Taxi drivers in Hanoi cheat customers


Hanoi police continue to grapple with the problem of taxi drivers using different methods to cheat customers out of money, especially foreign tourists. A Thanh Nga Taxi found cheating foreign tourists Hoang Van Manh, Deputy Chief Inspector of the municipal Department of Transport said that one popular way of cheating on fares is putting a chip into the meter that can be controlled remotely by the driver with a cell phone. Despite efforts by the authorities, taxi operations in the capital … [Read more...]

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Taxi driver sacked for fleecing foreign couple

HA NOI (VNS)— The Ha Noi-based Thanh Nga Taxi company fined and dismissed a taxi driver who was found guilty of charging an Irish couple a fee 10 times higher than the actual fare. The company's inspector, Tran Duc Tri, said that Pham Van Linh, 38, got a fine of VND5 million (US$230) and was dismissed on Sunday. He has also been summoned to Hoan Kiem District's Hang Buom Ward police station for further investigations, Tri added. Linh picked up the couple from a hotel on Hang Bong Street and … [Read more...]

One more taxi driver fined $for overcharging foreign tourists


VietNamNet Bridge - After seeing the Irish tourists to apologize and return the money, a taxi driver of Thanh Nga Taxi had to pay VND5 million ($250) fine and was fired for the act of overcharging.Overcharging foreign travelers tarnish Vietnam's imageHanoi moves to tackle increasing tourist scamsHanoi establishes hotline for reporting taxi overcharging The photo of the number plate of the violated taxi taken by the Irish tourists. Mr. Tran Duc Tri, deputy director of Thanh Nga Taxi said after … [Read more...]

Ministry of Transport to continue tightening control over taxis

After suspending eight taxi firms in Hanoi and HCM City in late 2011, the Ministry of Transport will continue inspecting the remaining taxi firms in both cities in 2012. The Ministry's chief inspector Nguyen Xuan Hao told the press on January 9, that after investigating 12 cab companies in Hanoi, the Ministry suspended six firms, namely Mua Xuan, Le Gia, Phu Gia, Hong Hung, Taxi 14 and Taxi BG. According to Hao, Mua Xuan, Le Gia, Phu Gia, Hong Hung, and Taxi BG did not have transport business … [Read more...]

Ministry gets tough on rogue city taxi touts


The Ministry of Transport has suspended the operations of two taxi firms during spot-checks on four companies in Hanoi. The Mua Xuan and Phu Gia taxi firms had been suspended from operation said ministry Chief Inspector Nguyen Xuan Hao. The Phu Gia Taxi under the Phu Gia Transport Service Company claimed a fleet of registered 14 cars, but inspections revealed that the company had only four dedicated cars, with remaining ten drivers having to pay the Phu Gia Company VND800,000 (USD38.2) … [Read more...]

13th Anti-corruption Dialogue Roundtable Workshop

Deputy Chief Inspector Tran Duc Luong charis the workshop. (Photo: Phuong Hieu)

(VOVworld) - A seminar prior to the 13th dialogue on anti-corruption took place in Hanoi on Tuesday. Participants heard reports on reclaiming assets involved in corruption cases and lessons learned from international experiences in prosecuting corruption. … [Read more...]

Foreign companies charged with software copyright infringement


VietNamNet Bridge - Foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) found using pirated software in Vietnam are facing a risk of being sued and from being prohibited from exporting to large foreign markets. Recent inspection tours conducted by government agencies have discovered copyright infringement at many different levels committed by FIEs. Only a few software used at FIEs were found to be copyrighted, while most of the important software was pirated. The inspectors, for example, discovered many … [Read more...]

Illegal software use could blacklist firms

HCM CITY (VNS) - Companies, especially exporters, using illegal computer software face the threat of being banned from access to large international markets like the US, experts warn. Both local and international intellectual property laws are being tightened over time and penalties for intellectual property infringement made harsher, they said. Thus, besides facing litigation risks in their own backyard, violating companies will also be blacklisted by big foreign importers, they said. In … [Read more...]

Software Ownership Increasingly Tightened

Not only facing the litigation risk in their own back yard, companies that use software illegally, particularly exporters also find themselves at stake of being banned from access to major international markets such as US.Foreign companies still trying to sneak through Information from the interagency scrutiny team indicates that multiple checks have been taken over the past months at many types of companies, including foreign and local businesses, and computer dealers, most of which found to … [Read more...]

Ceremony to appoint leaders of sub units under Vietnam Environment Administration


​ … [Read more...]

MoT inspector with attitude irks VATA

HA NOI (VNS)- The Viet Nam Automobile Transportation Association and the Ha Noi Transport Association have proposed the Ministry of Transport (MoT) to fine its deputy chief inspector Thach Nhu Sy. The associations said that Sy had submitted false inspection results and displayed an unreasonable attitude. Specifically, Sy led an inspection at the Can Tho Port and Ferry Joint Stock Company in July this year. The results of the inspection were sent to the MoT highlighting violations the company … [Read more...]

Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam’s losses under investigation

A corner of Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam in HCM City. It is one of a numbger of FDI businesses to be examined this year. - Photo

HA NOI (Biz Hub) - The General Department of Taxation has decided to conduct an inquiry on Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam (MCC) after it continuously reported losses, according to website. … [Read more...]

1mil public servants declare personal assets, only one penalized for dishonesty

VietNamNet Bridge - More than 944,000 officials and public servants had to declare their assets, but only five cases were verified and only one was punished for dishonesty, according to a Government Inspectorate report released on September 15. Government Deputy Chief Inspector Tran Duc Luong said that it was difficult to detect corruption because the actors were usually high-ranking officials who have good knowledge of the law, good connections and relations, and mutual interest … [Read more...]

Social News 12/9

Two Chinese citizens cross the border with $900,000 in cash According to the Hai Quan (Customs) Newspaper, in late August the customs body of the Xa Mat border gate in the southern province of Tay Ninh detected two Chinese citizens illegally transporting three suitcases and a cardboard box containing VND18.2 billion ($900,000). The cash was scheduled to be brought from Vietnam to Cambodia. In a dispatch issued on September 5, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc assigned the Ministry of … [Read more...]

Contractors told to fix damage caused by shoddy roadworks

Traffic police help to clean up dirt on a road in HCM City. Many streets have become a mess during ongoing projects to bury overhead power lines and communications cables underground. - Photo

HCM CITY (VNS) - HCM City's Transport Department has told the Power Corporation to clean up dirt and rubble after digging up roads and streets. … [Read more...]

Conference shares anti-corruption experience

Experience and lessons in combating corruption were shared by many foreign and domestic experts during a conference held by the Government Inspectorate in southern Ba Ria-Vung Tau province on August 27. Speakers from the World Bank and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) presented their anti-corruption experience in public procurement and financial management, transparency of public servants' assets and prevention of interest conflicts. In addition, measures to increase the … [Read more...]

SBV battles to control bad debts

HA NOI (VNS) - Total funds provided to cover any risk reached VND77.3 trillion (US$3.6 billion) by the end of June, up 10.9 per cent over the 2013-end figure. If the funds are put to use, the entire bad debt ratio will fall to 2.2 per cent. Deputy Chief Inspector of State Bank of Viet Nam's Dao Quoc Tinh told Dau Tu Chung Khoan (Securities Investment) that by the end of June, total bad debts stood at VND160.94 trillion ($7.6 billion). The Vietnamese commercial banks' bad debt ratio rose to … [Read more...]

Anesthetic might have killed 3 Vietnamese babies before free surgeries: doctor

>> NGO asked to suspend surgery activities after 3 babies died in failed operations  >> 2 infants die after anesthetization for free cleft lip surgery in Vietnam

The director of Military Hospital 87 in the south-central province of Khanh Hoa's Nha Trang City, where three babies recently died following anesthetization, has said that the anesthetic likely killed them. Dr. Nguyen Ba Hanh, a military colonel and the hospital's director, made the assumption when he attended a meeting between the Ministry of Health and the provincial Department of Health yesterday to discuss the possible cause of the deaths of the three babies from August 23 to 25. … [Read more...]

Laws fail to deter firms from utilising unlicensed software

HCM CITY (VNS) - More companies including foreign ones have been found using unlicensed software despite many warnings about the potential risks they face, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism's inspectorate reported. Tran Van Minh, the ministry's deputy chief inspector, said this year they have carried out surprise audits and spot checks at about 60 companies around the country to ascertain compliance with software ownership laws. They found that apart from domestic companies and … [Read more...]

Foreign firms not above using pirated software

Dao Anh Tuan, a representative of BSA/the Software Alliance in Viet Nam, said software only accounts for 5-6 per cent of a company's costs, not large compared with the costs involved in resolving problems related to using unlicensed software. (Photo:

More companies including foreign ones have been found using unlicensed software despite many warnings about the potential risks they face. More companies including foreign ones have been found using unlicensed software despite many warnings about the potential risks they face, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism's inspectorate reported. … [Read more...]