Microsoft officially appoints new country manager in Vietnam


Today, Microsoft officially announced that Vu Minh Tri has been appointed as the new country manager for Microsoft Vietnam. In this role, Tri will be responsible for managing Microsoft's business strategy, operations, and development initiatives in the Vietnamese market. Tri has extensive business management experience in a number of multi-national corporations and has a deep understanding of the technology industry. Prior to joining Microsoft, he held many key leadership positions and most recently was the regional leader overseeing the Indochina and Thailand region for Qualcomm. He previously held various leadership positions in his career including general director for Yahoo! Vietnam, country manager of Sony Ericsson Vietnam, and worked in Sales & Marketing Management for BAT, BP and Procter & Gamble Vietnam. Jamie Harper, general manager of Southeast Asia said "Vietnam continues to be a market of strategic importance to Microsoft, and we continue to invest in the … [Read more...]

Android 4.0 attractive, but it’s not easy to gulp


VietNamNet Bridge - Android 4.0 has the code name "Ice Cream Sandwich." Google once announced that the official version of the product would appear in early 2012. However, to date, except some product lines which have the right to install the official version, most of the Android 4.0 products available on the market are just the alpha and beta versions. A source from Sony Ericsson Vietnam has affirmed that the official version of Android 4.0 would hit the market by early April 2012. In general, the official version would have many new functions, but there would be no big changes in comparison with the beta version. The operation system for a mass The previous versions of the Android operation system showed differences on different product lines. The previous versions of Android, from the 2.3 GingerBread version and earlier, were mostly used for mobile phones. Meanwhile, Android 3.0 Honeycomb is the operation system only used for the group of tablets running on Android operation … [Read more...]

The origins of made-in-Vietnam cell phones


Some domestic brands of hand phone have appeared in the local market in recent years, namely Mobell, Q-Mobile, ConnSpeed, Bavapen, F-Mobile and MobiStar. Many of them carry Vietnamese names, but they actually hail from China. With super-cheap components from China, manufacturing cell phones is rather easy so many Vietnamese firms have jumped into this market. The boom of Vietnamese brands Among the above mobile phone brands, A My company's ConnSpeed products were launched in late 2007 for common users, priced between 1-3 million dong. Q-Mobile is the brand of ABTel company. Meanwhile, Bavapen belongs to Thanh Cong Mobile company. MobiStar and F-Mobile are the latest brands of P&T Mobile and FPT, and appeared in May and June 2009. These products also aim at common users, with prices of less than 2 million dong. Most of these made-in Vietnam phones have the same basic functions: music playing, camera, Bluetooth connection, two sims. The designs are abundant but many models … [Read more...]

Going local


The new General Manager of Yahoo! in Vietnam, Mr Vu Minh Tri Born in 1973, Mr Vu Minh Tri was previously General Manager of Sony Ericsson Vietnam and prior to that worked with Procter&Gamble (P&G), British Petroleum (BP) and British American Tobacco (BAT), where he held senior management positions in brand marketing, business development, training and development, and trade marketing. At Sony Ericsson Vietnam he turned its Vietnam business into the fastest growing company in the industry in terms of volume and value share and brand health indicators. More importantly, he built a strong foundation for the continuous and sustainable growth of the Sony Ericsson business. Perhaps this extensive blue chip background helped him to defeat other candidates on the short list for the position of general manager in Vietnam at Yahoo! … [Read more...]

Motorola eyes more shares in Vietnam’s telecoms market


U.S. telecoms giant Motorola is set to expand operations in Vietnam's fast-growing telecoms market in an attempt to regain its position as a market leader in the country, company officials said recently. The move is driven by the firm's recent strong financial performance on Wall Street and its fresh interest in Vietnam's growing market for mobile handsets and telecoms networks, said a Motorola spokesperson. … [Read more...]

Social News 29/6

Inside Canalis Bar.

Police raid bar in HCM City Police caught more than 10 people with drugs as they raided the Canalis Bar in District 3, HCM City, at early hours yesterday. As many as 250 customers were present in the bar during the raid and many of them failed to show any identity papers. Police also checked the motorbikes and automobiles of customers and reportedly found weapons. No immediate penalty on taxis without black boxes The Ministry of Transport (MOT) has proposed the Government to defer imposing penalty on taxis lacking black boxes or with malfunctioning black boxes. Earlier, it was scheduled that the owners of taxis without black boxes, an itinerary supervising device, will be penalised from the beginning of next month. The MOT said that some localities have failed to complete the installation of black boxes on transport vehicles. The Viet Nam Automobile Transportation Association said that the number of taxis in the country has been huge, nearly 60,000, which has affected the … [Read more...]

Over 11,000 smuggling cases uncovered in southern region

Market management forces in southern localities handled 11,330 cases of smuggling and trade fraud in the first six months of this year, heard a conference in Binh Duong province on June 26. Reports presented at the conference show that smuggling, fake goods trade and trade fraud in the region was very complicated, with various forms. The smuggling of commodities, particularly tobacco and refined sugar was on the rise, especially in border areas. Market management forces of An Giang and Tay Ninh provinces seized nearly 40 tonnes of sugar smuggled from Cambodia in the period. Participants discussed and set forth plans to further their cooperation in the remaining months of the year, focusing on intensifying checks and inspections to prevent and detect smuggling in border areas.-VNA … [Read more...]

Law adds teeth to homeowner rights

Residents in Trung Hoa- Nhan Chinh residential zone in southwest Ha Noi are among those waiting for their rights to be protected under the new Law on Real Estate Business. — VNS Photo Truong Vi

HA NOI (VNS) — Homebuyers will soon get protection for their money and rights as a regulation making bank guarantees mandatory for future property purchases will come into effect next week. Following Article 56 of the Law on Real Estate Business, property developers, before selling or leasing unfinished properties, must obtain guarantees from eligible commercial banks as assurances of their financial obligations to buyers. Speaking at an online discussion on "Property guarantees – will there be risks," held in Ha Noi on Wednesday, Vu Van Phan, deputy director of the Construction Ministry's Housing and Real Estate Market Management Department, said several countries have implemented property guarantees. For example, South Korea has been applying this guarantee norm for years at 0.5-1 per cent fee. "The purpose of the article is to protect homebuyers' money. If property developers fail to hand over apartments to buyers despite commitments, banks will be responsible for … [Read more...]

Strengthen management of food safety at cattle and poultry slaughterhouses


Chairman has sent his directions to relevant departments and districts to strengthen the function of managing food safety in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Direction No. 4211 / CT BNN - TH on 29/05/2015 . According to the direction, provinces have to implement the slaughter of cattle and poultry as planned in the area; review, adjust and upgrade the slaughterhouse in the planning. Districts are to closely manage the execution of veterinary hygiene, food safety and environmental hygiene in the small slaughterhouses of cattle, poultry. police forces and market managements have to cooperate with the specialized agencies of veterinary inspection, handling organizations and individuals in activities violating animal slaughter which is not guaranteed. It is to strengthen further propagandas of using animal meat, poultry which are supplied from slaughterhouses controlled by Veterinary specialized agencies. In addition, the … [Read more...]

Enforcement agencies, firms to tackle trade in fake goods

HA NOI (VNS) — Law enforcement agencies and enterprises using fake brands need to co-operate to prevent counterfeit commodities from being sold in Viet Nam, anti-counterfeiting official has said. Chairman of the Viet Nam Association for Anti-Counterfeiting and Trademark Protection (VATAP) Le The Bao said the production of contraband had become more sophisticated, impacting domestic production – and health, in the case of food and drink. The association said fake commodities were being sold in 30 product categories, including cosmetics, beer, soft drinks, milk, telephones, motorbikes, petrol, confectionery goods, electronics and veterinary medicine. Sai Gon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Joint Stock Corporation,Sabeco, has strengthened its trademark protection to combat prevalent fake beer sales. Sabeco's Director Pham Hong Hanh said law enforcement authorities found two cases of fake Sabeco production in HCM City. City police seized 2,200 counterfeit beers at workshops in Binh … [Read more...]

US$5 million for Chan May port upgrade

The Royal Caribbean International Group (RCI) and Viet Nam Shipbuilding Industry Corporation on Sunday signed an agreement to upgrade Chan May Port in the central province of Thua Thien Hue. RCI will invest US$5 million in upgrading the port's infrastructure system so that it can receive large vessels carrying up to 4,000-5,000 passengers each. At present, the port serves vessels with 3,000 passengers. Chan May is among 46 seaports, which are chosen by the Asia Cruise Association to be a destination for pleasure boats in the Southeast Asia region. Chan May port has received 23,581 visitors from Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, England, the US, Canada and Australia this year. The number is expected to rocket up by the year-end, reaching 68,113 visitors, up 193 percent over 2014. Sai Gon Giai Phong (Liberated Sai Gon) Viet Nam's footwear dominates in Brazil The Ministry of Industry and Trade's Viet Nam Industrial and Trade Information Centre said Viet Nam had surpassed Indonesia, China … [Read more...]

Vietnam realty market sees high growth in May

Illustration image (Photo: VNA) The local property market saw a doubling of successful transactions in May, said the Ministry of Construction's Housing and Property Market Management Department. According to the department's report on the performance of the domestic real estate market in May, successful transactions in purchasing apartments, especially smaller apartments that offered reasonable selling prices, saw significant growth during the month. Meanwhile, mid-level and luxury apartment projects in desirable locations have attracted many customers who wanted to purchase and lease them. In May, Hanoi saw 1,650 successful transactions on the residential market, 5 percent higher than April and nearly double the number last month, said the report. In Ho Chi Minh, 1,600 successful transactions were registered, 6 percent higher than April and also double in comparison with the same period last year. The segments of residential villas and landed properties also grew in … [Read more...]

Deputy PM Phuc urges promoting community empowerment in fighting against counterfeiting

Deputy PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaks at the event. (Image credit: VGP)

NDO – The message of promoting the synergy of the community to join in the fight against smuggling, counterfeiting goods and commercial fraud was stressed by Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc in a roundtable discussion on trademark construction and protection and against counterfeit goods and intellectual property infringement held in Hanoi on June 20. The event was co-organised by the Vietnam Association for Anti-counterfeiting and Trademark Protection (VATAP) and the Market Surveillance Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Praising the efforts of the market surveillance force and the enforcement agencies in detecting and handling over 30,536 cases of counterfeiting and violations of intellectual property in 2014 and the first six months of 2015, Deputy PM Phuc said that the cause of the existence of reality contraband, counterfeit or shoddy imitation is that enterprises is not really interested in preserving, building and protecting their own brands and … [Read more...]

Bank guarantees for property meant to safeguard buyers

HA NOI (VNS) — A regulation ordering bank guarantees to become mandatory for property purchases, which was to be completed in the future, has caused mixed concerns among property developers and buyers. Following Article 56 of the Law on Real Estate Business, to take effect on July 1, property developers, before selling or leasing unfinished or future property, must obtain guarantees from eligible commercial banks as assurances of their financial obligations to buyers. Accordingly, in case property developers fail to hand over apartments to buyers following commitments, banks would be responsible for returning the buyers' money, in line with signed contracts. The regulation was expected to protect the rights of home buyers, as well as contributing towards cleaning up the realty market. According to Nguyen Manh Ha, Director of Housing and Real Estate Market Management Department, this would eliminate risks for home buyers, as their money would be guaranteed by banks, which … [Read more...]

VN realty market sees high growth in May

HA NOI (VNS)— The local property market saw a doubling of successful transactions in May, said the Ministry of Construction's Housing and Property Market Management Department. According to the department's report on the performance of the domestic real estate market in May, successful transactions in purchasing apartments, especially smaller apartments that offered reasonable selling prices, saw significant growth during the month. Meanwhile, mid-level and luxury apartment projects in desirable locations have attracted many customers who wanted to purchase and lease them. In May, Ha Noi saw 1,650 successful transactions on the residential market, 5 per cent higher than April and nearly double the number last month, said the report. In HCM City, 1,600 successful transactions were registered, 6 per cent higher than April and also double in comparison with the same period last year. The segments of residential villas and landed properties also grew in comparison with May … [Read more...]

Heat wave heats up air-con market in Hanoi

Illustrative photo (Photo:VNA) Hanoi has seen a strong demand for air-conditioners and fans over the past month as blistering heat waves have raised temperature in the capital up to 43 degrees Celsius. Major electric appliance retailers in Hanoi, such as Pico, BigC, Tran Anh and Nguyen Kim, sell a wide selection of cooling devices this summer, ranging from air-conditioners to water misting fans. According to a salesman at BigC Thang Long, consumers prefer misting fans this year, which suit their need for power saving and cooling without skin drying effect. The misting fans, mainly by Sunhouse, Kangaroo and Omec, are sold for between 1-3 million VND (46 – 138 USD). The retailer has also offered various promotional deals to fuel sale. Store owners along Tran Duy Hung, Le Van Luong and Nguyen Chi Thanh streets said products vary in design and come with additional functions, while price competition among manufactures proves to benefit customers. Air-conditioner sale at … [Read more...]

Social News 15/6

Binh Thuan: 714,000 USD to surmount water shortages The southern central province of Binh Thuan is set to spend 15 billion VND (714,000 USD) to support localities to surmount water shortages caused by prolonged drought. The amount will be spent on supporting local people to buy tap water; drill wells; purchase water pumps; invest in water pipes and build water supply works. According to the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, water levels in 16 reservoirs in the province have plunged to alarmingly low levels of 10-30 percent. The Ham Tan and Tuy Phong communes are the hardest hit localities by drought with nearly 40,000 people and 1,000 hectares of cultivated crops affected by water shortages. As of June 6, eight water supply projects in the districts of Ham Tan, Tuy Phong, Ham Thuan Bac and Tanh Linh had to cease operations due to insufficient water. Due to water shortages, local people have to buy water from 60,000 VND (2.9 USD) to over 100,000 VND (4.8 … [Read more...]

Industry minister takes floor at NA question-answer session

Minister of Industry and Trade Vu Huy Hoang fielded a number of questions ranging from crackdowns on counterfeit and contraband goods to bringing electricity to rural and island areas during a National Assembly question-and-answer session in Hanoi on June 12. He admitted that existing penalties on trading fake and smuggled merchandise are not stringent enough, resulting in repeat offences. To remedy this, there should be stricter punishments as a deterrent to would-be offenders. As of the first quarter of 2015, over 200,000 business households had signed commitments against the stockpile and trade of imitation and contraband items, nearly 10 percent of which paid administrative fines for their violations. A contingent of qualified officials is also needed to address the problem, he said. The minister also expressed concern over the prevalence of goods disguised as high-quality and made-in-Vietnam sent to mountainous and rural areas, adding that market management units will … [Read more...]

Phu Yen urged to expedite flood-proof home project

A flood-proof house of a resident in Xuan Son Bac Commune, in Phu Yen Province's Dong Xuan District. — Photo

PHU YEN (VNS) — Phu Yen should speed up the project for building flood-proof houses for poor households, said Vu Xuan Thien, deputy head of the Department for Housing and Real Estate Market Management, under the Ministry of Contruction. Thien said the project met the quality criteria, but was running behind schedule. He led a working group to inspect and evaluate the quality of flood-proof houses in the central Phu Yen Province. In line with Prime Minister's Decision 48/2014/QD-TTg, dated August 28, 2014, the province will provide financial assistance to build 420 flood-proof homes for poor households, with the total expenditure expected to be more than VND21 billion (US$963,000). About 336 of these houses will be built this year and the rest will be constructed next year. The province has so far helped to build 110 flood-proof houses, accounting for about 33 per cent of the plan target. The slow progress is to be blamed on state budget allocation, which happens so close to … [Read more...]

25,000 leaflets published on tourism in Ha Long

Leaflets delivered to tourists. (Photo:

Implementing the guidance of the Quang Ninh provincial People’s Committee on strengthening the tourism management in the province, the Market Management Department has carried out various measures which include the publishing and distribution of 25,000 leaflets to raise awareness of priorities and details of a hotline. The department has cooperated with related authorities to check and deal with price violations; peddling; inviting visitors with insistence to buy goods in Bai Chay Tourism Port or in front of restaurants and hotels or on Ha Long Bay. It also informs tourists about hotline phone number to deal with problems reported by tourists in an efficient and effective manner. The Market Management Department has published the 25,000 leaflets providing tourists with recommendations for some locations, hotels and restaurants as well as giving advice on how best to manage any purchases they may make or services that they pay for. The publication of leaflets is welcomed by … [Read more...]