Vietnamese man set memory record in Thailand

Duong Anh Vu (Photo: VNA)

Duong Anh Vu, a young Vietnamese man, has become the first foreigner honored in the Thai Book of Records for demonstrating the ability to memorize thousands of items of data on March 26th at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. Within two hours, Vu memorized 108 columns of information on the subjects of culture, economics, politics and the society of 206 different countries, including 22,248 items about total area, population, capital, reserves of crude oil, GDP, GDP per capita, currency and political system. In addition, Vu also located places on a blank world map without any error. Four officials from the Book of Records organization, a professor from Chulalongkorn University and 28 students witnessed and authenticated Vu’s superior retention. The Thailand Book of Records awarded a certificate to recognize Vu setting the record for his outstanding memory. Vu is the second foreigner named in the Thailand Book of Records and is the only foreigner honoured for his … [Read more...]

Vietnam, US collaborate to support AO victims

Millions of children were born with deformities, suffering from diseases and living in impoverished conditions. (Credit:

NDO – Lieutenant General Nguyen The Luc, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin (VAVA) met with a US delegation from the Veterans for Peace (VFP) headed by veteran Chuck Searcy in Hanoi on April 17. Both sides affirmed that they would continue co-operation and mutual support in dealing with AO victims and remedying consequences of the US chemical war in Vietnam, considered the longest and largest chemical war in history causing the most catastrophic consequences. Luc spoke highly of VFP’s support to Vietnam, including activities mobilising support for Vietnamese AO victims’ case against the US government, and to AO victims during their stay in the US calling for support from Americans. Searcy praised VAVA’s activities in calling on international friends to back Vietnamese AO victims. On the occasion, VFP presented US$2,000 to VAVA. Over 4.8 million Vietnamese people were exposed to dioxin, including 3 million … [Read more...]

Vietnam, RoK re-ink MoU on labour co-operation


NDO – Vietnam’s Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs and the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Employment and Labour (MOEL) have recently re-inked a special memorandum of understanding (MoU) outlining orientations for receiving Vietnamese guest workers under the Employment Permit System (EPS) programme. The MoU targets two groups of workers, including Vietnamese candidates who passed Korean language tests in December 2012, May 2012, August 2012 and April 2014 but have not yet been chosen by Korean employers; and those workers who returned to Vietnam within the correct timeframe and passed Korean language tests held after December 2011 but have not yet been picked up by Korean employers. Vietnam has been given three months and 10 days from the MoU’s signing date on April 10, 2015 to send profiles of applicable candidates to Korean employers. These profiles will be valid within one year. A maximum of 2,900 Vietnamese workers will be sent to RoK to … [Read more...]

Vietnamese gastronomy introduced in Greece


(CPV) - Vietnamese gastronomy has recently been displayed in Greece’s capital city of Athens during a ceremony to introduce a range of foreign foods held by the diplomatic corps in Athens, the Vietnamese Embassy in Greece has reported. A large number of guests from Greek agencies, organizations, cook clubs, international organizations and diplomatic agencies in Athens attended the ceremony, which was aimed to create a better, mutual understanding in the area of gastronomy, helping to reinforce the cooperation and friendship among diplomatic agencies in the city. During the ceremony, each representative introduced its country’s most iconic. Accordingly, the Vietnamese Embassy in Greece chose the country’s traditional dish, nem ran, or fried meat roll, which received high praisal from the organising committee. The Vietnamese dish, together with that from other countries, will be introduced in a book to be published on the subject of foreign gastronomy in Greece, … [Read more...]

Incentives for investors abound at Saigon Silicon City

Van Nam Speaking to the Daily on April 8, Le Thanh Dai, deputy head of the authority, said the city would set aside 50 hectares at SHTP in District 9 for the Saigon Silicon City project. Overseas Vietnamese investors will be awarded maximum incentives in accordance with the nation’s existing investment regulations for technological research and development projects. The SHTP has got the green light from the city government to develop the Saigon Silicon City. During the implementation process, the city will ask the central Government for approval to give out incentives beyond the authority of HCMC. SHTP has attracted 68 projects worth a total of US$4.1 billion, Dai said. Enterprises at the park have reported exports of a total of US$10 billion and spent some US$8.8 billion on imports since it went online. The big-ticket projects licensed into SHTP in recent months include a US$1.4-billion project of Samsung Electronics to develop a Samsung CE Complex (SECC) on 70 hectares … [Read more...]

Quan Ho singing preserved and developed in Czech

Photo: VNA

An exchange program on the art of Quan Ho singing was organized on April 5th at the trade center Olomoucka 65 in Brno city. The program was organized to assess the operation in 2014 and work out an operation plan for 2015 of the Quan Ho Kinh Bac club, as well as create a forum for those who love Quan Ho in the Vietnamese community throughout the Republic of Czech to exchange with each other. Mr. Tran Quang Khai, head of the Kinh Bac Fellow-Countrymen Association, said the program in Brno city was an initial program. In the coming time, the association would organize Quan Ho exchange programs in other cities in the Republic of Czech such as Usti nad Labem, Karlovy Vary, Tachov and Prague to promote Quan Ho singing, an intangible cultural heritage, in Czech, as well as contribute to the "Vietnam Cultural Year" in Czech in 2015. Established four years ago, the Kinh Bac Quan Ho Club now has 21 members. The operation of the club contributes to preserving and developing the Quan Ho … [Read more...]

Vietnam attends largest student job fair in Belgium

Photo: VNA

The University of Ghent organized a job fair for students in Ghent city on March 31st. This is the largest job fair for students organized every two years in Belgium. The event has nearly 200 Belgian companies and multinational corporations such as Daikin Europe, Johnson & Johnson, Baxter International. The fair helped employers have many opportunities to select suitable candidates. In addition, students also have chances to study working market in Belgium in particular and the world in general. This year, the organizers also dedicated an area for companies to recruit Asian students working in Belgium or branches of Asian companies. The Belgium-Vietnam Alliance (BVA), representing for Vietnam to attend the event, included businesses, scientists and researchers from Belgium and Vietnam. It contacted Vietnamese students in Belgium and Belgian and international companies. In addition, BVA also provided foreign candidates wishing to work in Vietnam basic information about Vietnam … [Read more...]

Secviet online newspaper marks its 10th anniversary of establishment

Photo: VNA

Secviet online newspaper (, one of the commonly read online newspapers of the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic, celebrated the 10th anniversary of establishment in Praha on March 27th. "We want the newspaper of Secviet more developed to become a useful information channel for every Vietnamese person and family in the Czech Republic and also for it to become a bridge to connect the overseas Vietnamese in Czech to the homeland," Mr. Tran Hung Quan, Editor-in-chief of the newspaper, said at the ceremony. He also thanked sponsors, collaborators and especially loyal readers of the online newspaper. Over the past 10 years, the online newspaper has become an indispensable spiritual source of wellbeing for the Vietnamese community in Czech. Vietnamese Ambassador to the Czech Republic Truong Manh Son said that along with newspapers of the Vietnamese people in the Czech Republic, the Secviet newspaper has overcome difficulties and fierce competitions to become a … [Read more...]

ASEAN-China Cultural Day held in UK


The essence of Vietnamese culture was presented at an ASEAN-China Cultural Day recently held in the British city of Glasgow by the local Vietnamese Student Association (Vietsoc). The event was part of a special diversity week hosted by Strathclyde University to celebrate cultural differences, said Luong Thi Thuy Linh from the organisation board. Linh expressed her pleasure with the Vietnamese delegation’s performance, and said that the university is willing to help organise another cultural day for Vietnamese students in the future. Traditional costumes, cultural performances, cuisine and handicrafts were featured at the occasion, drawing particular attention, said Hoang Ngoc Tram, Vietsoc Glasgow President. The event was attended by the Vietnamese Ambassador to the UK, Nguyen Van Thao, and delegations from four other participating regional Asian countries; China, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. … [Read more...]

Overseas Vietnamese in the US commemorate Hai Ba Trung

The Vietnamese community in the US organized a commemoration to Hai Ba Trung with a display of traditional, ritual repertoire and unique arts.  The Hai Ba Trung festival was organized by the Trung Vuong alumni association of Fountain Valley, Southern California with the support of the Vietnamese community there.  The program not only commemorates the historic feat of arms by Trung Trac and Trung Nhi but also to honor and protect the traditional values of the homeland and contributes to cultivating an understanding about the Vietnamese origins of the young Vietnamese in the US.  In addition to old artists, the program also attracted the participation of young Vietnamese people, who are children of Vietnamese people in the community. Although they are still young, they have shown their understanding of national history and awareness of the importance of preserving their ancestral traditions.  After the traditional rituals, sequences of traditional dance art took centre stage. Another outstanding item of the festival was the display of a collection of traditional long dresses owned by painter, Cat Tuong.  On this occasion, Trung Vuong alumni presented awards to excellent students from Vietnamese teaching centre.     The program starts with palanquin procession     Art items performed at the festival.      Mr. Hien, young brother of painter Cat Tuong,   introducing 12 traditional long dress samples      Traditional long dress samples of painter Cat Tuong   in 1938, 1936 and 1934.     Presenting awards to excellent students from   Vietnamese teaching centers.

The Vietnamese community in the US organized a commemoration to Hai Ba Trung with a display of traditional, ritual repertoire and unique arts. The Hai Ba Trung festival was organized by the Trung Vuong alumni association of Fountain Valley, Southern California with the support of the Vietnamese community there. The program not only commemorates the historic feat of arms by Trung Trac and Trung Nhi but also to honor and protect the traditional values of the homeland and contributes to cultivating an understanding about the Vietnamese origins of the young Vietnamese in the US. In addition to old artists, the program also attracted the participation of young Vietnamese people, who are children of Vietnamese people in the community. Although they are still young, they have shown their understanding of national history and awareness of the importance of preserving their ancestral traditions. After the traditional rituals, sequences of traditional dance art took centre stage. Another … [Read more...]

Over 84,000 indigenous Vietnamese living in Germany

According to the German Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) the number of foreigners in Germany in 2014 increased significantly by 8.2 million. As of December 31st, 2014, Germany was home to a total of 84,455 people of Vietnamese origins, excluding 40,000 Vietnamese naturalized in Germany, females account for 53.3 percent. According to Destatis, the number of people immigrating to Germany in 2014 increased by nearly 520,000 compared to 2013, of whom 60% were from the EU. Destatis said that the increased immigration to the country was as a result of the strong economy. Moreover, European law permits all EU citizens, especially those from the new member countries unhindered residential status and equal employment opportunities as German citizens. Another reason is the refugee crisis involving both Syria and Eritrea./. … [Read more...]

PM Dung meets with OVs in Sydney


(VOV) - My visit to Australia aims to deepen the strategic partnership between the two nations, said Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung at a March 17 meeting with Overseas Vietnamese (OVs) in Sydney. The friendly relations between Vietnam and Australia have been steadily improving in all fields since the two countries founded the partnership in 2009," the PM said. The governments of both nations have regularly conducted high-level exchanges while bilateral cooperation in culture, education, science and technology has been steadily improving. In addition, Australia has now become a leading trade partner of and investor in Vietnam, he said. Dung expressed his pleasure that the OVs community has been integrating well into Australian society and that their standard of living is on the rise. He also applauded them for standing side by side with their fellow citizens in the process of national construction and most importantly for maintaining their national identity. Dung hoped that OVs … [Read more...]

OV discovers bank official fled with his €400,000 deposit

A Vietnamese-French man who thought he had deposited €400,000 in a Ho Chi Minh-based bank in December recently discovered that his money has been misappropriated by a bank official. Duong Thanh Nghi narrated his plight to the media after an Agribank branch in District 1 refused to let him withdraw his €400,000 (US$420,000), saying Nguyen Le Kieu Quang, a former head of a transaction office attached to the branch, had illegally mortgaged his deposit for a VND10.4 billion (US$520,000) loan. Quang had asked Nghi to sign some blank papers, claiming this would simplify certain bank procedures when the latter is abroad. On January 30 Quang had fled with an even larger sum of money belonging to the bank -- VND17 billion (US$850,000) – and is facing criminal charges for embezzlement, Nghi was told. He has to wait until authorities finish their investigation into the case to get his money, the bank told him. … [Read more...]

Hai Phong Fellow-countrymen Association in UK supports people in difficult circumstances in Thai Binh province

Mr. Hoang Loc, Chairman of Hai Phong Fellow-countrymen Association,  presented gifts to people in difficult circumstances in Thai Binh province.

On one of the first days of the New Year of the Goat, representatives of the Hai Phong Fellow-countrymen Association in the United Kingdom (UK) and their relatives visited and presented 150 gifts, each worth VND300,000 to families in difficult circumstances and Agent Orange victims in Quang Lich commune, Kien Xuong district, Thai Binh province. Over the past years, the Hai Phong Fellow-countrymen Association in the UK have been always been strong and united, actively building the association and in particular mobilizing the overseas Vietnamese in the UK towards the homeland with practical actions. The association has organized returns home on several occasions to do charitable work. The gift from the association is not of huge financial value but shows the genuine sentiment of overseas Vietnamese for the homeland./. … [Read more...]

Good signs of labour export at beginning of year

Labourers trained before going to work abroad (Photo: VGP)

In the first 2 months of this year, over 17,200 Vietnamese labourers went to work abroad, seeing a year-on-year increase of 23.5%, said the statistics from the Vietnamese Overseas Labourer Management Department under the Ministry of Labour, War-Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA). Labour export saw positive signs at the beginning of this year. At present, Taiwan (China) is still the biggest receiver of Vietnamese labourers with nearly 11,000 travelling there to work in January and February, accounting for 63.4% of the total number of Vietnamese guest workers. Taiwan (China) is considering receiving Vietnamese labourers to work in the fisheries sector and as domestic help. The MOLISA and the Overseas Labourer Management Department are doing their utmost to negotiate an expansion of opportunities for Vietnamese labourers in this labour market. Representatives from the Overseas Labourer Management Department, in 2015, apart from developing the traditional markets, labour export … [Read more...]

Vietnamese people in Germany support forces protecting sovereignty of the sea and islands

The State Commission for Overseas Vietnamese (SCOV) has received EUR5,400 from overseas Vietnamese in the city of Frankfurt (Germany) to support forces protecting the sovereignty of the sea and islands, through Mr. Vu Hoang Anh, Director of the Community Support Fund under the SCOV. The amount, including EUR3.400 collected by overseas Vietnamese in Nürnberg, Erlangen and Fürth and the remainder from the Vietnamese Women Union in Karlsruhe, was presented to Mr. Anh by the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Germany on February 14th when the Vietnam’s Consulate General in Frankfurt organized the Lunar New Year Festival for the Vietnamese community in Western and Southwestern Germany. On behalf of the forces protecting the sovereignty of the sea and islands, the SCOV thanked the hearts and practical support of the overseas Vietnamese and committed to soon transfer the amount to the forces./. … [Read more...]

Vietnamese people in Laos’ Xiengkhuang meet at beginning of the Lunar New Year

Photo: VNA

The Xiengkhuang fellow-countrymen club organized a meeting at the early spring of the Lunar New Year of the Goat on February 26th to review the past year and set up operational direction for 2015. Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Tran Hanh, Chairman of the club, said the past year the club fulfilled all set targets. Accordingly, it had built the club into a unity block, actively maintaining the cultural identity of the nation, to be eager to participate in all social and community activities and look toward the homeland. The club still maintains its meetings every Friday for overseas Vietnamese to exchange, help and visit each other. This is also an opportunity for them to practice art performance for exchange and serve great festivals of the two countries. At the meeting, Vietnamese Ambassador to Laos Nguyen Manh Hung hoped that under the leadership of honorary chairman Mr. Khampan Philavong and Mr. Tran Hanh, the club would continue to uphold the national tradition, not only creating … [Read more...]

Vietnam urged to improve policy to attract more overseas resources

"They [Viet kieu] also need freedom in doing business, not just some incentives," --

President Truong Tan Sang (R) greeted overseas Vietnamese during a meeting in February. Photo: Diep Duc Minh Remittances from overseas Vietnamese, often known as Viet kieu, have been a staple of the local economy over the past few decades. But experts now say the country could have attracted much more financial help from abroad if its policies were more open and transparent. Nguyen Tri Hien, a financial expert from the US, said contribution of overseas Vietnamese to the country’s economy, and particular to science and technology, has been quite small. Last year remittances hit the record high of US$12 billion, but that amount was still insignificant, given that more than 4.5 million Viet kieu are living around the world, he said. Hien said the combined income of Viet kieu could be equal to half of Vietnam's gross domestic product, based on his assumption that an overseas family earns an average of $50,000 per year, excluding unofficial sources of income. "This has showed … [Read more...]

More remittances to fund property purchases

A view of the Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh Urban Area in Ha Noi. With new regulations allowing overseas Vietnamese to purchase property, remittances into the real estate sector are expected to rise.

VietNamNet Bridge – Viet Nam is expected to see rising remittances enter the property market, following the amended housing law that allows Viet Kieu (overseas Vietnamese) to own a house in the country. The amended law, which takes effect on July 1, 2015, will allow those Vietnamese people residing in foreign countries who are allowed to enter Viet Nam, to own houses in the country. The law does not impose any limits on the number of houses or kinds of houses they might own. In addition, foreigners allowed to enter Viet Nam can also own houses. Foreign individuals and organisations can invest in building houses for giving them on rent. The new regulations for overseas Vietnamese and foreigners who want to buy houses in the country are more flexible in comparison with the previous regulations, which were so tight that only a little more than 400 overseas Vietnamese and foreigners have managed to buy houses in the country since 2009. According to Vo Tri Thanh, deputy … [Read more...]

OV farmer in Hawaii inspires a nation


(VOV) -Most travellers will tell you that the best way to get a true taste of what your destination has to offer is to start with the market and if you’re traveling to the US islands of Hawaii – hitting the Hilo Farmer’s Market is an absolute must. Today, the market boasts over 200 vendors who sell everything from gingerroot to bongo drums and on every Wednesday and Saturday from – dawn till it’s gone – the Hilo market is a busy, bustling place. While local crafts, clothing and artwork are a big hit, the ultimate star is the food. Exotic fruits beckon hungry travelers, where local papaya can be snagged three for a dollar. Jack fruit, lychees, white pineapple and Vietnamese longan fruit are in abundance as well. If you happen to get hungry while shopping there’s a variety of food available to enjoy reflecting the many cultures which make Hawaiian cuisine so varied and utterly fascinating (Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, and Korean)— you can … [Read more...]