Hanoi to host philanthropic book exchange  


"Ex-Book-Change"- a program to exchange new and old books -- will take place from 8-11am on July 1 at the Vietnam University of Fine Art in Hanoi. This project aims to support more than 8000 children at the eight poorest communes in Ba Vi, Hanoi. According to a press release from the event's organizer, all the books for children in primary and secondary schools that are donated from Ex-Book-Change will be used to stock libraries for the children in Ba Vi. In addition to the main activity of … [Read more...]

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EVENTS SCHEDULED FOR JULY 1-15 (daily updated)

Ex-Book-Change – Exchange Old BooksSun 1 Jul 2012, 8 – 11 am Viet Nam University of Fine Arts 42 Yết Kiu, H Nội Let’s participate in the program “Ex-Book-Change”– a meaningful program to exchange old books for everyone in Hanoi. Ex-Book-Change is a Mottainai of books in Hanoi. Instead of exchanging used items in general like Mottainai, the only items that would be used to exchange are old and new books. With its slogan “Let books light up … [Read more...]