Cup.

In the coming time, Viettel Dak Nong targets to improve its telecommunications infrastructure, expand its Internet connection to residential areas, and install 5G service BTSs while assisting localities in building their e-government, building smart urban areas, and applying technological advances of the fourth industrial revolution to all social aspects.

Translated by Tran Hoai