Vietnamese-American gets life sentence for robbery

The Binh Thuan Province People's Court yesterday sentenced 37-year-old Vietnamese-American Nguyen Mark Joseph and one of his accomplices, Nguyen Van Hai, 34, to life imprisonment for robbery. Vietnamese-American Nguyen Mark Joseph, 37, has been given a life sentence for robberyPhoto: Tuoi Tre >> US gang leader faces life sentence in Vietnam >> Overseas Vietnamese confesses to robbery Joseph, also known as Khanh, and Hai were the masterminds of the robberies at two gold shops in Binh Thuan Province in 2011, the court said. Three other defendants in the case, Huynh Quoc Thai, Nguyen Bao Quoc, Bui Trung Kien, received 19, 18, and 9 years in prison respectively The last defendant, Truong Minh Toan, was given a 3-year sentence for selling property obtained in a criminal way. The court ordered Khanh, Hai and Kien to compensate their victims a total amount of more than VND350 million (US$16,800). According to the indictment, on May 29, 2011, Khanh and Hai stole a Nissan … [Read more...]

US gang leader faces life sentence in Vietnam


Prosecutors requested a court in Binh Thuan southern province on January 3 to impose a life sentence on Mark Joseph Nguyen, an alleged leader of a gang robbing a jewelry shop in October. The Vietnamese-American had been charged with robbery and stealing property. According to the indictments, Joseph had rented a hotel room in Ho Chi Minh City to operate a wine business. On October 14, he drove his Vietnamese accomplices including Nguyen Phuoc Hai, 34, Nguyen Bao Quoc, 33, and Huynh Quoc Thai, 23, in a car to rob Thu Thanh gold shop on Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Cho Lau town in Binh Thuan province. The gang stole about 1.2 kg of gold and injured the shop owner before fleeing. Nguyen Mark Joseph was arrested soon after, Hai and Thai were seized later the same day, and Quoc handed himself in three days later. The four had pleaded guilty to the robbery. At the trial today, the prosecutors also proposed a jail term of 22 to 24 years on Hai for robbery and stealing property … [Read more...]

Viet Kieu led $65,000 gold heist: police


Police in south central Vietnam Saturday said an overseas Vietnamese had organized a major gold shop robbery in Binh Thuan Province. The car used by gold shop robbers in Binh Thuan Friday night was burned by angry locals after it fatally hit a resident while being pursued by the police. … [Read more...]

Vietnamese American-led gang caught after jewelry heist


Police in the central province of Binh Thuan have pressed charges against four men who robbed a local gold shop of around 1,200 grams of the precious last Friday. The remains of the car used in gold heist that was later burnt by locals furious over the death of man who was fatally hit when the thieves tried to escape … [Read more...]



Conjoined twins die of respiratory disease The conjoined twins born in the Mekong Delta province of Soc Trang on October 12 died on Sunday afternoon due to breathing problems, said Dr. Cam Ngoc Phuong, head of the neonatal intensive care unit at Ho Chi Minh City's Pediatrics Hospital 1. "We supported the twins in breathing but they had serious problems in respiration due to several defects such as a single atrium and attached hearts," she said. The baby on the left has difficulty breathing and has an undeveloped lung, and has been placed on a ventilator. (Photo: Tuoi Tre) According to Phuong, since the twins turned pale since last Saturday morning, the neonatal intensive care unit couldn't do anything but observe them and put them on intravenous nutrition and a ventilator. Previously in an interview with Tuoi Tre , Dr. Tran Thanh Trai, former head of the pediatrics department at the hospital said that from the results of ultrasound scan and CT scan, if they carried out … [Read more...]



Denmark to give $135 million ODA for green growth The Government of Denmark will provide US$135 million in official development assistance (ODA) to Viet Nam during the 2011-12 period, with the funds earmarked for projects that foster green growth. Work funded by the ODA will include projects on clean water, energy efficiency, and research on climate change adaptation. Funding will be provided for improving quality and access to drinking water for poor households while also reducing water loss in the country's water supply network. John Nielsen, Danish Ambassador to Viet Nam, said climate change was an area of particular concern. "Two years ago, Denmark was one of the first sponsors of Viet Nam in the field of climate change, as we know that the country is forecast to suffer great losses caused by climate change," said Nielsen. The ODA funding will be combined with transferring high quality, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly technologies from Danish … [Read more...]



Industrial workers to get better facilities Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan has asked HCM City's leaders to find land in industrial parks and export processing zones (EPZs) to build boarding houses, cultural houses for workers, and kindergartens for their children. The city should set aside a land fund for building such facilities when zoning an industrial park and export processing zone, she said. Last Friday, Doan visited the Tan Thuan IP to survey the working conditions and incomes of workers in the city's IPs and EPZs. Vu Van Hoa, head of the city's Industrial Parks and Export Processing Zones Authority (HEPZA), said most workers had to live in boarding houses built by local households as the city has only had seven boarding-house complexes for 7,000 workers. Another nine boarding house projects, with a total capacity of accommodating 14,000 workers, are under construction. The city's 14 IPs and EPZs have attracted 998 companies with a total of 260,000 workers. … [Read more...]



Building in HCMC collapses, injures 11 11 workers were injured when a three-story building under construction in Ho Chi Minh City suddenly collapsed Saturday morning. The site of the collapsed building. (Photo: Tuoi Tre) The accident occurred at 8:30 am Saturday when 16 workers were working at the construction site near a swamp in Can Gio District's An Thoi Dong Ward. Of these workers, 11 were hit by or buried in the ruins of the collapsed building. They were later taken to the People's Hospital 115 for emergency treatment. Two of the victims are in serious conditions. Works on the building started two months ago and its owner has obtained a construction license, the ward police said, adding that the contractor has bought insurance for the construction. Some local residents blamed the collapse on the weak foundation of the house as it had been built next to a swamp. The ward's construction inspectorate and police are blocking the site and investigating the … [Read more...]

Gold in Binh Thuan robbery remains unfound


The four arrested robbers have not told police where they hid the 1.2 kg of gold that they robbed from a jewelry shop in Binh Thuan Province. The counter that was broken by one of the four robbers on October 14Photo: Tuoi Tre The police are questioning 35-year-old Nguyen Mark Joseph aka Khanh, a Vietnamese-American, Nguyen Phuoc Hai, 34, Nguyen Bao Quoc, 33, and Huynh Quoc Thai, 23, about the robbery, but all of them have so far not revealed where the gold is. Khanh told police that when their car reached Phan Thanh Commune on their way to escape to Phan Thiet, he asked Thai and Quoc to get out with the gold and contact him later. Khanh later dropped Hai and drove the car alone until he was arrested. Thai confessed that he kept the bag of gold when he and Quoc left the car. Khanh, the alleged gang leader, told police that the robbery was carried out without any prior plan, since their gang usually committed such robberies randomly. On 7 pm October 14, … [Read more...]

1 more arrested for Binh Thuan gold shop robbery


The Binh Thuan Province police have arrested a third man in connection with last Friday’s jewelry shop heist in which the robbers took away 1.2 kg of gold and injured the shop owner. View more picturesThu Thanh gold shop in Cho Lau town, Binh Thuan Province, which was robbed last FridayPhoto: Tuoi Tre Huynh Quoc Thai, 23, of Ho Chi Minh City’s Binh Thanh District had been arrested yesterday in the city, the police said. Two of his alleged accomplices, 35-year-old Nguyen Mark Joseph aka Khanh, 35, a Vietnamese-American, and Nguyen Phuoc Hai, 34, of HCMC’s District 6 were arrested Friday. The three have pleaded guilty to their crime and the police are hunting for the fourth member of the gang, Pham Quoc Bao, 33, of HCMC’s Thu Duc District. At 7 pm October 14 Khanh, the alleged gang leader, drove Hai and the two others to Thu Thanh gold shop on Nguyen Tat Thanh Street in Cho Lau town. Khanh remained in … [Read more...]

Overseas Vietnamese confesses to robbery


35-year-old Vietnamese American Nguyen Mark Joseph, also known as Khanh, has confessed he was the mastermind of the robbery at Thu Thanh gold shop in Binh Thuan Province Friday. 35-year-old Vietnamese American Nguyen Mark Joseph, also known as Khanh, has confessed he was the mastermind of the robberyPhoto: Tuoi Tre Khanh was arrested by the Binh Thuan police on Saturday. He was also the driver of the seven-seat Innova car at the crime scene. A preliminary investigation shows that Khanh had two previous convictions for tax evasion and drug sales in the US. In Vietnam, he rent a hotel room in Ho Chi Minh City to live and operate a wine business. A meticulous plan Khanh and his team had planned very carefully for the robbery. He asked 34-year-old Nguyen Phuoc Hai who has permanent residence in HCMC's District 6 and was arrested along with Khanh, to hire the Innova from a company in Go Vap District. Khanh then drove Hai and two others whose … [Read more...]

Fugitive rats on accomplice in earlier theft


The Binh Thuan Province police have seized a man in connection with a gold robbery committed in June after he was fingered by his overseas Vietnamese accomplice, an international fugitive who was arrested for another robbery 10 days ago. The suspect, Bui Trung Kien, 26, of Ho Chi Minh City's District 1, was taken in yesterday after Nguyen Mark Joseph aka Khanh, told the police about him. Khanh was arrested October 14 after allegedly masterminding another robbery in the province's Bac Binh District. The 35-year-old, who is wanted in the US for drug crimes and by Interpol, admitted to the police that he, Kien, and Nguyen Phuoc Hai - who was also involved in this month's heist - had robbed 10 taels (37.5 g) of gold from Hoang Kim gold shop on Nguyen Tat Thanh Street last June. One of the trio had threatened Nguyen Thi Tray, 58, the shop owner, with a gun while the others smashed counters with hammers and grabbed the gold. Their car was later found burnt 15 km from the … [Read more...]

Robber claims to have thrown gold into river


A member of the gang suspected of robbing a jewelry shop in Binh Thuan Province last week told police he had thrown a backpack containing about 1.2 kg of stolen gold into a river not far from the scene of the crime but police divers have yet to find it. After refusing to reveal what he had done to the gold, Huynh Quoc Thai, 23, said Wednesday he had dropped it into the Luy River in Dong Thai Commune, Bac Binh District, after getting off the getaway car. Thu Thanh gold shop in Binh Thuan Province from where Nguyen Mark Joseph (R) and his three accomplices allegedly stole 1.2 kg of gold on October 14 and threw it into a riverPhoto: Tuoi Tre The police did not say why he tossed about VND1.3 billion (US$62,400) worth gold into the river. The Ho Chi Minh City Fire Prevention and Control Department yesterday sent a team of divers to look for the backpack who searched in vain. The search would continue today, the police said. On … [Read more...]

Gold robbery kingpin is wanted US drug gangster


Interpol has confirmed that Nguyen Mark Joseph aka Khanh, the alleged leader of the gang that held up a jeweler's in Binh Thuan last week, is a criminal in the US who is also wanted internationally. Nguyen Mark Joseph aka Khanh, who was wanted internationally by Interpol for drug-related crimesPhoto: Tuoi Tre The Vietnamese police, who informed the international organization about his arrest, also told US authorities about it. The fugitive, also known as Nguyen David Ty or Nguyen Hung Quoc, was born in 1976 in Arkansas, the US, Interpol said. In 2007 he joined a drug gang in Houston which produced and distributed methamphetamine and ecstasy, two synthetic drugs, and was in charge of transporting and delivering the drugs. He set up a trading company pretending to be a businessman, but actually used it as a place to hide drugs and deal with drug traders and gang members. The US police busted the gang and in 2009 Judge J. Williams of the … [Read more...]

Phan Thiet to host tourism workshop

HCM CITY (VNS) — Nearly 500 Vietnamese, Lao and Cambodian government officials, business executives and tourism experts will take part in an international workshop in Phan Thiet city this week. Participants will analyse and evaluate the possibility and potential of linking tourism products offered along Viet Nam's central coastal, south-eastern, and Central Highlands regions with those in the southern Laos and north-western Cambodia. The workshop on September 11-12 will also seek initiatives, opinions and measures for promoting such linkages. It will serve as a forum for business exchanges and networking for local and foreign organisations, investors, tourism companies, officials in tourism ministries and other agencies, and city and provincial leaders. An exhibition titled "Three countries-One destination" featuring documentary films, photos and printed publications will be held at the Sealinks Beach Hotel on September 11. After the workshop, an investment promotion … [Read more...]

Prisoners pretend to have HIV, play dead to end prison terms


A number of cases in which prisoners have pretended to have HIV or played dead to get out of prison have recently been discovered, the Supreme People's Procuracy reported on Wednesday. One such striking case is that of Le Trong Thanh, a 26-year-old man from the southern province of An Giang, who pretended to have HIV and then played dead to avoid imprisonment. However, his scheme failed, the Procuracy said. In 2008, Thanh was sentenced to a total of 15 years and 6 months in prison on two charges of intentional assault and murder. He was jailed in a prison in the southern province of Long An, and while serving the sentence, Thanh got a stomachache and was taken to the Long An General Hospital for treatment. During his stay at the hospital, he colluded with a number of people to make a false medical record showing that he was in the last stage of an HIV infection. After receiving the fake HIV record from Thanh, on October 23, 2010 the Long An Provincial People's Court gave … [Read more...]

Binh Thuan to begin work on new port

Work will begin on the Vinh Tan General Port at the end of this year, Le Tien Phuong, chairman of the Binh Thuan Province People's Committee, has said. The port, to be located in Tuy Phong District's Vinh Tan Commune, will spread over 76ha and can accommodate both passenger and cargo ships weighing up to 50,000DWT. Dau Tu (Vietnam Investment Review) Ethnic minorities learn about rice growing Border troops in the central province of Quang Binh have taught ethnic minorities living in border villages several models of wet rice farming over the last five years, helping them grow their own food. … [Read more...]

Binh Thuan: Doctor reprimanded for refusing promotion

VietNamNet Bridge - Dr. Ho Phi Long received a warning from the government of the central province of Binh Thuan after he refused to accept the deputy director position of the provincial Department of Health. Long is currently Party Secretary and Director of the Nam Binh Thuan General Hospital. According to the Binh Thuan Province People's Committee, earlier this year Long was appointed as deputy director of the Health Department, but refused, saying that his mother was very old and very weak so he wanted to work in the hospital to take care of his mother. … [Read more...]