Taxi drivers in Hanoi cheat customers


Hanoi police continue to grapple with the problem of taxi drivers using different methods to cheat customers out of money, especially foreign tourists. A Thanh Nga Taxi found cheating foreign tourists Hoang Van Manh, Deputy Chief Inspector of the municipal Department of Transport said that one popular way of cheating on fares is putting a chip into the meter that can be controlled remotely by the driver with a cell phone. Despite efforts by the authorities, taxi operations in the capital have yet to improve. Manh attributed the situation to uncontrollable taxi operations in the city. "While HCM City has only 31 taxi companies with 15,000 vehicles, Hanoi has 117 companies with 17,000 vehicles. This means that an average sized taxi company in HCM City has hundreds of vehicles, while in Hanoi and average sized company may only have five or ten," he said. A driver from Trung Viet Taxi forced to return money and apologize He proposed merging smaller taxi companies together so that … [Read more...]

Taxi driver sacked for fleecing foreign couple

HA NOI (VNS)— The Ha Noi-based Thanh Nga Taxi company fined and dismissed a taxi driver who was found guilty of charging an Irish couple a fee 10 times higher than the actual fare. The company's inspector, Tran Duc Tri, said that Pham Van Linh, 38, got a fine of VND5 million (US$230) and was dismissed on Sunday. He has also been summoned to Hoan Kiem District's Hang Buom Ward police station for further investigations, Tri added. Linh picked up the couple from a hotel on Hang Bong Street and took them to dinner, a distance of nearly 2km, for which he asked for VND300,000 ($14) instead of the proper cost - about VND30,000 ($1.40). He allegedly took a VND500,000 ($23) banknote from the husband but only returned a VND20,000 banknote. The tourists then took a picture of the cab's license plate and reported the case to local authorities. — VNS … [Read more...]

One more taxi driver fined $for overcharging foreign tourists


VietNamNet Bridge - After seeing the Irish tourists to apologize and return the money, a taxi driver of Thanh Nga Taxi had to pay VND5 million ($250) fine and was fired for the act of overcharging.Overcharging foreign travelers tarnish Vietnam's imageHanoi moves to tackle increasing tourist scamsHanoi establishes hotline for reporting taxi overcharging The photo of the number plate of the violated taxi taken by the Irish tourists. Mr. Tran Duc Tri, deputy director of Thanh Nga Taxi said after being informed of the act of overcharging of driver Pham Van Minh, the firm summoned the driver and met the Irish couple to apologize and return the excess amount. The driver was reported to collect nearly VND500,000 ($25) of fares for 2km road. According to Tri, this is the first similar case in the past 11 years of Thanh Nga Taxi. "This action has caused major influence on the reputation and image of the company and Hanoi's tourism," he said. After imposing a VND5 million fine and … [Read more...]

Ministry of Transport to continue tightening control over taxis

After suspending eight taxi firms in Hanoi and HCM City in late 2011, the Ministry of Transport will continue inspecting the remaining taxi firms in both cities in 2012. The Ministry's chief inspector Nguyen Xuan Hao told the press on January 9, that after investigating 12 cab companies in Hanoi, the Ministry suspended six firms, namely Mua Xuan, Le Gia, Phu Gia, Hong Hung, Taxi 14 and Taxi BG. According to Hao, Mua Xuan, Le Gia, Phu Gia, Hong Hung, and Taxi BG did not have transport business license, business plans and management machinery. They also used untrained drivers and did not register fare list and service quality with the Hanoi Department of Transport. The official said that the Ministry of Transport would continue inspecting the remaining taxi companies in Hanoi and HCM City because "the firms that are not inspected are even worse than the inspected ones." "Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang has instructed to strictly control taxi services. Poor taxi services have … [Read more...]

Ministry gets tough on rogue city taxi touts


The Ministry of Transport has suspended the operations of two taxi firms during spot-checks on four companies in Hanoi. The Mua Xuan and Phu Gia taxi firms had been suspended from operation said ministry Chief Inspector Nguyen Xuan Hao. The Phu Gia Taxi under the Phu Gia Transport Service Company claimed a fleet of registered 14 cars, but inspections revealed that the company had only four dedicated cars, with remaining ten drivers having to pay the Phu Gia Company VND800,000 (USD38.2) per month to use their brandname. Hanoi police recently arrested a Phu Gia taxi driver after he overcharged two Singaporean passengers who had visited the capital for the 80th Interpol General Assembly meeting. He forced them to pay USD200 (around VND4.3 million) and SGD100 (around VND1.6 million) for travelling just 10 km. "Mua Xuan Taxi has only five cars, yet it received an operational license. I have no idea how they claim they are capable of making a profit," Hao said. Thanh Nga Taxi … [Read more...]

Transport Ministry to ‘clean up’ taxi service in Hanoi, HCM City

After a taxi driver arrested for fleecing Interpol guests, the Ministry of Transport has decided to inspect the operation of all taxi firms in Hanoi and HCM City. A traffic inspector is checking the meter of a cab. The Ministry's chief inspector, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hao, said that there are up to 114 taxi companies in Hanoi, with a total of over 16,000 cars. HCM City has only 36 taxi firms but the total number of cabs is higher than in Hanoi. The taxi service has developed robustly in Vietnam in recent years to meet the travel demand of local people. However, this field is said to be very disordered. The Ministry of Transport began to comprehensively inspect taxi firms in Hanoi and HCM City. Hao said that from now to the year end, inspectors will work at 12 taxi firms in Hanoi and 9 in HCM City. The remaining companies will be checked next year. The inspection will focus on organization, management, equipment, quality of cabs and qualification of drivers, service attitude, charges, … [Read more...]

Transport Ministry to ‘clean up’ taxi service in Hanoi, HCM City


VietNamNet Bridge - After a taxi driver arrested for fleecing Interpol guests, the Ministry of Transport has decided to inspect the operation of all taxi firms in Hanoi and HCM City. The Ministry's chief inspector, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hao, said that there are up to 114 taxi companies in Hanoi, with a total of over 16,000 cars. HCM City has only 36 taxi firms but the total number of cabs is higher than in Hanoi. … [Read more...]

South Korean certificate of merit presented to a Vietnamese business and citizen

The Association of South Koreans in Hanoi presented Certificates of Merit to a Vietnamese business and an individual at the Daewoo Hotel yesterday as a sincere sign of gratitude to Vietnamese citizens for their friendliness and welcoming sentiments. The Thanh Nga Taxi Joint-Stock Co. was presented with a Certificate of Merit as South Koreans in Hanoi were satisfied with the services offered by the company through the enthusiast and honesty of its drivers. Meanwhile, Uong Thi Kien, an employee at the Minh Van Co., selling tickets for Asiana Airlines, often does her best to serve customers. Whenever customers needed urgent tickets, even during weekends or holidays, she is always the office to serve them. Speaking the Korean language with great fluency, Ms. Kien sometimes has to work late in order to serve South Korean customers when they arrive in Hanoi late from other Vietnamese provinces. Despite her hard work, she always keeps a smile on her face, and is friendly with any and all … [Read more...]

Steel-carrying trucks jeopardize street travelers in Ho Chi Minh City


Trailer trucks loaded with heavy steel plates and wires are posing threats to people and vehicles on streets in Ho Chi Minh City, a Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper survey has found. The survey was made after many accidents occurred in the city involving trailer trucks carrying steel products improperly and unsafely. Several people were injured in these accidents. Every afternoon, many trailer trucks carrying steel products are seen leaving Ben Nghe Port in District 7 on Huynh Tan Phat Street to travel to their delivery places. Many of these trucks are loaded with steel plates or rolls that are piled in high blocks on the trailer. These steel items are bound to each other but they are not tied to the bodies of the trailers. No tools are used as wedges or chocks to prevent the steel blocks from falling off the trailers or from moving forward or backward when the driver brakes. Within 30 minutes on one recent day, Tuoi Tre correspondents saw about 20 such trailer trucks leave the … [Read more...]

Social News 5/3

Fire destroys 300 tons of cotton A fire that broke out yesterday afternoon lasted for 10 hours at a local company that sells cotton in the southern province of Binh Duong, destroying 300 tons of products. The fire broke out at Ninh Son Company in Hoa Loi Commune, Ben Cat Town, about 2pm yesterday, but lasted till midnight. More than 10 firefighting trucks were mobilised, but the firefighters were not able to contain the fire for several hours due to the large amount of cotton -- which burns very fast -- stored in the company. The blaze affected more than 1,000sq.m of the company's storage area. Hundreds of residents, who had rented rooms nearby, were also affected. Nguyen Thi Phuong Trang, a representative of the Ninh Son Company, said that the 300 tons of cotton had been recently imported and prepared for sale in the domestic market. The cause of the fire has not been identified yet. Quang Binh's largest fake fish sauce case discovered The Quang Binh People's Procuracy has … [Read more...]

City to crack down on truck overload

Le Anh The city’s vice chairman Nguyen Huu Tin told a review meeting on traffic safety last Friday that relevant regulations have been made available and that transport inspectors and traffic police have been better equipped to improve controls on overloading in the city. Traffic inspectors and police should be held responsible if overloaded trucks are detected, he noted. Le Hong Viet, deputy chief inspector of the HCMC Department of Transport, proposed at the meeting that the city invest more in equipment to better control truck loads. The city’s transport inspectors have been provided with some 16 mobile and electronic weighbridges and devices. According to Viet, inspectors handled over 23,300 cases last year and imposed total fines of over VND103 billion. However, overloaded trucks are still found on the road in the city as their drivers often choose the roads without weighbridges available. Moreover, many vehicles do not stop when weighbridges are busy. To … [Read more...]

Seven tons of unclear-origin cosmetics, aromatherapy seized in Hanoi


VietNamNet Bridge – Last Friday the Hanoi Market Management Bureau seized four tons of cosmetics and three tons of aromatherapy of unknown origin on the way from Lang Son to Hanoi. The batch was imported from China via the land border. This is the largest case of its kind, confirmed Mr. Nguyen Van Nhien, Vice Chief Inspector of the Ministry of Health. Products include skin creams, shampoos and hair cream with labels in Chinese or English. There are many large bins containing brown flavorings. Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Kim Tien directly inspected products. She asked the Food Hygiene and Safety Agency to test them as soon as possible. "This is the largest seizure ever involving contraband goods of unknown origin in cosmetic and food flavors," said Nguyen Van Fuel, deputy chief inspector of the Ministry of Health. The authorities are seeking the owner of the batch and the origin of products. "If these products entered beauty salons and cosmetics shops it would have been … [Read more...]

Ministry inspects bidding process involving deputy minister


Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang has ordered an inspection of the bidding process of a bidding package to upgrade two bridges in northern Vietnam, following media revelations of "pecuniary relations" between a transport deputy minister and a businesswoman in relation to the package. Under a decision signed by Minister Thang last Friday, an inspection team has been set up and is headed by Le Van Doan, deputy chief inspector of the ministry. The inspection of the bid package’s bidding process was ordered following the publishing of information by a number of newspapers that Transport Deputy Minister Nguyen Hong Truong left handwritten notes on an application for implementing the bid package. The application was submitted by Ms. H.T.D.H., chairwoman of the T.H. Investment Joint Stock Company, to Deputy Minister Truong, according the local media. Two online newspapers also published information saying that Ms. H. reportedly exchanged text messages with Truong to ask him … [Read more...]

Vietnam inspects bridge project amid corruption allegations


Transport Minister Dinh La Thang (2nd from left) and Deputy Minister Nguyen Hong Truong (1st from right) seen at the groundbreaking ceremony to build Trang Thua and Cong Neo bridges on January 3, 2015. Photo credit: Tuoi Tre Vietnam is launching an investigation into a major bridge project after local media interpreted a suspicious side note written on one bidding application as a wink-wink guarantee from a senior official. A team led by the transport ministry’s deputy chief inspector Le Van Doan will look into the bidding process at the US$17.3 million project to build Trang Thua and Cong Neo bridges in Hai Duong Province, which neighbors Hanoi. The project is backed by the World Bank. The bidding probe, aimed at checking whether the process was "transparent and in line with the law", came after local media made public a side note on a private contractor's bidding application. The note, believed to be handwritten by Deputy Transport Minister Nguyen Hong Truong, demanded the … [Read more...]

Defence Ministry mission inspects Military Zone 3


PANO - A Defence Ministry mission led by Major General Nguyen Dinh Duoc, Deputy Chief Inspector of the Ministry of National Defence and Deputy Permanent Head of the Steering Board 1389/BQP, conducted an inspection at Military Zone 3 on December 2nd. The mission checked the zone’s task perfomance in anti-corruption, thrifty practice and wastefulness. They discussed and agreed with the zone’s reports on implementing their tasks. They also made clear key issues relating to personnel work, information and training, organization, finance, armed forces, military training, transparency in property and income. … [Read more...]

Uber says it ‘has been misunderstood’ after Vietnam fines ridesharing drivers


Uber has taken to the Internet to "clarify a few things" after its service in Ho Chi Minh City was dealt a tough hand last week. A regional executive of the operator of the namesake ridesharing app that connects drivers and passengers worldwide said in a blog post on the company’s website on Saturday that Uber’s service "has been misunderstood" in the southern Vietnamese metropolis, and listed five things he believes need to be made clear. … [Read more...]

Social News 17/11

Newspaper fined for inaccuracy The Ministry of Information and Communications' Deputy Chief Inspector, Do Thi Tinh, has decided to fine the Dan Viet online newspaper VND 15 million (US$714) for publishing inaccurate information. The story in question, "The world's most magnificent presidential palaces," was carried on November 2. The paper could appeal or contest the decision, the ministry said. The Information and Communication Ministry this year has issued fines on a large number of online and print newspapers for a variety of offences dealing with incorrect information. … [Read more...]