Vinh Phuc works to lure tourists

The northern province of Vinh Phuc is striving to offer more services to tourists from inside and outside the country, who are expected to arrive in droves during the forthcoming peak season. The province has upgraded its facilities at tourist destinations to attract more visitors to see its striking landscapes and enjoy its rich cultural tradition. Street vendors and beggars hassling visitors have been banned. Endowed with natural resources and a mild climate all year round, the province's … [Read more...]

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Noi Bai-Lao Cai Highway section opens to traffic


(VOV) - A section of the Noi Bai-Lao Cai Highway linking Hanoi with Vinh Phuc temporarily opened for public use on December 27. Noi Bai-Lao Cai highway pass open to public Final bids for Noi Bai-Lao Cai highway get the go-ahead Noi Bai-Lao Cai highway to be built The more than 26km-long section has four main lanes and two emergency stopping shoulders. The bidding package was constructed by the Korean company POSCO E & C at a total cost of more than VND2.5 trillion. This is the Noi … [Read more...]

People come together to clean up the environment

Volunteers are called to join hands with Buddhists and students to help clean up the environment in scenic Tay Thien - Vinh Phuc, about 80km east of Ha Noi. The event, co-organised by the Vinh Phuc Department of Natural Resources and Environment and Tay Thien Phu Nghi Pagoda, aims to raise public awareness on the need to protect the environment. The clean-up will start from 8:30am and last until to 5pm this Sunday. Specific activities will be assigned by the organising committee. For further … [Read more...]

Tibetan Buddhist masters to lecture, pray in Vietnam


Gyalwa Dokhampa (right) and his root teacher Gyalwang Drukpa Leading Tibetan Buddhism masters from India and Bhutan are visiting Vietnam for lectures and prayers this month. Among the delegation is Gyalwa Dokhampa, one of the international regents for Gyalwang Drukpa - head of independent Tibetan Buddhism school Drukpa. The 32-year-old's April 7-27 will see him lecturing and holding prayers at major pagodas in Hanoi, the nearby Phu Tho and Vinh Phuc Provinces, Hue, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh … [Read more...]

Thousands flock to Tay Thien Festival


A palanquin procession at the festival ( Image: ) Nhan Dan - Thousands of visitors and pilgrims flocked to the opening ceremony of the 2013 Tay Thien festival in the northern province Vinh Phuc on March 26 (the fifteenth day of the second lunar month). A variety of events were staged at the festival, including a palanquin procession, incense offerings at the Thong and Thuong temples, banh chung (square glutinous rice cake) and banh day (round glutinous rice cake) making … [Read more...]

Tay Thien – Vinh Phuc 2013 Festival opens


(CPV) - On March 26, thousands of tourists from across the nation flocked to the land of Buddhism to join the Tay Thien Festival 2013 in Vinh Phuc Province. The Tay Thien Festival commemorates the merit of Mother Lang Thi Tieu. She gathered troops and horses to help the Hung Kings fight the enemy and defend the country, teach people to cultivate rice and build a peaceful country. Thus, she is worshipped all year round. Tay Thien, part of the primeval forest system of Tam Dao National Park, … [Read more...]

Tourism exhibition held in Vinh Phuc

At the Fair ( Image: VNA ) The 2013 Tourism Promoting Exhibition and Red River Delta Provinces Fair was inaugurated in the northern province of Vinh Phuc on March 22. Over 100 pavilions from departments of culture, sports and tourism, tourism and trade-tourism promoting centres in Hanoi, Vinh Phuc and Hai Phong city can be found at the event. A variety of goods from the Vietnamese craft village association and other traders are also on display. The exhibition coincides with the 2013 Tay … [Read more...]

Tay Thien prepares for 2013 festival


(CPV) - Being part of the Vinh Phuc Tourism - Culture Week 2013 and the National Tourism Year in the Red River Delta and Hai Phong, this year's Tay Thien Festival will open on March 26 and is expected to attract numerous local people and tourists from nationwide. The event involves solemn ritual ceremonies imbued with national character. It will include announcing ceremony, procession ceremony and incense offering ceremony. The announcing ceremony will take place on March 21 and the procession … [Read more...]

New Year festivals bustle


(VOVworld)- It's has long been popular for Vietnamese people to attend festivals and visit pagodas to pray for good luck after the Tet holiday. Many travel companies have introduced attractive pilgrimage and festival tours. Festivals in Vietnam are diverse. Folklore researchers have counted more than 500 major festivals scattered throughout the country. These span the four seasons, but most of them take place in spring. The festivals reflect the richness of Vietnamese culture and attract … [Read more...]

Red River seeks tourists by the boatload


Sombre ceremony: The Death anniversary of the Hung Kings (Gio to Hung Vuong), the Vietnamese festival to worship Hung Vuong, attracts many visitors to Hung Temple in Viet Tri City annually. It has been a public holiday in Viet Nam since 2007, celebrated on the tenth day of the third lunar month. — VNA/VNSPhoto Minh Quyet … [Read more...]

Tay Thien Temple: Birthplace of Vietnamese Buddhism


(VEN) - Tay Thien is located 600m high mountain in Dai Dinh Commune, Tarn Duong District, Vinh Phuc Province. It is dedicated to fairy Nang Thi Tieu. According to myth, she was conferred the title of Quoc Mau Tay Thien (Mother of the country). In addition to religious structures, Tay Thien has beautiful landscapes with forests, waterfalls and streams. Tay Thien has beautiful landscapes with forests, waterfalls and streams … [Read more...]

The wildest places in Vietnam


VietNamNet Bridge ' The nation parks of Phu Quoc, Tam Dao and Bach Ma are listed as the wildest places in Vietnam. Phu Quoc National Park The park is situated in the North-East of Phu Quoc Island in the southern province of Kien Giang and has boundaries with the coastline. It has become an ideal eco-tourist destination. … [Read more...]

Vac Swamp

Vac Swamp is situated in the south of Vinh Yen Town, curving from the east to west of the town, bordering Dong Cuong Commune (Yen Lac District), Quat Luu Commune and Tam Duong Town (Tam Dao District). The swamp includes 23 major tributaries forming small lakes and canals up to 14-km perimeter. The average width is 1 km and water surface covers 446 ha. The deepest spot of the swamp is 4.5 m. The area used to be crowded with many water birds, including egrets and night herons pelicans, wild … [Read more...]

Misty Mountain 


Relishing a trip to the cradle of Vietnamese Buddhism It was a misty spring day and the winding road taking us up Tam Dao Mountain was made longer by the thick fog that blocked our view of the road. But still, the scenery pierced through the mist and soon we were driving through the remains of old French neighborhoods, dilapidated villas and estates now worn and torn after half a century of neglect. We passed some of Tam Dao National Park's famous sites - like Thac Bac (The Silver Fall) … [Read more...]

Tay Thien Festival opens in Vinh Phuc province


The Tay Thien festival kicked off in Dai Dinh commune, Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province on March 7 (the fifteenth day of the second lunar month), with the attendance of Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan and Minister of Construction Trinh Dinh Dung. The three-day festival features traditional rituals, a folk singing contest, a rice cooking competition, and folk games including tug of war, cock fighting, wrestling, volleyball and football. The festival is held annually to worship Mother Lang … [Read more...]

Zen tourism blossoms in Vietnam

With a 2,500-year Buddhist tradition and more than 10 million Buddhists, Vietnam can become an attractive destination for Zen tourism. As a distinct school of Buddhism , Zen was first documented in China in the 7th century and was well developed in Vietnam under the Ly (1009 - 1250) and Tran (1225-1400) dynasties. Zen tourism has developed in Vietnam with tours to pagodas and pagoda festivals that enable tourists to visit Buddhist architectural works, observe and participate in activities of … [Read more...]



HCM City set for southern food fest Dam Sen Tourist Park in HCM City will host the 2011 Food Festival of the South on May 27- 29. The annual event will feature typical southern floating markets, including a fruit market and food market, and lifestyles of people living in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta. There will also be traditional art performances, folk games, baking competitions, and cooking and vegetable shaping. Food brands and specialities from Hue and the southern and Central Highland … [Read more...]

Highlands spa displays wood sculptures


VietNamNet Bridge - Thirty sculptures are on display on Tam Linh (Spiritual) Hill at the Ban Don Eco Resort and Spa in the Central Highland province of Dac Lac. They are the works of 16 international and national sculptors from the Central Highlands wood sculpture camp, one of the activities of the recent third Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival. The pieces were carved from precious wood and completed in a short time. With the theme of Thien (Zen), the sculptors have found new ways of … [Read more...]

Vinh Phuc sets sights on becoming a tourism hub


Northern Vinh Phuc province hopes to be a "must" for tourists by 2015 and then become the country's number one tourism and services hub by 2020. VIR talks with Vinh Phuc Information and Tourism Promotion Centre director Duong Quang Ung about these ambitious targets. Abounding with scores of picturesque landscapes and historical sites Vinh Phuc is seen as a fertile land for tourism development. Could you shed some light on this? First and foremost, Vinh Phuc boasts a strategic position … [Read more...]

Investors eye up growth province close to Hanoi


With its great location near Hanoi and excellent investment promotion policies, northern Vinh Phuc province is a good destination for foreign investors. Vinh Phuc province is home to companies such as Piaggio, Compal, Lotte and Foxconn The 1,371 square kilometre Vinh Phuc province, with a population of 1.2 million people, is located in the Red River Delta next to Hanoi. The province has seven districts, one town and one city and there are 152 communes, wards and townships. The province is … [Read more...]