Phone safe services launched


Illustrative image (Photo: Subscribers to Viettel services can download a free anti-virus software at that can scan for viruses and give warnings if it finds threats. The software provides safe web browsing and anti-theft, lock application and copy list services. Meanwhile, the leading anti-virus company in Vietnam, Bach Khoa Anti-virus Centre, plans to launch safe Facebook software, which will help users cancel all harmful actions, including the spread of harmful links, automatic likes, shares and creations of fake Facebook pages. With Smart Filter technology, BKAV Mobile Security 2015 ensures that mobile phone users will not have to be concerned about annoying spam as the technology can stop it. The software also allows customers to supervise their 3G database. According to a Trend Micro report released in 2013, Vietnam ranked third among countries with the highest number of harmful downloaded software from Android … [Read more...]

Viettel boosts foreign market expansion


(VOV) - Military-run telecom group Viettel recently announced that telephone exports comprised at least 90% of its total sales in 2013. "The domestic mobile phone market has become saturated" said, the group's Research and Production Department Head Luu Quang Truong. "Therefore, the group has devised a bold business plan that targets expansion in foreign markets both in investment and sales." he added. Viettel is invested heavily in markets such as Laos, Cambodia, Mozambique and Haiti, Truong said, and these markets accounted for 60% of last year's total sales, largely attributable to well developed in-depth nationwide distribution channels. These distribution channels give out us a competitive edge and an advantage in delivering our products to customers, he continued. Viettel aims to expand investment to many nations. In the future, Viettel is eyeing investment in the telecoms sector in markets such as Peru, East Timor, Tanzania, Cameroon, and Burundi that have a … [Read more...]

Affordable smart phones will be dominants in the market

Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony and some other "big guys," which have been well-known for their high-end products, have jumped into the middle-class market segment while marketing the products priced at between VND4-7 million.

VietNamNet Bridge - Seventy percent of Vietnamese people still don't have smart phones, which means that Vietnam remains a potential market for manufacturers to exploit. Foreign brands have to compete fiercely with each other on the Vietnamese smart phone market, which makes people think the market has got saturated. However, in fact over 70 percent of Vietnamese consumers still don't have smart phones. The reports by market survey firms showed that 17 million Vietnamese, or just 20 percent of the total population, now use smart phones. Therefore, more and more products have been introduced in Vietnam. Big manufacturers now target middle-class market segment Samsung, for example, has Galaxy Trend (VND3.99 million), Galaxy Ace 3 (4.39 million), while HTC has HTC Desire 500 (VND7.5 million), Nokia has Nokia Lumina 620 (VND4.79 million), Sony has Xperia M (VND5.2 million) and Xperia E Dual (VND3.5 million). Nokia is believed to be the manufacturer that first jumped into the middle … [Read more...]

Viettel joint venture wins award in Mozambique


After 10 rounds of appraisal, it got 9 marks, double the level of famous rivals like Vodacom and TM which have secured a firm foothold in this Southeast Africa country. Popularizing services strategy is the strongest power which helps Movitel overcoming the advantages of its rivals. Frost and Sullivan experts said Movitel has "so smart" by investing for the future, focusing on large number of low - income people through its social programs, such as offering free Internet assess at school, and supporting rural people in using its services. As many as 70% of Mozambique's telecommunications infrastructure has been invested by Movitel, thus helping the nation to be listed in the top 3 nations in sub-Sahara region having the most advanced telecommunications technology network (together with Nigeria and South Africa). It has also laid a good foundation for Mozambique's government to implement management tools such as e-Government and apply information and communication technology into … [Read more...]

Is OTT apps’ information security worrying?

Hoang Son, Director of Viettel Telecom, said technically, mobile network operators cannot control everything provided by OTT service providers, which means that there exists an information security risk.

VietNamNet Bridge - Mobile network operators have expressed their worries about the information security problems OTT (over the top content) app users may have. But how high is the risk? Some days ago, the representatives of VinaPhone and MobiFone, the two biggest mobile network operators, also voiced their concern about the inability of controlling OTT services, because the services have been mostly provided by foreign companies which don't set up servers in Vietnam. Nguyen Dang Nguyen, Deputy General Director of MobiFone, said a lot of people have been using OTT services to send spam ad messages to great numbers of other subscribers. It would be very dangerous, if someone uses the services for the security threat purpose. Meanwhile, the mobile services being provided by mobile network operators are believed to be safer thanks to the strict regulations on the management over pre-paid subscribers, which aims to minimize the possible negative impacts. When asked if using OTT … [Read more...]

Smart phone market: who will dominate the low-cost segment?

The low cost smart phone market segment is small, accounting for 20 percent of the smart phone market. However, it is large enough for a lot of brands to join.

VietNamNet Bridge - Mobile phone manufacturers all have noted the growing tendency of people using low cost smart phones worldwide, including in Vietnam, and they have to get adapted to this. Even the big guys in the technology world have also kept an eye on the market. BlackBerry, Lenovo, Philips, Motorola, Alcatael, Huawei, ZTE and Mobell all have brought their products to Vietnam. Meanwhile, low cost product market segment is the main "territory" of Vietnamese brands, including Mobistar, Q-mobile, FPT and Viettel. Of these, Mobistar and Q-mobile have been joining the market for a long time, therefore, they have been better known. FPT, the Vietnamese biggest technology group, launches its new products sometimes. Six models bearing F-Mobile brand have been marketed so far. Viettel has 30 models in its product range, while six smart phone models have been available at the retail chains. Low cost smart phones are understood as the products priced between VND1.5-3 million. … [Read more...]

Cell phone buying energy not as strong as expected


VietNamNet Bridge - Although the Lunar New Year 2013 is drawing near, the cell phone buying energy remains mild, contrary to expectation of retailers. Dinh Anh Huan, sales director of the retail chain, said mobile phone sales had picked up slightly, estimated at 20%, versus a growth of 40% last year. At this time in previous years, the buying energy was very strong, but it seems to cool down this year. This suggests consumers are tightening their purse strings under the impact of economic downturn, said Huan. The latest statistics of show that its cell phone sales fell slightly in December last year and the sales volumes and revenues of the other months were almost the same, without any sudden growth. On average, the retail chain sold around 300,000 cell phones per month. Other mobile phone retailers like Mai Nguyen, FPT Shop, Vien Thong A and Viettel Smart also record modest growth in purchasing power. Smartphones with reasonable … [Read more...]


Thua Thien-Hue plans to attract VND2.9 tril. investment into IPs The central province of Thua Thien-Hue has planned to lure VND2.9 trillion worth of investment in its industrial parks (IPs) this year. This year, enterprises in IPs are expected to disburse nearly VND 2,890 billion and employ some new 3,000 people (up 21.9% against last year). In 2012, they made industrial production value of VND3,247, accounting for 39.2% of the province's total, and export turnovers of US$294.6 million, representing 64% of the total. IPs have lured 78 investment projects, including 42 operational ones. They enticed VND7,200 billion worth of investment in 2012, trebling the figure in 2011. Phu Quy wind farm opens The 6-megawatt Phu Quy wind farm in Phu Quy island district , Binh Thuan province began full operation on January 24, after a successful testing period in August, 2012. The wind farm, funded by the PetroVietnam Power Corporation, is the first one in Vietnam that uses both … [Read more...]

Viettel joins phone production group

Van Oanh Viettel last month introduced some cell-phone products designed and produced by its plant, including both low-cost ones and smart-phones. Previously, Viettel's cell-phones were produced by China-based Huawei and sold with Viettel's mobile packages. According to Le Dang Dung, deputy general director of Viettel Group, its products not only target the domestic market but also foreign markets that the group has invested in such as Cambodia, Laos, Mozambique, Haiti and Peru. Dung said that the handheld device production was a potential market for the telecom sector. Besides, the production of smart-phones integrated with mobile packages aims to boost the use of Viettel's 3G services among consumers, he added. Components used in phone production are imported from the U.S., South Korea and China, according to Viettel. … [Read more...]


Bullet train gets a second look The Ministry of Transport is conducting a new feasibility study for the construction of North-South Express Railway, with a focus on two initial sections - Ha Noi - Vinh and HCM City - Nha Trang. The study has been initiated after the National Assembly last June rejected the complete 1,570km North-South Express Railway project, saying the cost of US$55.85 billion was prohibitive. "We have to build an express railway, but every step of the construction will be studied carefully and properly and we are conducting a new feasibility study for that," said Transport Minister Ho Nghia Dung. … [Read more...]

Political News July 16

Citizens' identification bill under review The draft law on citizens' identification was put on the table as the National Assembly Standing Committee convened its 29th session in Hanoi on July 14. Provisions in the draft law include the establishment of a national archive on population and the issuance of 12-digit personal identity cards, as part of a scheme to simplify administrative procedures and documents related to population management for the 2013-2020 period. Legislators also shared views on whether to issue identity cards to the new-borns, both natives and foreigners, or whether to save information about medical or social insurance in the process. … [Read more...]

Red Cross Society praised

HA NOI (VNS) - The same day, President Sang hailed the Viet Nam Red Cross Society (VRCS) for helping underprivileged sections of the society with over VND1.5 trillion (US$731,000) helping nearly 12,800 people improve their living standards in the first half of the year. The President, who is the Honorary Chairman of the VRCS, also acknowledged the contributions of philanthropists at home and abroad. Addressing a working session in Ha Noi to review the society's six-month performance and set tasks for the remaining months of the year, he expressed hope that the VRCS will continue its good work and reach its goals. … [Read more...]

Vietnam Red Cross should continue good job: President

President Truong Tan Sang has hailed the Vietnam Red Cross Society (VRCS) for its assistance to the underprivileged, with over 1.5 trillion VND (731,000 USD) going to nearly 12,800 living in need in the first half of this year. It is philanthropists at home and abroad who have also lent a hand to the cause, acknowledged the State leader Sang, who is also VRCS Honourable Chairman at a Hanoi working session on July 15 to review the VRCS's six-month performance and launch its tasks for the rest of this year. … [Read more...]

Viettel officially launches 3G network

Tran Minh Huy, director of Viettel's HCMC branch, told the Daily on Thursday that Viettel officially launched 3G service after successful pilot programs in 20 provinces. "The pilot ran smoothly, making us confident to launch the service today," he said. Viettel will offer various services like video call, mobile broadband 3G, TV mobile, video-on-demand, online music and clip services, all reasonably priced. Currently, Viettel has 8,000 base transceiver stations and plans to build 20,000 stations by the end of this year. To date, Viettel has one million 3G subscribers and plans to lure at least five million subscribers this year. Huy added that 3G's launch would be beneficial to telco providers and customers alike. More than 40 million customers subscribe to Viettel's 2G technology. The company's total revenue reached VND60 trillion last year, an 80% increase compared to 2008. Recently, MobiFone and VinaPhone, under the Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Group, said they had lured … [Read more...]

Telecoms to cut rates

HA NOI — Telecom service providers are expected to further cut their charges next year when connection fees for phone calls made between different mobile networks will sharply fall. According to a newly-issued Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) regulation, which will take effect from January 15 next year, connection charges that network service providers pay to each other will be reduced by roughly 30 per cent. The charges will also depend on the market share of the phone providers. For example, if Viettel holds the major market share, with calls made by S-Fone's subscribers to Viettel's subscribers, S-Fone will have to pay the connection fees of only VND500 per minute, instead of the current VND700. The connection fees for other telecom providers, which account for an insignificant market share, will drop to VND550 per minute from the current VND770. A charge of VND550 per minute is also applied to the direct connections between international fixed telephone networks … [Read more...]

Understanding the language of self-respect

Come holiday season and I receive plenty of congratulatory cards - written only in English - from companies, organizations and businesses. No Vietnamese, only English. Then it happens again with invitation cards to press conferences, opening ceremonies and formal parties. Yet again, I confront this phenomenon as I visit several restaurants and hotels to find menus and descriptions written only in English. But wait. Some cards do contain Vietnamese, but so often it's written in small letters and put in a very modest, unassuming spot. … [Read more...]

Mobile operator’s huge promo within the law; trade official


Viettel, Vietnam's third largest mobile phone operator's promotional campaign has proved a huge success, and is within the confines of Vietnam's laws, a trade official has said. Since September 20, the military-run phone operator has allowed its subscribers to make Viettel network phone calls free of charge without a time limit. Forecasts are that the number of free calls will top 50 to 55 million when the campaign finishes November 3. "We asked Viettel to outline their promo, and from what they told us, they are well within the confines of the Trade Law," said Ngo Xuan Thoan, head of the Ministry of Trade's Trade Promotion Agency. … [Read more...]