H’Mong King Palace in Dong Van stone plateau

The palace is located on the valley that was carefully selected according to feng shui. This is a national monument, recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 1993.

VietNamNet Bridge - The Vuong Chi Sinh Palace or Vuong's Palace is located in a valley in Xa Phin Commune, Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province. Vuong's Palace is home to Vuong Duc Chinh and his son Vuong Chi Sinh. Vuong Duc Chinh was a mandarin under Nguyen Dynasty. He worked for Hoang Tu Binh, a land lord in the area. Vuong Chinh Duc succeeded Tu Hoang Binh when Binh were old. Vuong Chinh Duc became rich from dealing goods, especially opium. Sa Phin is the middle point of opium from the Golden Triangle region of Myanmar Yunnan China to Indochina. Duc also set up his own army unit of loyal Hmong people and equipped them with weapons. And, like the other land lords in the history of Viet Nam, he built his palace, a mansion of his own as a way to enjoy his wealth and assert power. When embarking on building a mansion for his clan, Duc invited a geomancy reader from China to survey the region and throughout the valley Sa Phin. The geomancy man chose this area, because the … [Read more...]

A palace for the Don


Standing in the shade of tall, straight trees in the cloudy Dong Van Plateau is a century-old mansion, the former residence of a powerful family headed by a veritable Don in the early 20th century. The palace of the Vuong family, led by Vuong Chinh Duc, dubbed Vua Meo (King of the H'mong ethnic people), has become a popular tourist attraction in the mountainous province of Ha Giang over the last few years. Vietnam's Vua Meo, or the spiritual leader of the H'mong people, may not be as famous as General Vang Pao of Laos, but his palace was recognized by the government in 1993 as a national cultural heritage. Built in 1914, the mansion has survived two major wars - against the French and the Americans - and is described as a symbol of the past glory of H'mong people. Vuong Chinh Duc (1865-1947) ruled over an "empire" stretching from the province's Dong Van Plateau to Meo Vac Town, in the early 20th century. Thanks to the production and cross-border trade of opium made him the … [Read more...]


State firms get ultimatum The Government on Monday officially promulgated a resolution asking State-owned groups and corporations to complete a capital withdrawal from non-core investments by 2015. Accordingly, these groups and corporations would have to ensure market principles, transparency and retain State-owned capital and assets at the highest level. The Government said this was considered an important step to restructure State-owned enterprises, especially those invested in risky sectors such as real estate, banking, finance and insurance. The groups and corporations would have to map out restructuring plans including capital divestment from non-core businesses. They would also have to withdraw investment from joint ventures and associated companies which do not relate to main businesses. Organisations involved in these risky ventures have been required to promptly submit their plans for approval. Those involved in less risky investments would be allowed to divest … [Read more...]


Ngo Quang Nam's watercolours exhibited in Hanoi Thirty-five watercolour paintings by Ngo Quang Nam are on display at the Korean Cultural Centre in Hanoi until September 20. Ngo Quang Nam's work depicts diverse and dynamic daily life and the beauty of the land and people of Vietnam in various traditional Vietnamese materials like "do" (papyrus) , cardboard and silk. Though Ngo Quang Nam specialised in oil painting and has produced hundreds of oil and lacquer paintings, he is showcasing his watercolours in this exhibition. … [Read more...]

Bong Sen Theatre celebrates jubilee with special concert


The traditional Bong Sen (Lotus) Song and Dance Theatre will celebrate its 50th jubilee anniversary with a special concert at the Ho Chi Minh City Opera House on September 11. Dancer Linh Nga and her younger brother Long Phi ('Dan nhi' or fiddle player) in the performance (Photo: Tuoitre) Many generations of artists who have made outstanding contributions to the theatre will join the event, such as People's Artist Phuong Bao, Meritorious Artists To Lan Phuong, Do Loc, Tuan Phong, Quang Ly, Tran Chinh, Ai Xuan, Tuyet Mai, Anh Tuyet, singers Cam Van, Cao Minh, Nhat Sinh and dancers Linh Nga, Bach Van, Trung Hieu, Khanh Toan and Thuy Van. The 150-minute concert titled "Lotus in the city" will include a documentary of the theatre, introduction of artists, singing and dance performances such as "Lotus in the city", "Vietnamese drum", "The boat and the sea", "Unforgettable song" and "The lotus bloom season." Marking this special occasion, a special dance performance entitled "Lotus" … [Read more...]

Discovering Dong Van Karst Plateau from Heritage Perspective


A picture of intermingled cultural sediments on a vast space which offers a clear sense of cultural and historical values in addition to geological structures is the heritage of huge values - Dong Van Karst Plateau, which features interesting stratigraphic characters existing underground for millions of years. Located in the northwest of Ha Giang province, Dong Van Karst Plateau covers Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Meo Vac and Dong Van districts. Lying at an altitude of 1,000 - 1,600 metres above the sea level and stretching on an area of over 2,360 square metres, Dong Van Karst Plateau is enchanting tourists, scientists and researchers because this place keeps immeasurable marks which may tell the history of earth's crust, natural phenomena, and picturesque landscapes. Quan Ba district serves as the gate of the karst plateau. Passing Bac Sum zigzag slope to reach the Gate of Heaven, you will see Tam Son Town with a pair of mounts (look like breasts) standing peacefully in the foggy valley. … [Read more...]

11th Party Congress announces CPVCC members

The 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) on January 18 elected 175 official members and 25 alternate members to CPV Central Committee (CPVCC) for the 11th tenure. The following is the list of the official members of the 11th CPVCC: 1. Hoang Tuan Anh, member of the CPVCC and Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism 2. Le Hong Anh, Politburo member of the CPVCC and General and Minister of Public Security 3. Le Thi Thu Ba, member of the CPVCC, member of the National Assembly (NA)'s Standing Committee and Chairwoman of the NA Committee for Justice 4. Ha Ban, Secretary of the Kon Tum Provincial Party Committee 5. Bui Quang Ben, Secretary of the Kien Giang Provincial Party Committee 6. Duong Thanh Binh, Secretary of the Ca Mau Provincial Party Committee 7. Nguyen Hoa Binh, Secretary of the Quang Ngai Provincial Party Committee 8. Nguyen Thai Binh, member of the CPVCC, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Director of the Vietnamese … [Read more...]

Restored Mong King’s house becomes major tourism site


VietNamNet Bridge - Hanoian couple Bich Thuy and Thanh Trung chose the Vuong Mansion - an old two-storey wooden house in the Dong Van karst plateau in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang, as the background for their wedding photos. The house is the place where bride-to-be Thuy received her proposal of marriage a year ago. "The beautiful wooden mansion somehow is a part of our love story, so we wanted it (the house) present in our photos," she said. … [Read more...]

The Hmong king’s palace in Ha Giang


On a tour of Ha Giang Province we visited Dong Van Plateau and decided to take a day to see the palace where the king of the Hmong people lived early last century. The palace of Vua Meo, where the king of H'Mong lived last century in Dong Van Plateau, Ha Giang Province - Photo: Lam Van Son … [Read more...]

Professor explores Party’s leadership culture


Leading scientifically, ensuring democracy, and maintaining high morality are the guiding principles of the ruling Party’s leadership culture, according to Professor, Dr. Hoang Chi Bao, a member of the Party Central Committee’s Theory Council, in an article analysing the issue in-depth. These principles are critically relevant for the Communist Party of Vietnam as proffered by its founder, the late President Ho Chi Minh. The Party has consistently observed this guiding view as it has worked to expand membership and realise renewal efforts, the professor stressed. The Party has promptly responded to societal aspirations for national development and international trends through a Doi Moi (reformation) policy over the past 30 years. It has maintained consistent awareness of reform to the content, method, and style of its leadership as required by the creation of a market economy, the construction of a democratic society, and international integration. It has steered the … [Read more...]

Laos, Cambodia congratulate CPV’s founding anniversary


Laos and Cambodia have congratulated Vietnam on the 85th founding anniversary of of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV). In its congratulatory message, the Central Committee of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party (LPRP) wrote that the LPRP and the Lao people consider Vietnam’s achievements and triumphs as a source of motivation to their national construction, defence and development cause. It conveyed the belief that under the sound leadership of the CPV led by Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, the Vietnamese people will realise the Resolution adopted by the 11th National Party Congress towards the goal of a wealthy, strong, democratic, equitable and civilised country. The LPRP also expressed their delight that the special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two Parties, States and peoples, fostered by the great Presidents Ho Chi Minh and Kaysone Phomvihane and generations of following leaders, has become an invaluable asset to the prosperity … [Read more...]

President Ho Chi Minh’s guidelines remain relevant and applicable

President Ho Chi Minh gave invaluable instructions on ruling the Party. (Photo: VNA) Invaluable instructions that the late President Ho Chi Minh gave on ruling Party throughout his 24 years of leadership have been crucial for guiding the building and development of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) both in the past and currently, an expert from the CPV Central Committee’s Theory Council stated. In his article released on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the founding of the CPV (February 3), Professor Dr. Hoang Chi Bao quoted a number of important guidelines that President Ho Chi Minh mentioned in his major works and testament. In the over 1,000-word will, President Ho Chi Minh declared the Party as the primary ruling force of the nation. He highlighted the supreme principle of Marxism-Leninism – adapting theory for relevant application to reality – which the CPV follows. Along with the combination of Marxism-Leninism thought and the workers’ … [Read more...]

Activities mark 85th anniversary of CPV


(VOVworld) – Various activities have been held across Vietnam to mark the 85th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) on February 3rd. The Nhan Dan or People’s newspaper ran an editorial highlighting enduring faith in the Party, adding that the establishment of the Party marked a great historical turning point in Vietnam’s revolutionary history. This was a resplendent milestone inVietnam’s struggle for national independence, unification, and national construction. According to the article, Vietnamese people are proud of the heroic, creative, and humane Vietnamese nation, of the Party, a revolutionary party which is ready to do anything for the public interest. The Quan Doi Nhan Dan or People’s Army newspaper wrote that Vietnam’s military forces put all their faith in the Party’s leadership. Vietnam’s media on Tuesday covered features and photos describing activities to commemorate the Party’s birth, … [Read more...]

Party anniversary celebrated in Japan

(VOV) -On February 2, the Vietnam Embassy in Japan hosted a ceremony marking 85 years since the establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and launched an emulation movement welcoming the upcoming 12th National Party Congress. In his statement, Party Committee Secretary of the Vietnam Embassy in Japan Doan Xuan Hung reviewed the 85-year history of the construction and development of the Party organization, noting that the CPV led the people to overcome difficulties and challenges, helping the nation get out of invasion, protect and build the country from poverty and underdeveloped status into a nation with an increasingly important role and profile in the region and the world. Ambassador Dung asked all embassy staff to promote the glorious tradition of the Party and the nation, stay active in fulfilling assigned tasks, follow President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example and contribute to further promotion of the extensive Vietnam-Japan strategic partnership. At the … [Read more...]

Grand performance marks Party founding anniversary

A large-scale art performance was telecast live from Hanoi, the Central Highlands city of Kon Tum, and Ho Chi Minh City on February 2 to celebrate the 85th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam on February 3. The "Party and Spring" programme presented audiences with dances and time-honoured songs performed by famous dancers and singers, manifesting the glorious history of the nation, honouring the Party and President Ho Chi Minh, and praising achievements of the country’s reformation. Programme guests who devoted their youth to defending the country shared their unforgettable memories from the harsh struggles. Outstanding young Party members were also invited to tell their stories. Audiences nationwide witnessed as locals and programme participants in Kon Tum offered incense to heroic martyrs and recalled memories of locals in the Central Highlands defending their country.-VNA … [Read more...]

Hanoi leaders visit revolutionary relic sites on Party founding anniversary


Secretary of the municipal Party Committee Pham Quang Nghi. Photo: VNA A delegation of Hanoi leaders headed by Politburo member and Secretary of the municipal Party Committee Pham Quang Nghi offered incense at the relic site House No.90 – Tho Nhuom St, where the first Party General Secretary Tran Phu wrote the political thesis, on February 3. On the occasion of the 85th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, they also visited relic House No.5D in Ham Long Street, where the first Communist Party Cell of Hanoi was set up. The same day, Politburo member and Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City’s Party Committee Le Thanh Hai led a delegation to pay tribute to late President Ho Chi Minh at the Ho Chi Minh Museum and late President Ton Duc Thang at the Ton Duc Thang Museum. They also visited a photo exhibition at the Ho Chi Minh Museum. The exhibition displays 122 photos and documents featuring President Ho Chi Minh – the Party’s founder – and … [Read more...]

Various activities mark CPV’s 85th founding anniversary

An art performance marks the 85th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam. (Photo: Sggp)

Many cultural events will take place in Ho Chi Minh City to mark the 85th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) on February 3rd. Ho Chi Minh City Youth’s Cultural House has cooperated with universities and colleges throughout the city to organize music shows called "The glory under the Party's Flag" on February 3. Concerts will present to listeners popular revolutionary and love songs, such as La co Dang (the Party's Flag), Dat Viet tieng vong ngan doi (Viet land, echo from a thousand generations), Sai Gon quat khoi ((Saigon Rise Up), Dat nuoc tron niem vui (The country with full joy), Dang da cho ta mot mua xuan (the Party giving us a spring), Khat vong tuoi tre (Youth’s inspiration), Hoa Co Mua Xuan (Spring Flowers), Cuoc song tuoi dep (Beautiful life) and more. A propaganda painting exhibition celebrating the CPV’s founding day opened at the September 23rd Park. 85 propaganda painting works reflect national pride, patriotism, solidarity … [Read more...]

Everlasting belief in the Party


NDO – On this day 85 years ago it was the birthday of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), marking a significant and historical turning point in the country’s revolution, a glorious milestone in the cause of fighting for national liberation and opening up a new era for the country to move forwards. The birth of the Party is a result of the national and class fights and an output of the combination between the Marxism – Leninism and workers’ movements and patriotic movements of the people, which is associated with the name of Nguyen Ai Quoc – the beloved President Ho Chi Minh. Under the Party’s leadership, the Vietnam revolution overcame the crisis of policy, and come hell or high water, achieved various victories; people struggled to free themselves from the chains and shackles of colonialism and feudalism to gain the country’s ownership; and defeat French colonialism and American imperialism to move forward towards socialism. … [Read more...]