What gift to give on the Teachers’ Day?


As the country is getting ready to celebrate the Teachers' Day, the biggest event of the year in honor of Vietnamese educators, many parents choose to express their gratitude to their children's teachers through the medium of money. Nguyen Thi Thu in Hoang Mai District in Hanoi told Phu Nu Today newswire that she has consulted many of her neighbors over what to give her children's teachers on the Teachers' Day. "They all choose to present envelops with money inside to their children's teachers, hoping they will give their children more care and attention," Thu said. To show "proper" gratitude to her two kids' teachers, she has spent almost VND4million (US$200) of her monthly salary. Vu Xuan Manh living in Cau Giay District in Hanoi has also planned to give about VND6million in envelops to his son's teachers at an elementary school. "The gifts for my son's teachers cost even more than the gifts for my boss on Tet Holiday," he said. Though Huong's daughter is studying in a … [Read more...]

Rose prices go through the roof


A flower shop in HCM City. To attract shoppers on Vietnamese Women's Day, flower shops, supermarkets and malls are offering gifts and attractive promotions. - Phu Nu Online Photo HCM CITY (VNS) - Flowers, cosmetics, and new clothes are on top of the list of gifts given on Vietnamese Women's Day, October 20. A variety of flowers are available in the market, including roses that keep for several years and imported ones. According to sellers at traditional markets and flower shops, rose prices have increased sharply. At Ho Thi Ky flower market in District 10, a bunch of 50 roses is selling at VND200,000-220,000, a markup of more than 50 per cent from recent days. The prices are expected to increase further, the traders said. Nguyen Thanh Tu, in charge of online marketing at Da Lat Hasfarm, told Viet Nam News that the prices of roses and moth orchids would be hiked slightly due to the high demand. But the company would not increase the prices of other flowers like daffodils and … [Read more...]

Women unite in fight against breast cancer


Award-winning Nguyen Thi Khanh Thuong's journey as a cancer crusader began when she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer weeks before her wedding on Vietnamese Women's Day last year. She tells her inspirational tale of fighting the deadly disease and her future fundraising plans. by Lan Dung Inner Sanctum: How has the knowledge gained from working with cancer charities helped you fight against breast cancer? Actually, I did not know much about cancer during my time with charities. I took part in the events as a team leader to support the patients mentally and physically. At that time, I only thought of cancer and breast cancer in a particular way. I thought it was difficult to cure, painful and required treatment for a long period of time, with the patient eventually passing away. However, after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I realized that this was not true. Lots of people are frightened when they are diagnosed with cancer. If a person says that one of her family … [Read more...]

Vietnamese, Italian women share cultures

HA NOI — The Italian embassy in Ha Noi yesterday launched its second annual Italy-Viet Nam contest for women. Titled I Am Wonderful , the event is a project dreamt up by Loredana De Vitis to display stereotypes of women's beauty and behaviour in Viet Nam. One of the organisers said she hoped to reveal the similarities between Vietnamese and Italian women and the way society and their husbands expect them to look and behave. "De Vitis's project originated with the campaign Friendly Images, promoted by the Italian Women's Union, and it is receiving attention throughout Europe," said teacher and embassy liaison officer Alessandra Chiricosta. The contest asks women to send in their photos and stories to the organisers. Each woman can submit work to three sections, but only one work per section will be accepted. Contestants can write in Italian, Vietnamese or English with a maximum length of 1,000 words. The works must be sent to yviet2012@gmail.com before August 20. Contestants … [Read more...]

50 percent of cancer cases in Vietnam are women

According to a report released on Vietnamese Women's Day (October 20), women make up more than 50 percent of cancer cases in the country. Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Xuyen said that the country reported around 150,000 fresh cancer cases annually of which 75,000 died of the disease and 50 percent were women. The ten kinds of cancer affecting most Vietnamese women were breast cancer, lung cancer, ovary cancer, gastric cancer, colon-rectal cancer, liver cancer, blood cancer, cervical cancer, thyroid cancer and lymph gland cancer. According to medical experts, it is most worrisome to know that cancer patients are on the rise in the country, which will add a huge burden on the country's medical system and society at large. However, up to 40 percent of fatalities can be prevented, while the remaining can be cured if detected at an early stage. According to information provided by K Hospital, a specialized hospital for treatment of cancer in Hanoi, during the last five years, … [Read more...]

Look good, do better


A good woman is good on the inside, say past beauty contest winners. As Vietnamese Women's Day has many families planning gifts and celebrations for their mothers, daughters and sisters, Thanh Nien Daily spoke with several former beauty queens about what October 20 means to them. Miss Earth contestant Truc Diem says wisdom and perseverance are what make great women … [Read more...]

Less time for the market as more Vietnamese women work

Women pick up rice at a market in Ha Noi's Thanh Xuan District. Many services, such as helping busy women buy food, have been booming in the capital.

VietNamNet Bridge – In the rush of modern urban life, going to the market every day to get fresh food has become more difficult for women, to whom the responsibility of shopping and cooking has traditionally been relegated. As more and more women enter the work force, managing busy schedules has brought about changes in the way city residents buy and prepare their food. Phuong, 35, a resident of Ha Noi's Ha Dong District, has relied on her mother in northern Cao Bang Province to buy vegetables, pork meat and rice for her over the past ten years. "It's safer to buy food from my hometown," she explained. Her relatives can see, with their own eyes, how the pigs are raised and how much pesticide farmers use, much less, she believes, than farms in Ha Noi's suburban districts. She returns to her hometown regularly to pick up enough food for half a month. For other women in Ha Noi, the tendency to help friends and colleagues buy safe food is vital. Hoa, 30, a Hanoian mother of … [Read more...]

New housing, commercial complex unveiled in Hanoi

The Hoa Binh Infrastructure Construction Investment Corporation (HBI) unveiled its Imperia Garden office, housing and commercial complex in Nguyen Huy Tuong Street in Hanoi's Thanh Xuan District on May 21. The project covers an area of 42,000 sq.m, including apartments, luxury villas, offices available for leasing and a trade centre. The complex is slated to become operational by the end of 2017. Nguyen Hong Ngoc, HBI general director, which is the owner of the project, said the property market in general, and in the capital city in particular, has undergone a dramatic change, which presents an opportunity for property developers. Also at the ceremony, HBI signed strategic cooperation agreements with local partners to participate in the projects, including M.I.K corporation, VP Bank and STDA./. … [Read more...]

Businessman disproves free lunch theory

Eat and be happy: People enjoy a free meal at Dai Ngan Restaurant. Guests can choose what and how much they want to eat as long as they are not wasteful. — VNS Photo Trung Hieu

VietNamNet Bridge – Dai Ngan Restaurant in Ha Noi is a haven for vegetarians. Offering free food, it permits diners to choose their own meals and eat as much as they like. Here, at 3 Nguy Nhu Kon Tum Street, Thanh Xuan District, the key word is "happiness": The owner is happy to receive guests, the guests are happy to get a free lunch and the waiters are happy to serve, despite not receiving a salary. Tran Van Thai, who opened the restaurant, was once a businessman from the northern province of Tuyen Quang. His company, which sold wood, was quite famous during its heyday. However, due to mismanagement, it went bankrupt, leaving Thai buried in debt. As a result, he faced numerous problems and suffered a crisis of faith. To recover his sense of balance and calm in the midst of his troubles, he decided to move into a pagoda for a while. "During my time at the pagoda, I lived like a monk," he said. "The chief monk taught me a great deal about his philosophy of life and the … [Read more...]

Castles in the air: Gloomy office market smashes hopes of overzealous investors


There are many unfinished office towers like this one in Hanoi. Photo: Ngoc Thang. Not a single worker can be found at the construction site of the 18-story Lucky Tower I in Hanoi. The tower originally designed to incorporate shopping malls and offices is now fenced with rusted iron sheets. Waste is piling up outside the unfinished project. The construction started in 2008, when the real estate market was still at its peak. But a lot has changed since and its investor, financial investment firm Hoa Binh, has decided to halt the construction. The company is not alone in this. Hanoi's skyline is now punctuated with half-finished office buildings. Many investors poured cash into property developments when the real estate market was flourishing, only to see the boom period end too soon. A large number of office building projects have been started, but it is uncertain how many of them will be finished. Office and retail rents in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s two largest … [Read more...]

Social News 19/5

At the scene of accident, the victim house's glass window is damaged. — Photo vov.vn

Rent soars on new pedestrian street Rent at the high-rise office buildings and private residences on and near Nguyen Hue Boulevard have shot up since this downtown road was turned into a promenade last month, sources said. The sources said the monthly rent of offices has risen by at least US$6 per square meter compared to the charge applied before the pedestrian street was complete. A real estate consultant in HCMC estimated the existing monthly office rent at the Harbour View Tower at US$20 per square meter, the Sunwah Tower at US$24 and the Bitexco Financial Tower at US$23. Other buildings along the street charge US$18-20 per square meter per month. These rentals are exclusive of service fees which are about US$4-5 per square meter per month. The manager of B.O. building on the street said the monthly rent of a 67-square-meter area overlooking the street on the sixth floor is over US$2,000. Meanwhile, an 18-square-meter office which does not overlook the street costs US$600 per … [Read more...]

Spooked by unsafe greens, Vietnamese people grow veggies at home


In recent years, deterred by rampant unsafe vegetables and even their so-called "safe" counterparts, more people in Vietnam have taken matters into their own hands by only consuming their home-grown veggies. As tainted veggies which pose serious health hazards to consumers are rife on the local market, including those imported from China, an increasing number of housewives have removed vegetables available there from their daily menus. They then turn to greens which are labeled "clean" and cross their fingers that their purchases do not contain an excessive amount of banned chemicals or pesticide residue as advertised. Most consumers buy products based on their experience, as vegetables sold at markets do not come with packaging or labels from the producers and suppliers. In doubt about the safety of vegetables on the market, many customers pin their hopes on the clean greens sold at supermarkets, though they usually cost much more. However, there is no guarantee that these … [Read more...]

Hanoi mobile spying mastermind jailed

The Hanoi People’s Court delivered a 24-month prison sentence to Nguyen Viet Hung, mastermind of a massive mobile spying incident that affected over 14,000 mobile subscribers, on May 7. The 41-year-old former Vice Director of the Viet Hong Company in Hanoi was charged with "illegally using information in computer networks, communications networks, Internet" as stated in Article 226 of the Penal Code. The same charge was applied to six other employees of Viet Hong Company, Le Thanh Lam, Nguyen Van Tuan, Nguyen Ngoc Kieu, Le Sy Phan, Tran Minh Ngoc and Nguyen Thi Nga, all of whom were granted 12-20 month suspended sentences. According to the verdict, the Viet Hong Company, based in Hanoi ’s Thanh Xuan District with its IT and telecom services headed by Nguyen Viet Hung, developed and sold two types of spy mobile software since June 2013: the Ptracker app for individuals and PtrackerERP app for businesses. The apps allow users to track other people's Android phones, … [Read more...]

Hanoi rush for 6th grade gets underway


While schools wait for a final enrollment scheme to be approved by the Ministry of Education and Training, the race among parents to find a place for their children at a top junior high school in Hanoi has started to heat up. Local media reported that parents crowded the school's gates an hour ahead of the sale. — Photo tienphong Luong The Vinh High School began selling registration forms for the sixth and tenth grades on Monday, and all 1,600 forms were sold out at the school's locations in Cau Giay and Thanh Xuan in the morning, according to the school's Board of Management chairman, Associate Professor Van Nhu Cuong. "We will continue to print and sell more forms. The forms are unlimited, so parents shouldn't be too worried," Cuong said. Local media reported that parents crowded the school's gates an hour ahead of the sale. A mother named Lan Huong said having learned about the school's plan to sell registration forms on Tuesday, she had got up quite early to queue up … [Read more...]

Residential-area gas stations a safety threat in Hanoi


Numerous gas stations in Ha Noi may be better thought of as ticking time bombs. Despite being located in the middle of crowded residential areas, already a violation, many overlooked or ignored fire safety regulations in both design and in day-to-day operations, reported Nhan Dan Newspaper. The paper's report mentioned stations with unreadable emergency signage or stations, like station No. 112, located next to a street beer-venue with a busy kitchen and smoking customers nearby, ad without enough fire extinguishers. A nearby station on Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan District sits right next to a car repair shop, posing a fire risk every time a machine or tool turns on. Gas stations located close to residential areas are also responsible for degrading the living environment for neighbouring residents. Among the list were stations on busy central streets such as Kham Thien, Nguyen Cong Tru, Tran Hung Dao and De La Thanh. "We have been affected by gas fume for years. Especially, … [Read more...]

Lexus smuggling ring from Cambodia broken in Tay Ninh


Police in Tay Ninh Province have broken a smuggling ring bringing luxury cars into Vietnam from Cambodia. Lexus trafficked from Cambodia to Vietnam HCM City’s Investigation Police Offices for Economic Management Order and Title Offences (PC46), acting on information from police in Tan Bien District, raided an operation that supplied Lexus cars and forged ownership documents on April 23. Three men were arrested -- Nguyen Dac Tuyen, 38, from Hanoi’s Thanh Xuan District, Phung Tuan Anh, 26, from Hanoi’s Me Linh District and Phung Viet Dong, 35, from Cao Bang City. Police seized a five-seat Lexus, USD8,800 and VND21.75m in cash, and several falsified registration documents. Investigation into the case continues. … [Read more...]

Comprehensive tests, not exams, will select students for secondary schools


VietNamNet Bridge - Local education and training departments have agreed on secondary school plans to select students based on their learning records and tests on comprehensive knowledge. Secondary schools for the gifted have finally found a solution to the 2015 "no-entrance exam" enrolment season. As the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has prohibited schools from organizing entrance exams, educators have decided to challenge students with IQ and EQ tests to assess students’ abilities in a comprehensive way. The solution, approved by the Hanoi education department, will be made public in an official press conference to be held soon. In HCM City, the Tran Dai Nghia School for the gifted has announced it will survey students’ English ability. Soon after hearing about the new enrolment method, parents urged their children to cram for IQ, EQ and English tests. Analysts said MOET had prohibited schools to organize entrance exams in order to protect younger … [Read more...]

LienVietPostBank lends VND400 billion to property project

Representatives of LienVietPostBank and Five Star Kim Giang Co. Ltd. shake hands after signing a credit contract on April 14 - PHOTO: LIENVIETPOSTBANK

Dinh Duy The Five Star Garden project is a complex of offices, condos and commercial facilities in Thanh Xuan District. LienVietPostBank approved a 36-month tenor for the loan and Dong Da branch was assigned to implement the project. The deal will also strengthen cooperation between both sides in other fields such as payment and services, according to a statement released on April 14 by LienVietPostBank. Five Star Kim Giang Co., an affiliate of GFS Group, is active in construction and real estate trading. … [Read more...]

Social News 16/4


Two female drug traffickers get death sentences Two women have been sentenced to death and another to life imprisonment for trafficking of 10 heroin bricks and more than 200 methamphetamine pills. On Monday, the Ha Noi People's Court tried 32-year-old Do Thi Thu Huyen of Lang Son Province, 35-year-old Bui Thi Thu Thuy of Nam Dinh Province and 28-year-old Hoang Thi Nhu Chi of Lang Son, for drug trafficking. According to prosecutors, at 2.30pm last Thursday, at the Yen Nghia gas station in Ha Dong District, Ha Noi, the police of Dan Phuong District in collaboration with the drug crime investigation department under the public security ministry searched the passengers of a coach going from Son La Province to Ha Noi. Passengers Bui Thi Thu Thuy and Hoang Thi Nhu Chi were found to be carrying drugs, including 10 bricks of heroin (each weighing about 0.3kg). At the investigative agency, Thuy allegedly said due to difficult economic conditions, she had agreed to transport the drug … [Read more...]