Worried parents were asked to phone in to This Morning so they could get help with their children’s online habits.

But those watching at home were furious that some of the callers appeared ‘delusional’ over what their kids got up to on the internet.

Earlier in the show Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield had spoken with the mother of mudered teen Breck Bednar who had been groomed online by known paedophile Lewis Daynes who was recently jailed for life for stabbing the 14-year-old.

Lorin LaFave wanted to encourage schools to educate children about online grooming and the meaning behind other activities like sexting and revenge porn: “I think education is key. We need this to be brought into the curriculum so every child understands what grooming is.

“Every child would get this opportunity to get these life lessons.”

One upset parent called Beth phoned in to talk to Lorin and the experts about her 13-year-old daughter who had begun talking to someone online.

“She has been talking to somebody online and she is just not herself anymore. I am just really worried this person isn’t who they say she is.

“He says he lives in America and next year he wants to come over and meet her. He says he is also 13. She’s changed,” the worried parent explained.

An emotional Lorin said her story was very “close to home” and urged the woman to ask to see the person’s face.

Some viewers had their own way of dealing with the woman’s problems with her daughter: “Your 13 yr old getting groomed online?! Don’t let her have social media and take damn computer away! Your the adult…[sic]”

“Im actually fuming watching # thismorning this woman needs to take control get that computer removed, demand passwords, switch wifi off!,” said another.

While one fumed: “Are these parents delusional??? Who lets their child have that much freedom on social media #thismorning.”

“I’m sorry but how can a parent let a 13yo get away with this behaviour. Take the bloody computer off her! # Discipline # ThisMorning” added one.

As another person said: “Can’t believe this. If I thought my daughter was being groomed online the internet would be cut off.”

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