“Thanh Giong” folk-hero story in textbook stirs debate


VietNamNet Bridge - Thanh Giong (Saint Giong), a well-known Vietnamese mythical folk hero, has become the subject of debate among parents and educators. The paragraph was an excerpt from a book of Nguyen Dinh Thi, a famous Vietnamese writer, who wrote about Saint Giong after reading the folk tale. The parents believe that the textbook compilers distorted the history and image of Saint Giong, who is a hero in Vietnamese thoughts. They fear that the false information in the textbook will spoil the image of the national hero and lead to students’ misunderstanding about the nation’s struggle against invaders. Under traditional school of thought, Giong is a giant hero, who rides on an iron horse leading Van Lang (the old name of Vietnam) to victory against invaders. In the folk tale, Giong and his iron horse ascend to Heaven after defeating the An tribe, and he becomes one of The Four Immortals. The Saint Giong Festival has been held since the defeat against the An, … [Read more...]

Recluse artist’s work on display after 31 years

Thirty-five paintings by Nguyen Tu Nghiem never before seen by the public are on display at an exhibition at Ngan Pho Gallery in downtown Hanoi. They belong to a collection owned by artist Mai Anh, who fell in love with Nghiem's paintings a long time ago. The exhibition is only the second of Nghiem's work, following his first show back in 1984. Nghiem secluded himself from society many years ago, leading many to wonder whether he was still alive. The idea for the exhibition came to Mai Anh and her husband, the owners of Ngan Pho Gallery, about one month before the Lunar New Year. They intended to hold the exhibition on the occasion of the New Year and invite artist Nghiem to appear and talk about his paintings, but Nghiem was sick and they had to cancel their plans. "The public has shown interest in the exhibition, and someone asked me why the exhibition was delayed for a few days," said Mai Anh. The paintings on display were created from pastels, chalk and pencil from … [Read more...]

EVENTS SCHEDULED FOR FEB. 1-10 (daily updated)

Frankenstein Theatre Performances in Vietnam ADGE Europe presents TNT Theatre Britain in: FRANKENSTEIN The Monster and the Myth By Paul Stebbings and Phil Smith inspired by the Mary Shelley novel and the Hollywood movies. Performances in English HANOI OPERA HOUSE Wed 18 Mar 2015, 8 pm - HCMC OPERA HOUSE Fri 20 Mar 2015, 11 am 20 and 21 Mar 2015, 8 pm Tickets information below From ADGE: FRANKENSTEIN is one of the most potent modern myths. TNT revives its internationally acclaimed production in autumn 2014. Too many stage versions and even films ignore that this story is not a novel but a myth that has grown out of Mary Shelley's original; so our production combines Boris Karloff's immense impact with that of the original story to create a fascinating and entertaining new work. This FRANKENSTEIN is a Gothic comedy and a gripping a horror thriller that explores the darker themes within the myth. Should scientific research be held back by irrational prejudice or religious … [Read more...]

Vietnamese animation: Hope for the brighter future

Scenes of some favourite Vietnamese animations namely, Tit and Mit, Under the tree, The adventure of Bee

(Cinet)- "Little flowers" screening on the Vietnamese televion used to be the most expected program of children in 1980s,1990s. The period of time "lack of culture" passed over , everything has changed… The golden age In 1960, the first black and white animation named "It serves the Fox right" ( Dang doi thang cao) debuted to public, making the milestone for establishing Vietnamese Animation. In the years 1960-1975, regardless of plentiful difficulties in war, tens of animations were born with some kind of films, namely drawing film, paper cutting film, Doll film… Besides, many qualified films obtained the high prizes in National as well as International Film Festival, including " A kitten" (Meo con) – gained the Siver pelican in Mamaia Film Fest in 1966, certificated in Frankfurt 1967, " the story about Giong" ( Chuyen ong giong) – gained The Golden Dove in Leipzig international film fest certificated in Moscow film Fest in 1971…Along with the … [Read more...]

Vietnamese myths featured in music

Spirited performer: Le Cat Trong Ly rehearses for her Vui transnational tour, held a few years ago.— Photo Courtesy of Le Cat Trong Ly

Vietnamese singer Le Cat Trong Ly along with American artists will depict six legendary Vietnamese myths through singing, live visual arts and an interactive dance tonight in HCM City. The American electronic duo, Space/Panther, will collaborate with Ly to create a digital fictional book about the six myths. Le Cat Trong Ly used one of the legends in composing her first song Chenh Venh when she began her music career. She wrote the song after reading the myths about Tien Dung and Chu Dong Tu. Inspired by the Vietnamese stories, the production will take the audience on an exhilarating ride through a land of fantasy. The legendary story of the fairy Au Co and dragon king Lac Long Quan represents the origin of the Vietnamese people, and the myth about Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh represents the seasonal patterns in Viet Nam. The story about Thanh Giong concerns a young boy who becomes a giant, brought by the gods to fight off invaders in Viet Nam, and another myth revolves around Chu … [Read more...]

2014 outstanding entrepreneurs and lecturers honored

30 outstanding entrepreneurs and lecturers were honored in Hanoi,    on Sunday. (Photo: vov.vn)

(VOVworld) – 30 outstanding entrepreneurs and lecturers were honored in Hanoi, on Sunday. A ceremony was co-hosted by the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association, the Thanh Giong Intellectual Gateway, and TOPICA E-learning Program. At the event, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and Vietnam Youth Union awarded 5 entrepreneurs who have helped youths set themselves up in business. 30 entrepreneurs have led projects to assist youths in business and share their experience with youths via E-learning. … [Read more...]

Art & Entertainment News 6/10


Music, light show brightens HCM City A free concert will grace HCM City with visual effects and performances of Viet Nam's leading singers. Cao Hon, Xa Hon ­- Viet Nam Oi! (Move Higher and Farther, Viet Nam!) will take place at the Reunification Palace on October11. The two-hour concert will include three parts, with each part spotlighting Thanh Bui, Hong Nhung or Ho Ngoc Ha. Thanh, owner of the Soul Music Academy, said: "My performance will feature my little students. We will bring audiences songs in both Vietnamese and English. There will be dance and musicals as well." … [Read more...]

Industrial Zones: Concentrating on Creating Clean Land Fund for Industries

Rach Mieu bridge has been opened for traffic, facilitating transportation in Ben Tre, thus luring more investors into Ben Tre, especially into its industrial zones.

By now, Ben Tre has established two industrial zones (An Hiep industrial zone, Giao Long industrial zone), investment certificates have been granted to 38 projects with total registered capital of VND9,597 billion; of which there are 21 FDI projects with registered capital of US$327.6 million. Foreign investors come mainly from Thailand, Japan and Korea. Currently, An Hiep industrial zone has rent 100 percent of its industrial land; Giao Long industrial zone has rent 95 percent in the first phase; and though it is levelling the surface, constructing infrastructure for the second phase, it has rent 69 percent of the industrial land. … [Read more...]

Illegal spyware tracks smartphone users

Bui Cong Thanh

The Ha Noi Department of Information and Communication s has recently caught a private IT company spying on 14,140 mobile phone subscribers using the Ptracker software. Initial police investigations showed that the Viet Hong Company's malicious software used on digital devices to collect personal information was being used by wives and husbands to keep track of their partners. Viet Nam News talked to a lawyer, IT expert, psychologist and members of the public about the issue. Dinh Doan Dinh Doan, marriage and family counsellor and director of Psyconsult Co,Ltd … [Read more...]

Art & Entertainment News Headlines 24/6

Chefs in Shanghai for Bocuse d'Or competitionUNESCO launches contest on public transport The UNESCO Centre for Culture and Education (UNESCO-CEP) has launched a photo contest to raise awareness among young people about the benefits of using public transport. The competition Cau Chuyen San Ga (The Station Story) targets professional and amateur photographers aged between 18 and 35 years old living in Vietnam. The station is seen as the departure point and destination of a journey, and the photos should concentrate on architecture, material infrastructure, quality and services and life inside the stations. … [Read more...]

Cartoons set to entertain kids

HA NOI (VNS)— Viet Nam Cartoon Studio (VCS) and its associates are screening 60 animation films for children in Ha Noi as part of the 2014 Cartoon Film Week to usher in the summer holidays. The line-up includes award-winning productions like Co Mot Chu Coc Con (There is A Little Toad), Ech Chia Trang (Frog Shares the Moon), Chuyen Di Xa Cua Tac Ke (Gecko's Adventure) and Chu Be Danh Giay (Shoeshine Boy). Produced by the State-owned VCS, these films feature brave and funny characters, who often dedicate their lives to helping others. … [Read more...]

Young people to enthuse troops on Truong Sa

The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union hopes to instill the spirit of Dien Bien Phu and the nation's traditional undauntedness in the face of threats in soldiers stationed in the Truong Sa Archipelago. Its "Ship for sea and islands" will leave from the city May 28 for the islands and DK1, an offshore lookout post, with 200 young people from the city who will carry for the soldiers a container of soil from A1 Hill in the Dien Bien Phu battlefield, a sculpture made by students at the College of Industrial Fine Art in Hanoi, and a statue of Thanh Giong, the mythical folh hero who defeated invaders. … [Read more...]

Giong festival receives Special National Relic Certificate


The Hanoitimes - Phu Dong Temple in the capital's Gia Lam district received a certificate recognising it as a special national relic site at a ceremony. According to cultural experts, the festivals held in Phu Dong Temple (where Saint Giong was born) and Soc Temple (where he ascended to heaven) are the most meaningful and notable, which have been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of mankind. … [Read more...]