Social News Headlines 15/5

Chinese workers in Vietnam invited to protest illegal oil drill Around 400 workers from the northern province of Thai Binh made a motorbike trip to Haiphong City, in a bid to urge Chinese workers to oppose the illegal oil rig in Vietnamese waters. As the workers' protest progressed on May 14 many others from Chinese-invested factories in Vinh Bao, Tien Lang, Kien Anh and Duong Kinh districts in Haiphong City joined in. The Vietnamese workers hoped to convince Chinese who work and live in Vietnam to ask that their government discontinue the illegal drilling in the East Sea. … [Read more...]

Toxins found in Hanoi tap water

People in outside provinces and cities have long envied Hanoians for the clean running water the capital city enjoys. The facts, however, suggest their feelings are misplaced.

VietNamNet Bridge - The cost of running water in Hanoi has been increasing sharply, while the quality of that water remains stubbornly low -toxin concentrations are far higher than permitted levels, while pipeline breaks are a regular occurrence. A series of water treatment plants have been built in recent years to satisfy the rapidly growing demand in the city. However, the plants, with 100 year-old filtration technology, do not help improve the water quality. Hanoians live in fear that they may one day suffer deadly diseases because of the unsafe water. … [Read more...]

Ha Noi tap water poses health risks

HA NOI (VNS) — Tap water samples collected from different plants in the capital city fail to meet the Health Ministry's hygiene standards and pose a public health hazard, according to the Ha Noi Preventive Medicine Centre. The centre says tests on samples taken from different water plants in Ha Noi since January this year show excessive levels of minerals and chemicals that can have serious consequences for residents. A sample from the Phap Van Water Plant showed the Permanganate index, which can cause dermatitis, exceeding the regulated level by 1.6 times, while that collected from the Ha Dong Water Plant exceeded the allowed level by 0.4-0.8 times. … [Read more...]

Water utility denies presence of arsenic

Staff check water quality at the Ha Noi Water Company. The company denies claims that water supplied by several water companies in the city contained arsenic, a toxic chemical linked to skin cancer.— VNA/VNS Photo Bui Tuong

HA NOI (VNS)— A representative of Ha Noi Water Company has denied claims that water supplied by several water companies in the city has been contaminated with arsenic, a toxic chemical linked to skin cancer. Nguyen Nhu Hai, General Director of the Ha Noi Water Company, said there was no evidence to substantiate the allegations. "We examine the quality of water regularly and figures on the chemicals in the water are checked every day in all of these facilities. The level of arsenic is tested every six months," said Hai. "Thus, it can be affirmed that water supplied by branches managed by Ha Noi Water Company meets the Ministry of Health's requirements. People do not have to be worried about using the water," he added. Hai also said that water filters used improperly could filter out helpful minerals and affect the mineral compilation of the water. He made the statement after a study carried out last year by a group of Vietnamese scientists with researchers from Columbia … [Read more...]

Farmers told to use new technologies to treat polluted water in flood areas


VietNamNet Bridge - A lot of advanced technologies have been invented to help sterilize polluted water. However, Vietnamese farmers in the flood stricken areas still cannot approach the technologies. According to Dr. Tran Hong Con from the Hanoi University for Natural Sciences, a member of the Hanoi National University, in floods, sanitation works, sewers, fields and livestock farms get submerged in water, while the waste from different sources drifts with the current, which makes the water seriously polluted. Therefore, treating the polluted water to get clean water for daily use is the urgent task people have to do after the floods. In order to have clean water for daily use in case the floods strike down, people have been sterilizing polluted water with alum and Chloramine B, the method they have been applying over the last many years. At first, people pour alum into water to clean it (the sediments will settle down). After that the cleaned water will be filtered through … [Read more...]

25 illegal sand mining vessels, trucks seized in central Vietnam


Armed police in central Vietnam seized twenty-five illegal sand mining boats and dump trucks on Thursday in a raid along a river where illicit sand quarrying is rampant. A police car arrived at the river section spanning Tan Ky District's Tan An Commune when boats and machines were being used to extract sand from the water. Officers rushed towards the bank with gun stocks rattling and shouted to order five boats which were mining sand in the middle of the river to stop their prohibited exploitation. The navigators immediately steered their vessels away in all directions in an attemtp to flee from the officers. A police boat then appeared and gave a chase with help from groups of police officers along the river banks. Two ships were intercepted and another three under the police's control when they were traveling upstream in nearby Tan Huong Commune after an hour of chasing. Three of the five navigators had manged to escape, though. Another group of police came in two cars … [Read more...]

Dirty toys attack schools


VietNamNet Bridge - Despite the bans released by the Hanoi Education and Training Department, toxic and anti-education toys still have been brought to general schools. The city's education department has released a strange document, saying that Hanoi's students must not buy "stink bomb." However, the dangerous toys still have been sold at all the toy shops in Hanoi, while students all have got familiar to the toy sourced from China. The owner of Mai Ngan Toy Shop on Nguyen Khuyen Street affirmed that she has all the toy products now favored by children and students. However, when asked about Vietnamese toys, she said that 99 percent of the products here are from China. The saleswoman showed customers a product called "stink bomb," saying that this is the most favorite toy now in Hanoi, especially popular to boys. "It's dirty cheap, just VND2,000 for a pack. This is a kind of "secret weapon" which helps the boys increase their strength in front of the rivals," she advertised … [Read more...]

Making the To Lich River’s polluted water drinkable, why not?


The Hanoitimes - A group of scientists from the Hanoi University of Natural Resources has invented a technology allowing filtering polluted water to get drinkable water. However, people still keep doubts about the startling information. On December 24 afternoon, o­n the riverside of the To Lich River in Hanoi, the river which has been well known to everybody with its high pollution level, Dr. Tran Hong Con from the university and his associates showed to the public how they could filter the polluted water to get drinkable water with NanoSky mineral filter. The technology product is for the first time 100% made in Vietnam. In the witness of scientists and local reporters, Dr Con took five liters from the To Lich River - called as the "dead river" by Hanoians, and poured it into NanoSky. The water looked black and gave a bad odor. Especially, according to Con, the water contained many kinds of toxic heavy metals with the concentrations at ten times higher than the allowed … [Read more...]

Positive test results of Chinese-made bras


Test results of Chinese-made bras revealed Polystyrene, an aromatic polymer material and mineral seal oil in the suspiciously embedded pills and liquid inside the bra cups which market management authorities had seized recently after customers complained of itchiness after wearing them. Large quantities of Chinese-made bras are available in the local market and recently some customers had found strange pills and liquid packets embedded in the bra cups that seemingly caused itchiness. Market management departments took many of these bras from markets across the country for testing. … [Read more...]

Vietnam halts physicist’s treatment for HFMD


Vietnam health ministry has asked a hospital in Ninh Thuan Province to stop using a treatment for hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) initiated by a physicist until scientific assessments can be made, VnExpress reported Tuesday. Nguyen Van Khai, who has used a chemical substance to treat hand-foot-mouth disease in the central province of Ninh Thuan. … [Read more...]

Warnings of danger given to people using well water


The water monitoring results show that the underground water resources have been decreasing in many places. Meanwhile, the underground water has also got infected with ammonium and arsenic, which is a big threat to local residents who cannot access the national water supply system. According to Dr Nguyen Thi Ha from the Center of Water Resource Monitoring and Forecasting under the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MONRE), in the Northern Delta, the water levels at some monitored places, including Mai Dich, Cau Giay in Hanoi, have decreased nearly to the allowed limits. In some other areas of Hai Hau, Truc Ninh, Nam Dinh, Quynh Phu and Thai Binh, the decreased water levels are still within the safety line. However, scientists have warned that the aquifer has complicated hydrogeological conditions; therefore, it is necessary to apply necessary measures to prevent the saltwater intrusion caused by the water exploitation. The monitoring results showed that in the … [Read more...]

Event aims to help struggling migrant workers

HCM CITY (VNS) — For 23-year-old single mother Le Thi Hong Luc, a migrant worker of the Hiep Phuoc Industrial Zone in HCM City, life is series of challenges and conflicts. Without the support of a family and close friends, Luc has struggled to find a balance between work and care of her one-year child. At this stage in her life, Luc believes they have no future. "I spend 10 hours a day in my workplace. I do not have enough time for my son and myself," she says. Luc, who is just one of thousands of young women in a similar predicament, was forced to leave their native province to earn money in big cities and now does not have enough knowledge about social or reproductive issues. … [Read more...]

Schools for ethnic students need private funding

HA NOI (VNS)— The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) yesterday called for more efforts to improve the quality of semi-boarding schools for ethnic students and attract more funding from the private sector. Speaking at a national conference yesterday assessing the quality of semi-boarding schools for ethnic minorities, Deputy Director of Gia Lai Department of Education and Training Huynh Minh Thuan announced that the development of such schools was vital to the socio-economic development of these mountainous regions. … [Read more...]

Event aims to help struggling migrant workers

HCM CITY (VNS) — For 23-year-old single mother Le Thi Hong Luc, a migrant worker of the Hiep Phuoc Industrial Zone in HCM City, life is series of challenges and conflicts. Without the support of a family and close friends, Luc has struggled to find a balance between work and care of her one-year child. At this stage in her life, Luc believes they have no future. "I spend 10 hours a day in my workplace. I do not have enough time for my son and myself," she says. Luc, who is just one of thousands of young women in a similar predicament, was forced to leave their native province to earn money in big cities and now does not have enough knowledge about social or reproductive issues. … [Read more...]

Students turn away from education training universities

Students turn away from education training universities Many departments of education and training have reported a drop of 50%-60% in applicants.

This year, pedagogical universities in Vietnam have received a sharp fall in the number of applications after a warning about the teacher redundancy. The Department of Education and Training of Dak Lak Province has witnessed a nearly 50% fall in the number of students who applied for teacher training compared to last year. Only 543 local applicants chose to attend HCM City Pedagogical University, 633 to Saigon University and only just seven for Hanoi University of Education. The National College of Education No. 1 received just one application. … [Read more...]

Tra Vinh looks towards self-produced green energy

As many as 100 biogas spherical tanks made of composite materials have been installed for 100 households engaging in poultry breeding to produce cheep energy for their daily use. This is a follow-up to a biogas development project designed for the Mekong Delta region, which was successfully carried out in Vinh Long province in 2013. The tanks are expected to aid a total of 600 poultry-breeding households in Tra Vinh access a sufficient amount of daily energy with biogas, which is produced from the decomposition process of animal and plant waste in the absence of oxygen. … [Read more...]

Inordinate growth focus hurts biodiversity


Senior Government officials have acknowledged that a skewed vision of development has severely degraded the natural environment and called for urgent remedial measures to stem the rot. A corner of the mangrove forest, which is rich in biodiversity and provides a habitat for wide varieties of animal and plant species, in Nam Dinh Province's Xuan Thuy National Park. Biodiversity conservation is an effective response to climate change, an official said. "In the past years, we were too focused on developing the economy, and neglected environmental protection and biodiversity conservation," said Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Bui Cach Tuyen. "This improper view led to insufficient measures to manage and conserve biodiversity, and increasing impacts of climate change are directly affecting it (the country's biodiversity)." The nation's flora and fauna were facing the pressure of changing habitat and frequent natural disasters, he said. More than one-third of … [Read more...]

Vietnam preparing for ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Environment

According to Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Bui Cach Tuyen, the 13rd ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Environment (AMME 13) is a very important event with ASEAN countries in general and with Vietnam in particular. "This event will contribute to reinforcement of ASEAN community", he said at the meeting on 21st April which was organized to prepare for AMME 13. At the meeting, he highlighted that the successful organization of this event will accelerate role and position of Vietnam in the region as well as in the world, then contribute to reinforcement of ASEAN in situation of increasing complicated politic at the present. The Meeting will take place in Hanoi at the 3rd and 4th weeks of October 2015, with the participation of ASEAN countries, Japan, China, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, India, etc. It is expected that the meeting will discuss on issues related to nature and biodiversity conservation, environmentally sustainable city, inter-regional smoke … [Read more...]

Dong Nai halts river construction


Dong Nai Province authorities on Friday called a halt to reclamation of the Dong Nai River for construction of housing. Related news Local authorities, experts disagree on new urban area on Dong Nai RiverDong Nai to build homes despite pollution warningsDong Nai River housing project should be cancelledIn pictures: Dong Nai River is being filled A document issued by the People's Committee said the suspension would enable it to seek opinions from the ministries of Natural Resources and Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development, and Construction on the legality of the project and its possible environmental impacts. A People's Committee official told Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper that Toan Thinh Phat Investment – Architect – Construction JSC, the developer reclaiming the land, had asked to suspend work until the issue was fully resolved. Dong Nai authorities had approved the suspension just because it "respected the investor's proposal," he said. On Friday, Deputy … [Read more...]