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Passengers get refunds for long flight delays Airlines will have to refund fares and other charges to passengers of those flights at least five hours later than scheduled if requested, according to a new circular of the Ministry of Transport. Circular 81/2014/TT-BGTVT with effect from on March 1 regulates that airlines are responsible for providing passengers with full and updated information about their long-delayed flights, along with food and accommodation for the affected passengers. For flights postponed for two hours or longer, airlines must arrange appropriate flights for the affected passengers to travel to their destinations. In case of flights delayed for more than five hours, airlines shall refund fares and related fees to passengers. The circular also specifies that if flights are canceled, operators must announce the reasons and provide the affected passengers with accommodation and food. The number of delayed flights soared at this year’s Tet (Lunar New Year) … [Read more...]

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Synthetic drugs seized by Quang Binh forces The Quang Binh provincial Border Guard Command yesterday seized synthetic drugs from Laos at the Cha Lo International Port in the province. The 500 ectasy pills were being carried on a passenger bus driven by Dau Xuan Cuong, 24, from Nghe An Province. Cuong alledgely told police the drugs were being sent from Thakhek Town in Laos to Nghe An Province. Call centre to handle driving licence renewals Starting from March 9, HCM City will allow driver to make appointments to renew their licences by calling a new phone centre on 1081. Senior official from the city's transport department, Vo Trong Nhan, told the service was intended to make the process more convenient and shorten the required time to issue a new licence. "People will be able to call the centre and make appointments that suit their schedule. They will be notified later once a time slot is available, which will eliminate the need for them to book at an office," … [Read more...]

Farmers bet on huge macadamia returns

Macadamia cultivation is expected to reap considerable benefits for farmers in the Central Highlands region, where the traditional cultivation of coffee and rubber have started reflecting a development limitation. That expectations of both farmers and authorities about the potential of macadamia cultivation cannot be ignored. Macadamia was introduced in Viet Nam for trial cultivation in 2002. Local scientists had tested and found that the north-western and Central Highlands regions offer conditions best suited for the plant. The potential of macadamia growth also comes from its inherent value. The macadamia nut is dubbed as the "the Queen of Nuts" for its outstanding nutritional value. Experts pointed out that compared with other common edible seeds, such as almond and cashew, macadamia is high in fat and low in protein. It also has the highest amount of mono-unsaturated fats among any known seed. While it took a century for the cultivation of coffee and rubber to achieve an … [Read more...]

EVENTS SCHEDULED FOR MARCH 1-10 (daily updated)

Introduction of Photo Book Hà Nội CAPITAL City & TP. Hồ Chí Minh MEGA CITY Sun 08 Mar 2015, 10 am Salon văn hóa Cà Phê Thứ bảy The book launch also takes place in Hanoi on 06 Mar. From Goethe Institut: Hanoi, city of the rising dragon, has a history stretching back for a thousand years. All significant turning points in Vietnam's history have left their mark on the city. Hanoi has kept its soul. Visitors sense it as well, the marked contrast to other Southeast Asian cities with their freeways and concrete jungles, marvelling at Hanoi's many squares and small parks, the tree-lined avenues with their leafy canopies, the bustling neighbourhoods and the endless stream of motorbikes. Hanoi's growth and economic development is at a crossroads, though. How can Hanoi position itself as a world-class city in global competition without giving up its rich cultural and urban-architectural heritage? The city has further to live up to the demands of the higher living standards of its citizens; … [Read more...]

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Route connecting Ky Sa Port and Ly Son Island opened The Ministry of Transport announced its plan to open a mixed river-sea route connecting the Ky Sa port and Ly Son Island in central Quang Ngai province on February 26. Vessels operating on the route must be river-sea compatible ships (VR-SB) under the National Technical Regulation on the Rule of Inland-Waterway Ships Classification and Construction. In addition, vessel crew members are required to have professional competence qualifications. Ly Son district lies 18 nautical miles off the Vietnamese coast and covers an area of 10km2. It includes three communes: An Hai, An Vinh and An Binh. The island district has a population of approximately 2,100. The majority of residents earn a living from fishing and farming garlics and spring onions. Ly Son is striving to become a maritime economic centre by 2025, with a focus on tourism and aquaculture. Archaeologists found relics of Sa Huynh culture on the island dating back to 3,000 … [Read more...]

Vietnam’s Flappy Bird in world’s top 50 popular brands in 2014: report


The Flappy Bird mobile game for smartphones, created by young Vietnamese app developer Nguyen Ha Dong last year, has been included in the list of the 50 most popular brands in the world in 2014, according to a recently released report by Infegy. The game running on many popular platforms, like Apple's iOS, Google's Android, and Microsoft's Windows Phone, ranked 39th with over 20 million online discussions about it, said Infegy, a provider of social media intelligence technology for marketing and research professionals. According to the Infegy report, which was released on February 25, the proportion of positive ratings for Flappy Bird was 56 percent and women accounted for 55 percent of those interested in the pixelated bird. This annual report is based on data collected through Infegy Atlas, an analysis system using the new generation of modern algorithms to study the brand and consumer information through articles on the Internet, the provider of social media intelligence … [Read more...]

Pupils’ useful inventions


With a passion for scientific research, many pupils have had inventions with practical benefits. The school-yard sweeper attracts the attention of many people In the Hai Duong Provincial Scientific and Technical Research Contest for High School Pupils held by the provincial Department of Education and Training last January, the Organizing Board and those present were attracted by a machine named "School-yard sweeper". This was an invention of Tran Minh Thuyet, a pupil of Pham Su Menh Junior High School (JHS) (Kinh Mon district). The machine was made after she had seen a cleaner hard move each broom stroke to sweep the school-yard. The sweeper was designed to consist of two automatically-rotary brooms, one waste leading line, one trashcan, etc. The machine was attached to wheels and handles, helping the user quickly clean a large area with labor lifted but work efficiency improved. To demonstrate that, instructor Nguyen Hop Cuong tried out the machine, which cleaned any floor … [Read more...]

Huong Pagoda Festival 2015 officially opens

The opening ceremony of Huong pagoda festival

The Hanoitimes - The opening ceremony of three-month long Huong Pagoda Festival was organized at Thien Tru Pagoda on February 24 (the sixth day of the first lunar month). Vice Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Tran Xuan Viet attended the event. Vice Chairman of My Duc district Nguyen Van Hau, Head of the Organizing Board, said the festival's organising board has been trying to offer better services to create more favourable conditions for travelers. This year, the organising board have strictly banned the display of raw meat by restaurants and other eateries, which had annoyed many people in previous years. The organising board also will carry out regular checks to ensure that restaurants and other eateries maintain food safety and hygiene. Although the festival officially opened on February 24, tens of thousands of people have flocked to the pagoda since the second day of first lunar month fell on February 20. Built between the 18th and 19th centuries, the Huong … [Read more...]

VN start-ups eye Indonesia, Philippines

Workers check smart meters at the International Technology Company of Central Power Corporation in Da Nang. Vietnamese start-ups are seeking to tap their growth potential in Indonesida and the Philippines. — VNA/VNS Photo Ngoc Ha HA NOI (Biz Hub) — Indonesia and the Philippines possess enormous development potential for Vietnamese start-ups, said guest speakers at the recent Start-ups 2015 conference held in Ha Noi. Do Tuan Anh, founder and CEO of mobile content platform distributor Appota, said Indonesia had characteristics similar to Viet Nam's from a few years ago, but its market had seen strong growth in recent years. "Internet infrastructure there is less developed. Two years ago, its internet speeds were as slow as those provided by a dial-up connection. Digital content providers have to depend on infrastructure, so they cannot improve the quality of content," he stated. Appota received a series B funding from Singapore-based and Japanese investors last year to … [Read more...]

A French journalist wishes to be a Viet Cong

French Journalist Michèle Ray on the cover of the book "The two shores of hell" . Photo provided journalist Le Thu

PANO - In the anti-American resistance war for national salvation, many foreign journalists had come to Vietnam to cover news and write reports on developments in the battlefields. Attentively, many of their press works had greatly impacted on world opinions, contributing to the anti-Vietnam War movement all over the world and to supporting the Vietnamese people’s justice. Among them is the French woman journalist Michèle Ray of the Le Nouvel Observateur Newspaper (New Observer). Michèle Ray arrived in Vietnam in early 1966, some months after US troops massively landed in Vietnam. Michèle Ray used to say that apart from her mission as a journalist, she wanted to seek her father who was also a journalist and had gone missing in the Central Highlands of Vietnam during France’s invasion in Vietnam. Returning to her motherland, Michèle Ray wrote the book, titled "Des deux rives de l’enfer" (The two shores of hell), and a report titled "If … [Read more...]

Berlin to host Vietnamese music and fashion show

According to Nguyen Xuan Hung, a member of the organising board, the show will then tour Poland, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and Denmark, besides Switzerland.

The first-ever Vietnamese music and fashion show will be organised at Tempodrom Theatre in Berlin on April 4. Entitled Tinh Yeu va Ky Uc (Love and Memory), the show will attract 40 performers including a number of leading stars from Viet Nam, such as singers Hong Nhung, Tan Minh and Huong Tram, saxophonist Tran Manh Tuan, models Tra Giang and Duong Ha Giang and 10 European models. The show will be held in two parts. The first part will have songs by noted composer Phu Quang. A collection of hundreds of ao dai by designer Duc Hung will be introduced at the end of the first part. The second part of the show will feature pop songs for the youth. The lighting and audio systems for the show will be organised by German companies. According to Nguyen Xuan Hung, a member of the organising board, the show will then tour Poland, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and Denmark, besides Switzerland. "Vietnamese people living in Germany need a number of music shows such as this," Hung … [Read more...]

What is the status of Vietnamese contemporary art?

A painting by Le Thanh Son.

VietNamNet Bridge – Every field has its "tycoons", including the world of art. Famous contemporary painters have made enormous sums of money, but there is little information about them in newspapers. Sometimes you can read a short piece of news about a Vietnamese painter whose artworks were auctioned overseas. However, according to the professionals in the industry, the sale of paintings and development trends of art are different. The painting market in Vietnam boomed in the early 90s and lasted until the early 2000. The ranking of Vietnamese contemporary artists began to be distinguished clearly, not by local experts, but by foreign galleries or international exhibitions. The value of a painting might reach a towering number. The change in the art market created a new vitality in the art scene. In that context, promising faces became hot names, including Pham Luan, Le Thanh Son, Hong Viet Dung, Nguyen Thanh Binh, Do Quang Em, Ha Tri Hieu, Dang Xuan Hoa, and Dinh … [Read more...]

The most prominent under-30 faces in Vietnam


VietNamNet Bridge - Forbes Vietnam has released its first-ever list of 30 of Vietnam's brightest stars under the age of 30 in different fields, including business, communications, entertainment and sports. The faces on Vietnam’s 30 under 30 list. Photo: Forbes Vietnam "30 Under 30" is a list of rising stars of the future generation in various fields that was issued by Forbes USA magazine for the first time four years ago. This is the first time Forbes Vietnam has published a 30 under 30 list. The candidates for the list were nominated by the public and then selected by the category judges of Forbes Vietnam. On the list, there are faces widely known in Vietnam, especially among young people, such as Nguyen Ha Dong (computer game design – Flappy Bird creator), comedian Tran Thanh, blogger Tran Duc Viet - JVevermind (social media) and chess master Le Quang Liem. There are some people who are unknown to the public, but they are highly respected in their fields for … [Read more...]

HCM City a magnet for medical tourists

Top notch: With state-of-the-start equipment for health exams and treatment, District 2 Hospital in HCM City has won the trust of residents. It has also helped reduce patient overload at central and state hospitals.

VietNamNet Bridge – The growing reputation of Vietnamese doctors has led to a boom in foreigners seeking treatment here, and locals who once went abroad are also opting for healthcare at home. Last year, a Filipino couple who found it difficult to conceive after two failed fertility treatments decided to seek medical help in Viet Nam, having heard about the reputation of local physicians. The woman and her husband, who works in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho, visited a HCM City hospital where doctors recommended them to choose in vitro fertilization (IVF). "We discussed it and thought we would try it in Viet Nam," the woman said, adding that they had usually sought medical treatment in their home country. After the initial doctor's visit, the woman, who declined to be named, discovered that Vietnamese obstetrician Vuong Thi Ngoc Lan was internationally known, and that costs were lower than in many other countries. She then visited Dr Lan, who was working at HCM City's My … [Read more...]

Saigon people stay up whole night cooking traditional Tet cakes (photos)

A woman is seen pouring some more water into a tank to make sure all the cakes are well cooked. Photo:

Many people in Ho Chi Minh City stay into wee hours or even entire nights to cook their tankfuls of traditional cakes for the upcoming Tet (Lunar New Year.) As Tet is only two days away, many people across the country have spent lots of time wrapping "banh chung" (square-shaped glutinous rice cake) and "banh tet" (cylindrical glutinous rice cake,) the two indispensable cakes for Tet. "Banh chung" is typically wrapped and enjoyed by those in northern provinces and cities, while "banh tet" is usually preferred by their southern counterparts. Though city dwellers tend to buy the cakes for their Tet meals or gifts, many families still cherish the tradition of wrapping and cooking the cakes themselves to cut costs, ensure food hygiene safety and indulge in the uniquely cozy atmosphere of gathering to prepare and cook the goody together. The cooking of each tank’s content takes around 10 to 12 hours to complete, before the cakes are scooped out and dipped into cold water to … [Read more...]

Vietnam banks on macadamia nuts


VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam has decided to develop 250,000 hectares of macadamia, sometimes called the queen of nuts, in the next five years. A workshop on the macadamia development strategy was held on February 7 in the Central Highlands. This was one of a series of events organized recently relating to the macadamia, which shows Vietnam’s strong determination to develop a growing area for the nut in Vietnam. Top-ranking General Tran Dai Quang, head of the Central Highlands Development Steering Committee, said the land has all the necessary conditions for growing macadamia, while macadamia could be the goose that lays the golden eggs, helping foster the local economy. "In the long term, macadamia nuts will be a Vietnamese national product," Quang said. "Vietnam will appear in the world’s macadamia map and be listed among the top macadamia producers." Vietnamese leading scientists, including Professor Hoang Hoe and Professor Nguyen Lan Hung, all said that it … [Read more...]

Viet Nam bets on huge potential of Macadamia

Macadamia was introduced in Viet Nam for trial cultivation in 2002. Local scientists had tested and found that the north-western and Central Highland regions offer conditions best suited for the plant. — Photo nld LAM DONG (Biz Hub) — Macadamia cultivation is expected to reap considerable benefits for farmers in the central Highlands region, where the traditional cultivation of coffee and rubber have started reflecting a development limitation. That expectations of both farmers and authorities about the potential of macadamia cultivation cannot be ignored. Macadamia was introduced in Viet Nam for trial cultivation in 2002. Local scientists had tested and found that the north-western and Central Highland regions offer conditions best suited for the plant. The potential of macadamia growth also comes from its inherent value. The macadamia nut is dubbed as the "the Queen of Nuts" for its outstanding nutritional value. Experts pointed out that compared with other common … [Read more...]

Leaders of the Party, State and Hanoi city pay tribute to President Ho Chi Minh

A delegation of Hanoi’s leaders paid tribute to President Ho Chi Minh

The Hanoitimes - On the morning of February 14, delegations of Vienam’s leaders of the Party, State, Government, National Assembly, Fatherland Front and Hanoi’s leaders paid floral tribute to President Ho Chi Minh at his Mausoleum in Hanoi. Prominent among the delegation of Vienam’s leaders were General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, former General Secretary Le Kha Phieu, former General Secretary Nong Duc Manh; President Truong Tan Sang, former President Tran Duc Luong; Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung; Chairman of the National Assembly Nguyen Sinh Hung, former Chairman of the National Assembly Nguyen Van An. The delegation of Hanoi Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee, Fatherland Front were Party Secretary Pham Quang Nghi; Chairman of the municipal People's Committee Nguyen The Thao; Chairwoman of municipal People's Council Ngo Thi Doan Thanh; Vice Chairwoman of the municipal People's Committee Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc; Chairman of the municipal … [Read more...]

Social News 15/2

HCMC lauds good medical workers 113 teams and individuals of medical clinics in Ho Chi Minh City were lauded for their achievements in the patriotic emulation movement for 2010-2014. The municipal Department of Health held a meeting on February 12 to appraise 26 teams and 87 individuals for their good performance in the health sector’s emulation movement. At the meeting, the Department also launched the patriotic emulation movement for the next period from 2015 to 2020. The movement will focus on following Uncle Ho’s teaching that a good doctor must be a good mother to fight negative acts in treatment and examination. The movement also aims to improve curing and treatment quality, strengthen capability for district medical clinics to reduce overloading in big hospitals and implement the Ministry of Health’s programs. Da Nang flyover work to continue during Tet The Trung Nam Group installed the final span to complete the second flyover at the three-level stack … [Read more...]

Payout key to Old Quarter resettlement success


VietNamNet Bridge – Adequate compensation and income-generating opportunities are key factors that will determine the success of Ha Noi's plan to resettle thousands of residents from its Old Quarter, experts and residents say. The capital city will start the construction of a resettlement area next month as part of a project to move some 26,200 residents (6,500 households) from the city's overcrowded Old Quarter by 2020. They are to be resettled in apartment buildings in Long Bien District's Viet Hung Urban Area. According to the Hoan Kiem District People's Committee, the project aims to decrease population density, improve living conditions and preserve heritage sites in the Old Quarter. Viet Nam News spoke to authorities, experts and residents on the issue. Duong Duc Tuan - Chairman of Hoan Kiem District People's Committee Can you give us an outline of the Old Quarter Resettlement Plan? The Old Quarter Resettlement plan is an important policy that aims to ease the high … [Read more...]