Lottery millionaire Jane Park has posted a string of cryptic social media posts that appear to indicate she is on her way to Love Island.

The Edinburgh lass’ teased her followers with a tweet that some seemed to take as confirmation her entrance is not far away.

On Wednesday afternoon Jane, 24, posted to her 41,000 twitter followers: “Eeeeek far far too excited” followed by three “shhh/secret” emojis.

The post sparked a string of comments from followers, trying to work out what the 23-year-old was talking about.

One wrote: “Off to #LoveIsland then Jane”.

Another simply questioned: “Love Island?”

And another said: “Jane Park big Q everyone wants answer to…#LoveIsland?”

Adding more fuel to the rumour flames was an earlier post from Jane asking her followers on Instagram for advice about summer clothes.

She wrote on her story according to the Daily Record : “Girls I’m looking for cute little holiday dresses that I can wear with these f*****g footballs on my chest without looking like a hooker”.

While there are currently 12 contestants on Love Island, the show often brings in late arrivals to spice things up in the villa.

Jane was thrust into the spotlight in 2012 when she became the youngest winner of the Lottery – scooping £1million on from EuroMillions aged just 17.

Now 24, Jane has spent a chunk of her windfall on cosmetic procedures: a Brazilian bum lift, a boob job and some brand new teeth have cost in the region of £50,000.

Earlier this year according to a Sun source Jane “…loved last year’s show and thinks it might give her something long-lasting.”

Her £60k boyfriend ad yielded over a thousand applications but none of them seemed quite right.

Jane was previously linked to X Factor finalist Sam Callahan and footballer Jordan Piggott but posted on Instagram at Christmas about being unhappily single.

Her other searches for a man haven’t worked out but she has faith that Love Island could provide the answer: “Jane knows Love Island contestants are vetted and thinks she’ll get a better quality of man there” her friend said.

Towards the end of last year she hinted that there might be some sort of television work in her future: “There may be some reality shows. I’ve not agreed to anything yet but there is talk of some.…

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“I like the kind of telly lifestyle. I’ve loved it for a couple of years now, being in the media and going to fancy events and meeting celebrities. I do like that lifestyle and love having the quiet life also.

“It’s about balancing it and finding the right reality programme that’s right for me. I have had offers in the past that haven’t been right at the time but maybe times are changing – I’m getting a bit older now.”

*Love Island continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2.

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