Taxi drivers in Hanoi cheat customers


Hanoi police continue to grapple with the problem of taxi drivers using different methods to cheat customers out of money, especially foreign tourists. A Thanh Nga Taxi found cheating foreign tourists Hoang Van Manh, Deputy Chief Inspector of the municipal Department of Transport said that one popular way of cheating on fares is putting a chip into the meter that can be controlled remotely by the driver with a cell phone. Despite efforts by the authorities, taxi operations in the capital … [Read more...]

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Taxi driver sacked for fleecing foreign couple

HA NOI (VNS)— The Ha Noi-based Thanh Nga Taxi company fined and dismissed a taxi driver who was found guilty of charging an Irish couple a fee 10 times higher than the actual fare. The company's inspector, Tran Duc Tri, said that Pham Van Linh, 38, got a fine of VND5 million (US$230) and was dismissed on Sunday. He has also been summoned to Hoan Kiem District's Hang Buom Ward police station for further investigations, Tri added. Linh picked up the couple from a hotel on Hang Bong Street and … [Read more...]

One more taxi driver fined $for overcharging foreign tourists


VietNamNet Bridge - After seeing the Irish tourists to apologize and return the money, a taxi driver of Thanh Nga Taxi had to pay VND5 million ($250) fine and was fired for the act of overcharging.Overcharging foreign travelers tarnish Vietnam's imageHanoi moves to tackle increasing tourist scamsHanoi establishes hotline for reporting taxi overcharging The photo of the number plate of the violated taxi taken by the Irish tourists. Mr. Tran Duc Tri, deputy director of Thanh Nga Taxi said after … [Read more...]

Ministry of Transport to continue tightening control over taxis

After suspending eight taxi firms in Hanoi and HCM City in late 2011, the Ministry of Transport will continue inspecting the remaining taxi firms in both cities in 2012. The Ministry's chief inspector Nguyen Xuan Hao told the press on January 9, that after investigating 12 cab companies in Hanoi, the Ministry suspended six firms, namely Mua Xuan, Le Gia, Phu Gia, Hong Hung, Taxi 14 and Taxi BG. According to Hao, Mua Xuan, Le Gia, Phu Gia, Hong Hung, and Taxi BG did not have transport business … [Read more...]

Ministry gets tough on rogue city taxi touts


The Ministry of Transport has suspended the operations of two taxi firms during spot-checks on four companies in Hanoi. The Mua Xuan and Phu Gia taxi firms had been suspended from operation said ministry Chief Inspector Nguyen Xuan Hao. The Phu Gia Taxi under the Phu Gia Transport Service Company claimed a fleet of registered 14 cars, but inspections revealed that the company had only four dedicated cars, with remaining ten drivers having to pay the Phu Gia Company VND800,000 (USD38.2) … [Read more...]