A patient receives methadone at Quang Ninh General Hospital (Photo: Vietnamplus)

– Vietnam has made a stride in the fight against HIV/AIDS in recent years, recording a declined number of new newly-diagnosed cases of HIV, those living with and killed by AIDS.

According to Dr. Hoang Dinh Canh – Deputy General Director of the Ministry of Health’s Department of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control, after five years of Vietnam’s commitment to meeting the UN’s 90-90-90 goal in preventing and controlling HIV/AIDS, the country has achieved remarkable results.Vietnam is seen a bright spot in HIV/AIDS prevention in 2019. Its health sector has worked hard to effectively reduce the amount of HIV in the body (viral load) at an undetectable level.Vietnam is also drastically implementing a large-scale communication campaign themed “K = K”, which means that people with HIV who achieve and maintain an undetectable viral load – the amount of HIV in the blood-by taking ART daily as prescribed cannot sexually transmit the virus to others.

This scientific evidence helps service providers and communities reduce stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS.AIDS prevention and control services in Vietnam.