Briefing the guest on the missions of the hospital, Major General Nguyen Hong Son, Director of Military Hospital 175, said that over the past time the hospital has attached special importance to fostering international cooperation in a bid to raise its personnel’s competence in taking care of patients and joining international activities, including UN peacekeeping operations.

At the working session

General Son also recalled the achievements in cooperation activities and programs between the hospital and the U.S. military medicine force over the past time, affirming that those positive results will contribute to strengthening Vietnam-U.S. relations, especially in military medicine.

He emphasized that the successful deployment of the first level-two field hospital of Vietnam to the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) resulted in part from the active assistance of U.S. medical experts who helped train and share experience with Vietnamese medical peacekeepers.

Delegates of the two sides in a joint photo

At the reception, the host asked the guest to further support Vietnam in deploying its another field hospital at the hospital and to foster the two sides’ cooperation in expertise exchange, professional training, and English language training. He hoped that Vietnam-U.S. military medical cooperation will obtain positive results, contributing to strengthening relations of the two countries.

For his part, the USINDOPACOM Commander congratulated Vietnam on its successful deployment of the first level-two field hospital and its officers to UNMISS. He also highlighted Vietnam’s thorough and serious preparations for carrying out the tasks.

Admiral Philip Davidson expressed his delight at the fruitful outcomes of the military medicine cooperation between Vietnam and the U.S., and thanks to the host for supporting international experts working at the hospital.

He affirmed that the U.S. side always highly appreciates the strategic vision and competence of the military hospital, and pledged to make utmost efforts to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in general and between the hospital and USINDOPACOM in particular with a focus on cooperation activities in humanitarian relief and natural disaster response.

The guest expressed strong belief that cooperation between Military Hospital 175 and U.S. military medicine will be strengthened in the coming time.

The same day, Admiral Philip Davidson and USINDOPACOM delegates visited some agencies and function areas of the hospital.

Translated by Tran Hoai