2,000 households along rivers to be relocated

A temporary home for a family that will be relocated following the new plan for flood prevention and control. – Photo: VNA/VNS

VietNamNet Bridge – More than 2,000 households along the Hong (Red) and the Thai Binh rivers will be relocated as part of the new national plan for flood prevention and control. This was announced by Vu Xuan Thanh, head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Department of Dyke Management. Under the new plan, 2,032 households on the narrow river bank, including those in the Thach Dong Commune in northern Phu Tho Province and in 11 communes in Ha Noi, will be moved to another place. Some 700,000 households were relocated under the previous plan, which was approved by the government in 2007. Thanh said changes in climate conditions, hydrology and socio-economic development had forced the ministry to make modifications to the plan. Moreover, the construction of hydro-power plants along the Da, Lo and the Thao rivers in China had led to changes in the rivers’ flow and the riverbeds. As a result, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development … [Read more...]

Making Tourism into Leading Economic Sector


With the advantages of rich tourism resources and terrain including plains, forests, coast and islands, Kien Giang is considered one of the provinces of the Mekong River Delta with the best tourism potential. Given the socio-economic development strategy for the 5 years from 2016 to 2020, the province has set a target of turning tourism into a spearhead economic sector, contributing to the province's development. To learn more about the development of tourism in Kien Giang, Vietnam Business Forum interviewed Mr Tran Chi Dung, Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.Could you share more about Kien Giang Province's tourism development practices in the period of 2011- 2015? In 2011-2015, with the attention and guidance of all levels on the comprehensive planning and construction of the infrastructure of the districts comprehensive, implementation of the investment projects, and human resources training, the tourism of Kien Giang has made some important achievements. In … [Read more...]

A weekend retreat in Dong Nai


Minh Nga The park on Huynh Van Nghe Street is home to Long An and Long Van lakes and other sites of serenity. Covering an area of 18.5 square meters, Long An Lake at the foot of Long An Mountain was formed after hundreds of years of stone exploitation by local people. Trees and large rocks in the clean-water lake create a romantic and picturesque scenery. This is why the lake is called a miniature of the UNESCO-recognized Halong Bay in the northern province of Quang Ninh. Lying between Long An Mountain and Binh Dien Mountain, Long Van Lake is smaller but looks more peaceful than Long An Lake. In the center of Long An Lake is a bridge where visitors can take a voyage around the two lakes on a normal boat or a swan pedalboat. Thung Lung Tinh Yeu (Love Valley) is one of the must-see sites of Buu Long Park as it reminds visitors of a romantic valley of the same name in the hilly city of Dalat. Every year, the valley woos a large number of tourists to its beautiful flower … [Read more...]

Seven world-famous caves of Vietnam


VietNamNet Bridge – The caves of Huong Tich, Tam Coc, Dau Go and others make for colorful stalactites of various shapes. There are many stalactites with strange shapes in the cave. They are named based on the shapes, such as Bau Sua Me (Mother’s Breast), Hoa Phien Nao (Sorrow Flower), Dun Gao (Rice Dune), Dun Tien (Money Dune), Cay Vang (Gold Tree), Cay Bac (Silver Tree). There is also the "road to heaven" and the "road to hell ". Photo: Mytour. Thach Dong has two main entrances. The wood-made Tien Son Temple is inside the cave. It was built in 1790 and rebuilt in 2003. Photo: Luaviet. The case is associated with the Vietnamese fairytale "Thach Sanh" so it attracts a lot of tourists. Photo: Luaviet. Pha Le … [Read more...]

Kien Giang’s new rural development goes hand in hand with environmental protection


Photo: baovanhoa.vn (VOVworld) – Farmers in Tan Hiep district, Kien Giang province have restructured their farming models to make full use of land resources, animal feeds, and husbandry by-products while addressing issues related to animal husbandry waste. This has contributed to improving productivity, protecting local living environment, and reducing greenhouse effects caused by agriculture. VOV’s Lam Hieu reports… Vo Minh Chieu and his family in Thach Dong A commune, Tan Hiep district, has changed their traditional farming models on their 10 ha rice cultivation after attending a training workshop on the impacts of climate change and rising sea level on agriculture. By adopting the 1 Must- 6 Reductions practices, including less seeding density, less fertilizer and pesticide application, and alternative wetting and drying water management, local rice farmers reduce their input costs while maintaining or improving yields, and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. … [Read more...]

Social News 4/5


Traffic police fine driver of overloaded coach The central Thanh Hoa Province's traffic police yesterday fined a sleeper coach driver, Le Van Phuong, VND40 million (US$1,800) for carrying 111 passengers, 69 more than his coach's registered capacity. The driver was caught when he was driving his 42-seater coach on a stretch of National Highway No 1A in Bim Son Town. The passengers on the coach were mainly students and workers returning to Ha Noi after enjoying a six-day holiday from April 28 to May 3, to celebrate the Hung Kings anniversary (April 28), Liberation Day (April 30) and May Day (May 1). The police also seized the coach for seven days. Fine imposed for ignoring forest fees Individuals and organisations will receive fines of up to VND50 million (US$2,300) for not paying fees for forest environmental services, under an amendment to a Government decree. This is the first time a fine has been issued for individuals and organisations that don't pay forest environmental … [Read more...]

Peaceful, friendly border vital to socio-economic goals

There have had marked changes in the social-economic development and quality of life for residents in the western border areas of the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang, according to Le Khac Chi, Vice Chairman of the province’s People’s Committee. These changes are the result of effective implementation of the ‘Building a peaceful and friendly border to contribute to the socio-economic development and cementing defence-security in the region from 2006-2014’ project, also known as project 25. With a 56.8 kilometre border shared with Cambodia and two important economic border gates, Ha Tien and Giang Thanh, a peaceful and friendly border is vital for socio-economic development in the province’s border region. Kien Giang implemented project 25 in 2006, and since then the region has achieved an average economic growth rate of 17 percent, 2 percent above the project’s target. The completion of dozens of infrastructure projects also created … [Read more...]

Social News Headlines 27/6

Two-year imprisonment kept for blogger infringing State interest The appeal court of the Supreme People's Court, during its hearing in central Da Nang city on June 26, rejected the appeal lodged by blogger Truong Duy Nhat and upheld his two-year imprisonment sentence for the charge of "abusing freedoms to infringe upon interests of the State, legitimate rights and interests of organisations and/or citizens." The charges are stipulated under Clause 2, Article 258 of the Penal Code. According to the indictment issue at his initial trial on March 4, Nhat, 50, a resident of Da Nang's Hai Chau District, had published a number of articles written by himself and others on his blog, between 2009 and May 25, 2013. … [Read more...]

Tay Ninh strives for new rural development

New asphalted roads, cemented lanes, schools, and healthcare centres have breathed new lives into 25 communes in southern Tay Ninh province that have been selected for implementing a national rural development programme. A report by radio The Voice of Vietnam (VOV). As well as upgraded infrastructure, the local people there are enjoying much better living standards thanks to joint efforts of the local authorities and people in making use of every possible resource for local community development. … [Read more...]

Tay Ninh mobilizes every possible resource for new rural development


(VOVworld) - New asphalted roads, cemented lanes, schools, and healthcare centers have breathed new lives into 25 communes in Tay Ninh province that have been selected for implementing a national rural development program. As well as upgraded infrastructure, the local people there are enjoying much better living standards thanks to the joint efforts of the local authorities and people in making use of every possible resource for local community development. VOV's Thanh Trung reports.. In 2014 alone, a total of 30 million USD from the state budget and contributions from local businesses and people has been invested in 9 targeted communes of the national new rural development program in Tay Ninh. One of these communes, Thach Dong received an investment of up to 5 million USD, mainly to upgrade the local infrastructure. Up to now, nearly 100% of households in Thach Dong have been connected to the national electricity grid, while roads, schools, healthcare centers, cultural houses, and … [Read more...]

An Cu commune (Tuy An district): Receiving the certificate of Tan Long massacre being recognized as the Provincial Historical site

On behalf of the Provincial People's Committee's responsibility, leadership of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Department and Tuy An district awarding in the recognition certificate of the Provincial Historic site of the massacre in Tan Long village to An Cu communal leaders

The Party Committee, government and people of An Cu commune have just held a solemn ceremony to receive the Provincial Historic site certificate of Tan Long massacre, An Cu commune. Tan Long village located in the Northeastern An Cu commune. During the war, the residents lived along the foothill of the mountains of Dong Bang, Dong Tranh, Bao Sen, combined with the communes of An Thach, An Ninh Tay and An Ninh Dong (Tuy An district) and also a convenient location for Revolutionary activities. Therefore, American spies repeatedly swept, murdered people with the aim of making people here to give up their origin to move to other places, not in a position to provide food for the Revolution. However, Tan Long people still lived there, provided food and made shelters for revolutionary soldiers. Therefore, from April 12th to 14th ,1967 (the 3rd to 5th of the third month in the lunar year of Dinh Mui), South Korean troops from Dang Pass, Phu Son village (An Ninh Dong commune) attacked … [Read more...]

Kien Giang Determined to Achieve High Economic Ranking in Mekong Delta


With the dynamism of the provincial government and the unanimous determination of the local people, Kien Giang is confident to become an economically dynamic province in the Mekong Delta region. Le Van Thi, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, said: "Stepping into the new development stage, Kien Giang province has mobilised all available resources for socioeconomic development, striving to have a high economic ranking in the Mekong Delta region in 2015." Hoang Lam reports. Could you please introduce notable advantages in economic development of Kien Giang province? Kien Giang is endowed with abundant and diverse natural potentials such as sea and island resources, land resources, forest resources, mineral resources and tourism resources. The province musters a plenty of favourable conditions for social and economic development, with marine economy and agricultural economy are development engines of Kien Giang. Regarding tourism, Kien Giang has a varied terrain: plains, … [Read more...]

Land dispute prompts Vietnamese farmers to attack cops

Truong Thi Sinh, 49, shows a bruise she sustained during a clash with police on April 10. Photo: Nguyen Dung

Farmers in northern Vietnam claim they attacked police and government officials last week because the officers insisted on seizing land that residents had worked hard to clear decades ago. "It used to be uninhabited sand dunes covered in shrubs," said Dao Viet Duc, 50, of Bac Son Commune in the north-central province of Ha Tinh. On Thursday (April 10), an angry mob of hundreds of people protesting a cemetery project in Ha Tinh's Thach Ha District attacked and injured nine police officers and destroyed several officials' property. Earlier that day, six police officers arrived at the home of Truong Van Truong, 30, in Bac Son Commune, Thach Ha District, to arrest him on suspicion that he had thrown stones at a number of local officials' homes in recent months in protest of the cemetery project. The arrest inspired a group of neighbors to rush to the site; four police officers were assaulted in the ensuing chaos. More than 100 officers were mobilized to the site and five of them … [Read more...]

For a bumpy winter-spring crop

Farmers in Phu Hoa district making land to prepare for the winter-spring crop

Currently, the localities are implementing the plans for producing the winter-spring crop 2013-2014. To ensure the success, Phu Yen agricultural sector has been directing the localities to concentrate on early plowing, doing hygiene tasks for the rice paddy fields to eradicate epidemics roots sowing timely for the season. However, the most worrying problem is cases of rats, yellow snails in great density, causing damage to the rice plants. To prepare for the winter-spring crop 2013-2014, the province's agricultural cooperatives have mobilized farmers to plough and dry land. These days, in the communes of An Thach, An Ninh Dong, Chi Thanh townlet (Tuy An district), farmers have been making banks to preserve water…As to the plan by Tuy An district's division of agriculture and rural development, for the winter-spring crop 2013-2014, a total area of 2,862ha is put into production. Mr. Cao Van Tien, deputy head of the division, let known, "At the beginning of the crop, the division … [Read more...]

Kien Giang Province attracts nearly 2.9 million tourist arrivals in 9 months of 2013


(TITC) -Since early this year, Kien Giang Province has attracted 2.9 million tourist arrivals, reaching 69% of the plan in 2013. In particular, Phu Quoc Island attracted 68,776 tourist arrivals. At present, there are 40 tourist attractions in Kien Giang, some of which the places attract many visitors, including: Nguyen Trung Truc Communal House, Large Buddha Pagoda, An Hoa Park (Rach Gia City), Ba Hon monument, tomb of heroic martyr Phan Thi Rang - Ms. Su (Hon Dat District); Ba Lua Archipelago, Hang Pagoda - Phu Tu Islet, Mui Nai, Thach Dong Mountain, Da Dung Mountain, Dong Ho Lake, Mac Cuu Tomb (Ha Tien Town), U Minh Thuong National Park (U Minh Thuong District), Phu Quoc Prison, Dinh Cau, Tranh Stream, Phu Quoc National Park, Den Mountain (Phu Quoc District), Hon Tre Island (Kien Hai District)... Every year, several festivals are organized in Kien Giang Province such as Death Anniversaries of Mac Cuu, Nguyen Trung Truc; Tao Dan Chieu Anh Cac Festival, Nghinh Ong Festival… which … [Read more...]

President works with Soc Trang province


Nhan Dan - President Truong Tan Sang paid a working visit to Soc Trang province in the Mekong Delta on June 1-2 to review the province's socio-economic performance and its implementation of policies on national unity and religion, as well as its responses to climate change. During his working session with provincial leaders, President Sang praised Soc Trang's efforts to achieve remarkable results and maintain stability and development, despite the difficult domestic and global economic situations. The province has reached or exceeded 22 out of 26 set targets and its rice production was an unprecedented success with a harvest of 2.25 million tonnes. President Sang asked Soc Trang to evaluate its accomplishments and shortcomings in implementing socio-economic development tasks and focus more on issues related to climate change. The province should also take further action to overcome difficulties facing agricultural production and industrial fisheries, while working out solutions … [Read more...]

President inspects Soc Trang’s overall development


President Truong Tan Sang meets with representatives of the provincial Patriotic Monks Society and venerable monks from Khmer Nam Tong Buddhist Pagodas (Source:VNA_ State President Truong Tan Sang visited the Mekong Delta province of Soc Trang during the weekend to inspect its socio-economic development and responses to climate change. During his two-day tour, President Sang had discussion with provincial leaders, during which he hailed Soc Trang's success in maintaining stability and development despite the global and domestic economic difficulties in 2012. Out of the 26 key targets set by the Party Revolution, 22 were realised or even surpassed. In particular, the province's rice production was an unprecedented success with a harvest of 2.25 million tonnes. He said that given the country's economic difficulties, the province's leaders need to be proactive in working out solutions to problems and helping farmers with their harvests, goods distribution, processing and … [Read more...]

Integrating climate change adaptation into land-use planning – basis for sustainable urban development.

"Ho Chi Minh city is identified as one of the 10 cities most susceptible to the effects of climate change. At the present time, climate change has manifested itself in apparent abnormal weather phenomena: increased rainfall, higher tides and more severe flooding during rainy seasons, while more blistering heat in sunny seasons", said Dao Anh Kiet, director of Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE-HCM)cum Deputy of Central Steering Committee for Climate Change Adaptation of Ho Chi Minh city, in a recent conference on land-use planning, which was attended by experts from the Federal Republic of Germany. Importance of water sustainability in land use According to DNRE-HCM, the matter of climate change adaptation in the city's land-use planning has been discussed for the cases of Tan Thong Hoi, Tan An Hoi, Tan Phu Trung communes of Cu Chi district. As pointed out by German experts, this area is impacted by the downpouring of rainwater from adjoining areas. For this … [Read more...]