Most modern cemetery in Vietnam, new threat to Dong Nai river


VietNamNet Bridge - It remains questionable why the cemetery project near the Dong Nai River which threatens the life of the river, has been approved. In early July 2011, Dona Coop announced the project on building a cemetery which is expected to be the most modern one in Vietnam, to be located on the advantageous position in accordance with oriental geomancy. However, worries and doubts have been raised about the feasibility of the project. The position which the investors calls "advantageous position" is, in fact, is just 100 meters far from the Dong Nai river. Therefore, they have every reason to worry that the cemetery would pollute the river and threaten the means of subsistence of thousands of local people. The paradise for the dead… The An Vien Vinh Hang cemetery covers an area of 116 hectares in the first phase, capitalized at 500 billion dong and it is expected to become operational from the end of 2011. After that, 200 hectares more would be expanded in the second phase of … [Read more...]

Advanced waste treatment plant lies unused

The Trang Cat solid waste treatment plant, launched with a total investment of US$28 million in 2008, has not been used for two years. — Photo

HAI PHONG (VNS) — The northern Hai Phong City's Trang Cat solid waste treatment plant, once known to be the most advanced one in Viet Nam, has not been operated for two years. The plant worked perfunctorily for a few years after it was launched in late 2008, and has remained closed since 2013 due to lack of funds and its inability to sell outputs, Chairman of Hai Phong Urban Environment Company's Management Board Nguyen Van Quy told VnExpress e-newspaper. The plant could treat up to 200 tonnes of waste per day and handle one-fifth of the total waste generated by Hai Phong's urban districts, Quy said. Hai Phong's solid waste treatment and management project was approved by the Prime Minister in 1997, with the aim of managing, collecting, transporting and treating waste in the area. The project had a total investment of nearly US$28 million, with $19.6 being borrowed from the Korean Economic Development Co-operation Fund and $5.7 coming from the local budget. The project … [Read more...]

Funding needed to treat waste

A worker operates a waste treatment machine at the Hoang Hai Ha Green Environment Company in the central province of Thanh Hoa. More investment is needed for waste treatment services. — VNA/VNS Photo Dinh Hue

HCM CITY (VNS)— A more transparent legal framework and improved administrative procedures are needed to attract more investment in waste and water treatment services, according to experts. Dr. Nguyen The Chinh, head of the Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment, said that Viet Nam's political stability had been a major factor in attracting investors in recent years. The number of FDI enterprises investing in the waste treatment field had also increased over the years, from eight in 2005 to more than 40 this year. Of this figure, the number of FDI businesses investing in waste and wastewater treatment now accounts for 31 per cent and for sanitary services 24 per cent. Policies and incentives for investment in the field have improved, while business demand for environmental services has also helped improve product quality. The costs for investment, particularly low labour costs in Viet Nam, have helped to attract foreigners as well. Chinh said … [Read more...]

Northwest region’s biggest waste treatment plant inaugurated

The Lao Cai provincial People’s Committee and the French Development Agency (AFD) held a ceremony on October 5 to inaugurate a waste treatment and recycling factory, the largest of its kind in the northwest region, in Lao Cai city’s Dong Tuyen commune. Located across 30 hectares, the factory was built with a total investment of VND81.25 billion (US$3.57 million), VND66.3 billion (US$2.95 million) of which came from AFD loans. It is capable of treating 100-147 tonnes of waste per day. Waste is processed into organic and mineral fertilisers. The factory is part of a project to improve rural and tourism infrastructure facilities in the locality. Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Doan Van Huong requested the Lao Cai Urban Environment Company effectively operate the factory and coordinate closely with departments and agencies to improve local awareness of classifying rubbish and protecting the environment. … [Read more...]

Lao Cai Urban Environment Company: For a Green, Clean and Beautiful City


When a newly established province, Lao Cai had limited urban green space, but now it has developed wide systems of trees, parks, gardens and lighting. These systems have been developed and operated by Lao Cai Urban Environment One Member Limited Liability Company, which was established in November 1993. The company is marked by not only steady growth, diversified business, life assurance for employees, but also its every effort to build and protect Lao Cai environment in order to make it a brighter, cleaner, greener and nicer city. In the past few years, the company has gathered resources, promoted its advantages and overcome difficulties. In addition, it regularly supervises the process and evaluates the outcomes of the implementing as well. Lao Cai Urban Environment often promotes emulation movements among its units, enhances the employees’ knowledge during the manufacturing process so that they can perform given mission nicely. Furthermore, to be in concord with economy's … [Read more...]

Son La Urban Environment Company: Building Sustainable Development Business

With its central task as urban management and environmental sanitation, urban electric lighting, drainage systems maintenance, managing gardens, parks, urban trees, and some other service activities, in recent years, the Son La Urban Environment Company has been striving to successfully complete assigned tasks, meet development and expansion requirements of the city, especially by improving service quality and environmental sanitation, innovating productivity tools and improving labour productivity. Founded in 2004, after 11 years of construction and development, the company now has more than 320 staff members. The company has always paid due attention to taking care of the physical and spiritual life of the employees. It fully implements the regimes and policies for employees as prescribed by the State, such as salary, social insurance, medical insurance, and unemployment insurance. In response to 2015 Workers' Month with the theme "Trade Union in companion for the sake of … [Read more...]

Vietnam hospital fined for dumping 63 tons of untreated medical waste


Police investigate the site where Le Ngoc Tung Private Hospital buried untreated medical waste in Tay Ninh Province. Photo: Giang Phuong Tay Ninh authorities have fined a private hospital VND1.4 billion (US$62,300) for illegally dumping 63 tons of untreated medical waste at a vacant residential site in the southern province. A truck that Le Ngoc Tung Private Hospital hired to transport the waste has been seized. The fine was high because the violation involved the hospital director and several employees, the province people’s committee said. Le Ngoc Tung Private Hospital was also ordered to pay nearly VND500 million to the Hue Phuong Green Environment Company for carrying out tests, excavating the waste and treating the environment. On June 25 the environmental police had caught two guards from Le Ngoc Tung Private Hospital trying to bury sacks of placentas, used needles, bandages and blood collection tubes. The hospital claimed to have buried only six tons of untreated … [Read more...]

Illegal fishing continues on Saigon newly-revived canals


People fish along the Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe Canal in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Duc Tien People are still fishing illegally along the Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe and the Tau Hu-Ben Nghe, two badly polluted canals that have been cleaned up recently, despite big fines imposed by the city government. Some even electrocute the fish, a dangerous practice that will kill a large number of fish in the canals. According to workers of HCMC Urban Environment Company, every early morning, two power-engined boats travel from the Saigon River to the Tau Hu-Ben Nghe Canal’s section under Calmette Bridge linking District 1 and 4. People cast fishing nets and use electricity to catch fish. Authorities in Ward 19 of Binh Thanh District said they confiscated 15 fishing rods and a fishing net from illegal fishers on the Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe Canal over the last three months. Police in Ward 13 of District 3 also seized more than 30 fishing rods between June and August. Some illegal fishers approached by Thanh … [Read more...]

Challenges in Handling Environmental Sanitation in Coastal Cities

Vietnam is one of the countries with the highest urbanisation rate in the region, largely due to migration from rural areas to cities. Urbanisation contributes to economic growth yet increases the challenge in the cities in providing services and infrastructure, especially in the field of sewerage and waste water and solid waste treatment.800,000 people to benefit. Sewage and rain water is untreated and pour directly into the sewer system leading to the nearest river. Due to inadequate maintenance, in Vietnam, frequent inundation occurs in the cities and most of sewage system. The sewer system was built long ago, now it's time to maintain and upgrade. Besides, annually the whole country emits about 15 million tonnes of solid waste which is often untreated and dumped directly into landfill pit and a few landfills with good sanitary condition. The collecting of solid waste only meets 70 percent of the cities' demand. Therefore, the Coastal Cities Environmental Sanitation Project will … [Read more...]

Hospital caught dumping tons of untreated medical waste in southern Vietnam


Tay Ninh officers check a site where a private hospital has buried its waste illegally. Photo credit: Tuoi Tre Police and environment officials in Tay Ninh Province on Monday started to dig up around six metric tons of untreated medical waste that a private hospital has been burying illegally near a canal. The officers on Thursday (June 25) caught two guards of Le Ngoc Tung Private Hospital burying its waste at a vacant land site in a residential area, Tuoi Tre reported. The waste included placentas, drug bottles, used needles, syringes and blood collection tubes. Tieu Huu Duc, 58, who lives in the neighborhood said the guards used to burn the waste there, but locals stopped them, so they started to bury it. Duc said locals did not know it was medical waste until some of them stepped onto used needles. A local environment company said it signed a contract with the hospital to collect its waste every two months for treatment. They collected nearly 900 kilograms in February and … [Read more...]

Work force rxcellence: The core value

Highly-skilled employees play a key role in the development of Luxoft Vietnam

By Nhan Tam Luxoft Vietnam has generated average annual revenue growth of 34% over the past seven years of operation. In the 2014 fiscal year (ending on March 31, 2015), Luxoft earned almost US$1.7 million, up 48% against 2013. The company’s software development team has been vital to the growth through developing, integrating and testing infotainment systems for a world-renowned carmaker. Values from employees "I can say that the impression of Vietnamese engineers is left on the most modern cars in the world, helping drivers and passengers have wonderful experience in convenience and safety brought about by advanced information technology," said La Manh Cuong, managing director of Luxoft Vietnam. Cuong said considering the continuous fluctuation and fierce competition in the current business environment, companies have to brace themselves for challenges. Luxoft Vietnam has overcome most challenges relying on accurate market forecast and preparation, effective … [Read more...]

Pollution returns to HCM City’s canals

Rubbish has been dumped into the Tan Hoa-Lo Gom Canal in HCM City's Tan Phu District. It is one of several seriously polluted canals in the city.

VietNamNet Bridge – Several canals in HCM City have been seriously polluted by junk and waste thrown in by neighbouring residents. Phan Van Han Canal in Binh Thanh District is now bubbling with waste. The water is black and stinks and floats back into the homes of those who created the problem. The Bau Trau Canal in District 6 is the same condition. The canal has been declared "dead" by people in the area. There is so much sewage, that the water has stopped flowing. Local residents can be seen throwing waste into the canal every day, even using it as a toilet. The canal is also the exit point for industrial waste discharged by nearby manufacturing workshops. In 2014, the HCM City People's Committee agreed to collect waste from the canal. But so far, nothing has been done. Fish die en masse Pollution has also returned to Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe Canal which was cleaned up using tens of thousands of dollars. Last week, tens of thousands of fish died and were seen belly up in … [Read more...]

Selling jellyfish rolls on Hanoi street for 70 years


A street shop in Hanoi is special in more ways than one: it is run by possibly the oldest hawker in the world and it serves the simplest yet most unique snack -- raw jellyfish in natural red dye. Nguyen Thi Gai, now almost 90, serves the snack in the mouth of an alley along Hang Chieu Street. She sits under an old mahogany tree with two large basins in front. One of them is full of red jellyfish and the other has ingredients like fresh aromatic leaves, grilled tofu and pieces of coconut flesh to roll with the jellyfish, and lemon, red chilli, and fermented shrimp paste to make a dipping sauce for the roll. Gai gets her supply from the nearby coastal city of Hai Phong, where people catch and clean jellyfish before soaking them in water together with the bark of bruguiera, a kind of mangrove tree, to give them the red color. The jellyfish is transported to the capital in closed bamboo baskets, and they can stay for months without going bad. Gai just has to put the jellyfish in … [Read more...]

Accelerating equitization of state-owned enterprises (SOEs)


On the morning of 5 March, Mr. Dan Duc Hiep, Standing Deputy Chairman of Haiphong People's Committee chaired the meeting to hear reports on the progress of streamlining and renovating SOEs of the city. Members of the city’s Steering Committee for Enterprise Renewal and Development and business leaders also attended the meeting. As reported by the Department of Planning and Investment, the equitization of SOEs was deployed positively but still slowly in progress. Up to present, three companies including Hai Phong Footwear One Member Limited Company, Haiphong Water Supply One Member Limited Company and Burial Service One Member Limited Company have completed the sale of shares to employees. These units are making steps to organize Shareholders' meeting to establish a joint stock company. Five enterprises released decisions on equitization in May 2014, including Haiphong Urban Environment Company; Haiphong Water Drainage Company; Green Tree and Park Company, Haiphong Housing … [Read more...]

HCMC should increase capacity to treat toxic wastes: experts

Solid household wastes are being collected for treatment at a station in Tan Hoa Street, District 11, HCMC (Photo: SGGP)

The volume of toxic waste discharged a day in Ho Chi Minh City is estimated to reach 300-600 tons this year but the city has been able to treat about 20 percent of this waste’s volume. Experts said that local authorities should further invest in treatment facilities to prevent worse environmental pollution. According to the city Department of Natural Resources and Environment, poisonous waste volume will highly increase this year. This situation had been anticipated for many years ago but the city’s treatment facilities have not been upgraded appropriately. Businesses had to pay as high as VND40 million (US$1,874) for the collection and treatment of a ton of harmful waste sometimes in 2012-2013. The price for an industrial and household waste ton is VND2.5-12 million. This is because a severe shortage of units who collect and treat wastes. At that time, the city sped up calling social investment in this field but the number of investors has been very limited so … [Read more...]

Deputy PM suggests Hanoi research technology to produce electricity from waste treatment

Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai presented gifts to workers of Hanoi Urban Environment company

The Hanoitimes - On February 13, Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai had a working session with Hanoi authorities and checked in the Nam Son waste treatment complex. Attending the meeting was Deputy Chairman of the municipal People's Committee Vu Hong Khanh. At the working session, Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai has suggested that Hanoi research technology to produce electricity from waste treatment. The Deputy Prime Minister said the city should invest more in improving infrastructure for dumping grounds and seeking investments from different economic sectors in waste treatment. Vice Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Vu Hong Khanh reported that around 5,400 tonnes of waste are discharged every day in Hanoi. Most of the waste is collected and treated using several methods such as burying and burning. He stressed the importance of the Nam Son waste treatment complex in Soc Son district, began operation in 1999, adding that Hanoi is investing in … [Read more...]

Social News 14/2

Home ownership extensions rejected The Ministry of Construction has rejected a proposal from the People's Committee of central Da Nang City to allow foreigners buy and own houses for up to 70 years instead of the present 50. It said this was in line with the Land Law of 2013 and the amended Housing Law. In a related movement, the ministry gave the green light to a city plan requiring buyers of social housing to make the payment in one installment. According to the People's Committee, a one-time payment enables investors to quickly recover capital and re-invest. The amended Law on Housing, which takes effect on July 1, is expected to attract more foreigners to come to live and work in the country. Quang Binh police seize firecrackers The Transport Police Department recently cracked down on illegal firecracker smuggling, catching nearly 150 kilograms of firecrackers being smuggled in Quang Binh Province. The Traffic Police patrolling the National Road No 1 discovered the smuggled … [Read more...]

Hanoi urged to ensure environmental hygiene

Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai visits the Nam Son Waste Treatment Complex. (Credit: VGP)    NDO - Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai has asked Hanoi to foster investment in waste treatment and ensure environmental hygiene.

Deputy PM Hai made the request of the capital during a working visit at the Nam Son Waste Treatment Complex in Soc Son district, Hanoi on February 13. The Government official praised the planning, collecting and processing of waste, as well as socialising projects on processing waste in Hanoi with a range of technologies. He urged the city to focus on planning the treatment of solid waste, investing in infrastructure to create green belts to ensure environmental hygiene, and preventing pollution leakage. Deputy PM Hai also asked relevant ministries to work with urban areas to improve the collection of environmental fees to meet treatment requirements while finding appropriate models and technology for waste treatment in the country. On the occasion of coming Tet festival, he asked the Hanoi Urban Environment Company to enhance cleaning to ensure environmental hygiene during the time when the volume of waste increases sharply. According to Vice Chairman of the Hanoi municipal … [Read more...]

Vietnam obliterates smuggled cats by burial, not crushing with truck: official

>> Thousands of live cats from China seized in Vietnam     Do Phu Son, head of the Hanoi Veterinary Sub-Department, gave the confirmation to  Tuoi Tre

Nearly three tons of cats illegally smuggled into Vietnam from China have been destroyed by burial, not by being crushed with a rubbish van as reported by foreign media, a Vietnamese veterinary official has affirmed. (Youth) newspaper on Friday in response to reports by global media that the illicit animals had been "crushed to death beneath the wheels of a dumper truck" because of fears they might spread diseases. Nguyen Thi Thu Dung, an executive from Hanoi-based Binh Minh Environment Company Limited, which destroyed the smuggled cats, also rejected the method of "grisly mass execution" reported by international media. Dung said most of the cats died before they were buried in accordance with current regulations, witnessed by police. "We have destroyed the cats in a proper process. All the cats were packed in bags and then were buried. The reports that we used trucks to run over the cats before burying them are incorrect. We didn’t do this," Dung said. Lieutenant … [Read more...]