Deploying Consistent Export – Import Facilitation Solutions


The Bac Giang Customs Office responsible for managing industrial zones officially deployed the Vietnam Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System and Vietnam Customs Information System (VNACCS/VCIS) from April 7, 2014. The VNACCS/VCIS system will directly improve the efficiency of export and import customs clearance, thus helping facilitate trade and enhance economic competitiveness. Vietnam Business Forum's reporter has an interview with Mr Vu Danh Hai, Director of Bac Giang Customs Office … [Read more...]

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SBV Bac Giang: Supporting Businesses to Overcome Difficulties

Recently, the State Bank of Vietnam - Bac Giang Branch (SBV Bac Giang) has been actively implementing solutions on monetary policy of the Central Bank to ensure reasonable credit growth to stabilise the money market and foreign exchange. Besides, SBV Bac Giang focused on directing local credit institutions to reduce costs and adjust lending rates downward in line with the macroeconomic situation and the direction of the SBV, which helps remove the difficulties of enterprises. Than Van Minh, … [Read more...]

Bac Giang City: New Look, New Stature


In recent years, Bac Giang has made strong and continuous transformation that helps the province achieve new outcomes, contributing to its overall development. These achievements across all areas in the reform process have created momentum and are an important prerequisite for Bac Giang to continue to achieve better performance. This helps Bac Giang become a big city with strong potential for the future.New look … [Read more...]

Bac Giang: Vibrant Investment Promotion Activities


In recent years, Bac Giang Province has adopted many measures to enhance the exploitation of resources of many sectors and people for socio-economic development. The province has also issued a number of policies to encourage investment as well as implemented administrative reforms to create an open, attractive business environment for domestic and foreign investors, said Mr Bui Van Hai, Chairman of Bac Giang's People Committee to the Vietnam Business Forum. … [Read more...]

Entrepreneur Nguyen Van Vien: Lifelong Devotion to the Growth of Haiphong Paint


Today, Haiphong Paint is not only a pioneer of the Haiphong business community and of the Vietnamese paint industry but is also a leading private company in the country with three paint plants and eight subsidiary companies. It is little known that this achievement is originated from a near-bankrupt three decades ago. The key to the miraculous successes of Haiphong Paint is President and CEO Nguyen Van Vien, who has overcome mechanism barriers and market challenges to grasp opportunities for his … [Read more...]

Haiphong Paint Attends Vietship 2014


Ngo San … [Read more...]

Thai Nguyen Confidently Implementing New Development Goals


Entering 2014, amid many difficulties and challenges, central and local government departments are carefully setting goals for socio-economic development. But in the mountainous province of Thai Nguyen, they are quite confident in setting the goals: economic growth of 15 percent, industrial production value increased by 55 percent, and exports reaching US$1 billion - increased 5.8 times compared with 2013. What is the reason for the confidence of the provincial authority in targeting those … [Read more...]

Story on ‘Weird’ CEO


If you are lucky enough to meet Mr Nguyen Van Vien, General Director of Haiphong Paint Joint Stock Company, you would hardly imagine that he is nearly 70 years old. With a brilliant face, bright eyes, a well-built body, a weathered appearance, maturity and dexterity, he will surprise you immediately. Passion and enthusiasm never diminish in the thoughts of this venerable businessman. Ambition - bold investment He used to teach at Haiphong Industry School before being promoted to the deputy … [Read more...]

CMC Joint Stock Company: Standing Firm before Storms


In more than 50 years of construction and development, CMC Joint Stock Company has experienced many economic ups and downs, but with the willpower, strength, bravery and solidarity of all the staff, the company has achieved a plenty of successes and received many certificates of merit and medals from the State for its business achievements. Currently, CMC is a leading brick and tile manufacturer in Phu Tho province. CMC-branded tiles are now present all over the country and available in many … [Read more...]

Thai Binh: Potential and Investment Opportunities


As a coastal province in the Red River Delta, Thai Binh is 110 km from Hanoi, 70 km from Hai Phong and located in the area directly affected by the economic triangle of Hanoi, Hai Phong and Quang Ninh. Thai Binh has a population of 1.78 million, a natural area of 1647.7 km2. Thai Binh has a coastline of 54 km, with 5 large estuaries to the sea, forming a sedimentation of coastal sand dunes, over 5,000 hectares of wetland, is located in the biosphere reserve recognised by UNESCO and intertidal … [Read more...]

Lao Cai Urban Environment One-member Co., Ltd: Many Initiatives for Higher Efficiency


Lao Cai Urban Environment One-member Co., Ltd engages in the fields of urban sanitation, public lighting, management of green parks and road maintenance. With many initiatives, the company always fulfils its objectives, contributing to a prosperous Lao Cai. As a young and dynamic city, Lao Cai City has been creating strong development, which has, in turn, posed significant challenges to the environment, especially to the goal of developing the city into a second-grade city. In recognition of … [Read more...]

Management Board of Hai Phong Economic Zone: Using All Advantages to Attract FDI


In 2012, out of 16 new investment projects of Hai Phong, 7 were of Japanese investors with a total investment of US$900 million. This number accounting for about 83 percent of new investment and most of the rest also came from Japanese investors through Singaporean nationality. To understand the success story of attracting investment in Hai Phong, especially FDI attracted from Japan, Vietnam Business Forum interviewed Mr Pham Thuyen, Chairman of the Management Board of Hai Phong Economic Zone. … [Read more...]

VCCI Nghe An: 20-year Companion of Business Community


VCCI Nghe An was established to represent the business community, employers and business associations in Nghe An province in particular and in the northern central region in general, develop, protect and support enterprises, contribute to national social and economic development, promote economic, commercial, scientific and technological cooperation between Vietnam and other countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. The Representative Office of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and … [Read more...]

Muong Thanh Song Lam International Hotel: Service Quality Makes the Name

Situated at the heart of a dynamic and lively city, the Muong Thanh Song Lam International Hotel is emerging as a bright point in style and service quality, and is seen as the most beautiful and modern hotel of Vinh City. Attractive in every detail

Muong Thanh Song Lam is a brand of Muong Thanh Hotel Corporation. Operating since May 19, 2013, Muong Thanh Song Lam has rapidly become an ideal destination for tourists when they come to Vinh City. The hotel is situated right in the heart of the city, near transportation points. From there, tourists can visit many famous places not far away from the hotel such as Cua Lo Beach and Sen village, which is Uncle Ho's hometown. Muong Thanh Song Lam International Hotel has a total of 425 comfortable … [Read more...]

Thanh Thanh Dat: Quick Affirmation of Its Position


Since the start of national reform and the integration agenda, the network of private enterprises has gradually affirmed their crucial role in the country's development. Among them is Thanh Thanh Dat Co., Ltd, which is involved in various sectors with over 20 affiliated units operating in food trading; road and marine transportation service; construction; forest plantation and exploitation; paper material production; construction investment, housing and sea port exploitation management; ship … [Read more...]

Nghe An Creating Strong Foundation for Economic Development


The industry and trade sector of Nghe An province has gradually overcome challenges and maintained strong growth in the past years and thus confirmed its pivotal role in economic development. On the sidelines of South Korean Investment Promotion Conference to be held in Hanoi by Nghe An province, Vietnam Business Forum has an interview with Mr Nguyen Tai Dung, Deputy Director of the Trade and Industry Department of Nghe An province, on the industry and trade sector's contributions to local … [Read more...]

Nghe An Southeast Economic Zone Authority: Creating Motivation for Socio-economic Development

After five years of operation, the Nghe An Southeast Economic Zone Authority has licensed 113 investment projects, including 13 FDI projects, with a total investment of VND19,680 billion and US$1.093 million and generated 7,700 jobs. In 2012, the economic zone paid VND520 billion to the State Budget. To learn about the efforts for this outcome, Vietnam Business Forum has an interview with Mr Vo Van Hai, Head of the Nghe An Southeast Economic Zone Authority. Ngo San reports. Could you please … [Read more...]

Thai Nguyen Supporting Businesses’ Development


In 2012, Thai Nguyen ranked 17th in the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) among 63 cities and provinces compared to the earlier ranking of 57th. That clearly shows the effective administration of the provincial governance in creating the favourable environment for the business development. To get more information about the issue, the Vietnam Business Forum interviewed Mr Duong Ngoc Long, Chairman of the Thai Nguyen People's Committee. Ngo San-Nguyen Bach report. What How do you assess … [Read more...]

Thai Nguyen Makes Effort for Better Investment Environment


The provincial competitiveness index (PCI) of Thai Nguyen province closed the year 2012 at 17th position, climbing 40 places over 2011 thanks to the effort of the entire political system, effective guidance, and timely promulgation of solutions for public administration reform and competitiveness enhancement. Inspired by the above result, Thai Nguyen province will continue working to create a more favourable investment environment for enterprises and investors. Sharpening competitiveness to … [Read more...]

Hung Yen Focusing on Business, Entrepreneur Development


Situated in the heart of the Red River Delta, Hung Yen province was re-established in January 1997 after the division of Hai Hung province. Hung Yen is endowed with favourable geographical location for economic and social development as it is bordered by Bac Ninh province in the north, Hai Duong province in the east, Hanoi City in the west and northwest, Thai Binh province in the south and Ha Nam province in the southwest. According to the overall development plan, the province is part of the … [Read more...]