50kg of ancient coins uncovered in northern Vietnam

Some of Hai's newly excavated coins. Photo:  Tuoi Tre

A resident in a northern Vietnamese province recently bumped into a 50-kilogram "treasure" of ancient coins while digging in his garden. Luong Manh Hai, 39, who resides in Duy Tien District in Ha Nam Province, accidentally unearthed the find last Friday while he and some others were do the digging work in his garden to build a water reservoir. The assemblage was kept in a porcelain jar buried some 80 centimeters underground. The jar smashed when the group struck it while digging, revealing its content. The round coins measure 2.4 centimeters in diameter and are 0.1 centimeters thick. They all have a square hole at the center and feature ancient Chinese characters on their faces. Several scrap dealers have offered to purchase Hai’s find, but he keeps declining and is waiting for authorities’ precise dating of the coins. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to get the latest news about Vietnam! … [Read more...]

300 local artists sing for charity


VietNamNet Bridge - Meritorious artists Thanh Loc and Bao Quoc, popular singers My Tam and Ho Quynh Huong, MC Diem Quynh and Thao Van and actor Luong Manh Hai are among 300 artists who will join charity project Phan lam con initiated by musician A Tuan. There are singers, musicians, actors, MCs, models, speakers, athletes and entrepreneurs living in the north and south of Vietnam contributing their voices to the song Phan lam con (children's responsibility) composed by singer/songwriter A Tuan. All proceeds from record sales will go directly to Phan lam con fund to help the elderly who are lottery sellers, homeless people and poor but studious students. Furthermore, the organizers of this project, including Nguoi Viet Company and Truong Phu Group expect to organize a charity concert to raise funds on Vu Lan (the 15th day of the seventh lunar month) or Vietnam Elderly Day (August 21). "We see images of old people wandering on the street to sell lottery tickets, begging or doing … [Read more...]

New cinema constructed at Bitexco tower


Kieu Giang The information was announced on Tuesday night at the tower, the tallest building in the city with 68 floors. The cinema, which is located on level 3 and level 4 of the tower, covers an area of over 2,000 square meters with over 1,000 seats divided into seven halls, four with 3D facilities. The cinema is set to open at the year-end for Christmas and New Year festivities. This is the second BHD Star Cineplex in the city after the Maximark at 3C Ba Thang Hai Street in District 10. Organizers will hold 'Vietnamese celebrity's marks' where 20 popular artists will leave their handprints on tiles around the Bitexco Financial Tower copying the idea from Hollywood's Walk of Fame. They will be actresses Minh Hang, Truong Ngoc Anh, Tang Thanh Ha, Thanh Hang, Ngoc Hiep, Phuong Thanh, Anh Thu and Do Hai Yen; actors Chi Bao, Luong Manh Hai, Hieu Hien, Binh Minh, Dustin Nguyen, Johnny Tri Nguyen; directors Nguyen Phan Quang Binh, Nguyen Quang Dung, Vu Ngoc Dang, Le Hoang and … [Read more...]

Vietnamese first homosexual movie released in foreign market


Fortissimo Films, which opens the door for many Asian films to the western market, have decided to buy the rights of Lost in Paradise, the only Vietnamese film at Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) this year . According to the film crew, Fortissimo Films acquired international distribution rights from the film's director Vu Ngoc Dang. The deal was brokered by BHD-Vietnam Media Corp principals Ngo Thi Bich Hanh and Nguyen Bao Mai and Fortissimo chairman Michael J. Werner. The acquisition also marks the first time Fortissimo has picked up a Vietnamese production. Founded in 1991, Fortissimo Films is well-known for its commitment to original and groundbreaking films and for nurturing relationships with talented new directors and producers. Hot boy noi loan - Cau chuyen ve thang Cuoi, co gai diem va con vit (Rebellious hot boy, and the story about a guy named Cuoi, a prostitute and a duck) is the original Vietnamese title of the Lost in Paradise. It is the longest title … [Read more...]

Tet films run the gamut


Kicking off last week, this holiday season's Tet films celebrate love, lament loss, and are filled with both tears and laughs. With a range of genres represented - comedy, romance, action and drama - there are pros and cons to this year's Tet holiday films Giai cuu than chet (Hot Kiss 2), Dep tung centimet (Beautiful by the Centimeter) and Huyen thoai bat tu (Legend Is Alive). Giai cuu than chet (Hot Kiss 2) Giai cuu than chet (Hot Kiss 2) is the highly anticipated sequel to Nu hon than chet (Kiss of Death), Vietnam's highest grossing film ever, which also won the silver prize at the 2007 Canh Dieu Vang (Golden Kite) awards, Vietnam's answer to the Oscars. … [Read more...]

The making and remaking of remakes


Vuong Hoang, a famous actor (L, Luong Manh Hai), and Minh Minh (R, Minh Hang) in Ngoi nha hanh phuc (Happy house), a film which was remade from the South Korean sitcom "Full House" There is a lot of small screen space that needs to be filled but not enough quality scripts to go around. This, film makers say, is why so many TV serials in the country rely on soap opera hits from other countries. That seems fairly straightforward, but the success and failure of these adapted serials raise even more intriguing questions. But before we get there, it is worthwhile to take a brief look at how this situation came about. For more than ten years now, private film makers have been allowed to produce TV serials, besides those traditionally commissioned and produced by Vietnam Television and Ho Chi Minh City Television. In 2007, the government issued a decree requiring Vietnamese serials to fill at least 30 percent of the programs shown on television. If this was meant to promote the domestic … [Read more...]

Golden Kite Award 2011 another disappointment


The Golden Kite Awards 2011, Vietnam's equivalent to the Oscars, organised by the Vietnam Cinema Association, announced its winners for the best cinema and television works Saturday night in Hanoi. Held every two years, the awards this year drew no less criticism than previous incarnations and led to open disappointment among many cinema observers, writers and critics. Predictably, the war film "Mui co chay" (The Scent of Burnt Grass) by director Huu Muoi won Best Picture (Golden Kite), and poet Hoang Nhuan Cam, who penned the film's script, received Best Original Screenplay. However, as "Mui co chay" is a film funded by the government, it has yet to be released nationwide in any cinema, which is similar to "Tam hon me" (The soul of a Mother), another nominee for Best Picture by director Nhue Giang and "Do..hay day" (Here or there), an independent work by overseas Vietnamese filmmaker Xiu Pham. Surprisingly, the blockbuster comedy-action film "Long Ruoi," which was not critically … [Read more...]

Golden Kite Award 2012 another disappointment


The Golden Kite Awards 2012, Vietnam's equivalent to the Oscars, organized by the Vietnam Cinema Association, announced its winners for the best cinema and television works Saturday night in Hanoi. The crew and cast of "Mui co chay" received Best Picture AwardPhoto: Tuoitre Held every two years, the awards this year drew no less criticism than previous incarnations and led to open disappointment among many cinema observers, writers and critics. Predictably, the war film "Mui co chay" (The Scent of Burnt Grass) by director Huu Muoi won Best Picture (Golden Kite), and poet Hoang Nhuan Cam, who penned the film's script, received Best Original Screenplay. However, as "Mui co chay" is a film funded by the government, it has yet to be released nationwide in any cinema, which is similar to "Tam hon me" (The soul of a Mother), another nominee for Best Picture by director Nhue Giang and "Do..hay day" (Here or there), an independent work by overseas Vietnamese filmmaker Xiu … [Read more...]

Australia to fund gay rights project in VN

The Australian government this month will provide VND2 billion (US$100,000) for a project to raise public awareness on the right of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people in Vietnam. Ho Vinh Khoa (L) and Luong Manh Hai in the movie about gays titled 'Lost in Paradise,' which has been well-received by local public and expertsPhoto: Tuoitre The money will be spent on art activities such as plays and exhibitions featuring the life of homosexuals as well as legal consulting for people who are discriminated because of their sexuality. Training courses will also be organized for government officials to understand more about the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people. "Lesbians and gay, bisexual and transgender people are part of the society, and their legal needs and rights should be respected," said Allaster Cox, Australian Ambassador to Vietnam. The project, which will be carried out by the Hanoi-based … [Read more...]


Painting, sculpture exhibition in HCMC Museum of Fine Arts An exhibition of paintings and sculptures is being held at the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts. The event titled "Beauty of Spring" displays 130 art works by painters and sculptors of the Mekong Art Club, such as Le Trieu Dien, Hong Linh, Luong Truong Tho, Kim Phien, Nguyen Sang, Thanh Nhan, Mai Ngoc, Thuy Van, Ngoc Suong, Huynh Phuoc, Nguyen Van Thuan, Nguyen Thi Lien and Bao Trung. The exhibits present a diversified creativity by the artists in various mediums such as oils, lacquer, paper, pottery, stone and bronze. The exhibition is on until January 15. Quan Ho' singing to be promoted in France 'Quan Ho' singing or folk love duets will now be promoted in France, by the Vietnam Institute of Culture and Arts and the Vietnam Culture Centre in France in coordination with the Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the northern provinces of Bac Ninh and Bac Giang. Accordingly, an exhibition featuring 50 … [Read more...]

Calligrapher to break records with poetry work


HA NOI — A unique poetry book made by calligrapher Tran Quoc An is expected to be recognised by the Guinness Book of Viet Nam. The 300-page book took An eight months to compile, and contains 143 poems written by Professor Hoang Quang Thuan. Titled Thi Van Yen Tu (Yen Tu's Poetry and Cloud), the book's covers are made from gu (sindora) wood and illustrated with an image of the Dong Pagoda with a lotus pattern. General Vo Nguyen Giap's praise for the collection, "the poems were written by a human poet," has been carved by An in the front cover of the book. The poems are presented in two styles of print and calligraphy and each one is partnered with a photo by photographer Pham Tu. The book will be given to the Truc Lam Zen Monastery to display during the upcoming Yen Tu Festival. An is already in the Guinness Book of Viet Nam for a 54kg book of poetry, a calligraphy version of Ho Chi Minh's Prison Diary, and the country's longest parallel sentences. Director Vu Ngoc Dang among … [Read more...]

Vietnamese film helps change attitude to gays


Vietnam's first film to openly feature love and intimacy between gay men is helping to change attitudes in a country where homosexuality is often seen either as a disease or a source of ridicule. Two gay men at a World AIDS Day event in Hanoi. In Vietnam, gays are routinely portrayed as people suffering from a condition that can be treated -- something the makers of "Lost in Paradise" hope to help change.Photo: AFP Curious filmgoers have streamed into cinemas to catch "Lost in Paradise", which chronicles the doomed love affair between a gay prostitute and a book seller and provides a rare glimpse into a usually hidden side of Vietnam. For some, the movie was eye-opening, with one Vietnamese woman saying the bittersweet love story had changed her views about homosexuality. "Now I think they are just like us," said the 50-year-old state employee, who did not want to give her name, after watching the … [Read more...]

VN film travels to society’s edge


The highly anticipated film Hotboy Noi Loan va Cau Chuyen ve Thang Cuoi, Co Gai Diem va Con Vit (Lost in Paradise) directed by Vu Ngoc Dang will be released in cinemas nationwide tomorrow, Oct 12. Hotboys: Leading actors Luong Manh Hai and Ho Vinh Khoa act in the film Lost in Paradise. — File Photo Lost in Paradise boldly depicts the hardships of those living on the fringes of society by telling the story of Khoa, a rural man, who falls into the world of prostitution after being raped by two homosexual men. Viewers are unsure if Khoa is lucky or unlucky when another gay man named Lam appears to help Khoa escape from his life on the edge. The film is scheduled to screen at the Busan International Film Festival 2011's A Window on Asian Cinemaon from today to Thursday. This year, A Window on Asian Cinema section, which invited 49 films from 16 countries, will feature the next generation of filmmakers who will lead the Asian film industry into the future. Entries from … [Read more...]

Film studios re-make Korean TV serials


Facing a script shortage, domestic film studios are remaking many Korean TV series for television networks. The TV series Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc stars Minh Hang and Luong Manh Hai and is the Vietnamese version of the Korean drama Full House. Local film producers told Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper that the job was very difficult. "Local film studios like to remake these because audiences liked them when they were screened on the national television networks," film director Minh Cao said. "Audiences and the media will scrutinise our productions and compare them with the original works from Korea," said Cao, who directed Anh Em Nha Bac Si (Doctor Brothers) based on Korean scripts. The hit Korean TV series Full House with Korean pop star Bi Rain in the lead role was remade by BHD and Viet Studio and screened on Vinh Long Television (VL1) last year. Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc, the Vietnamese version of Full House, and Anh Em Nha Bac Si received a cold response from audiences despite the … [Read more...]


Homosexuals, musketeers and revolutionaries to kick off Halloween seasonThis October Vietnamese cinema lovers will see a bunch musketeers, revolutionarists and boxing coaches hitting the screens nationwide. Korea's blockbuster "Quick" will open the month's screenings with its thrilling action scenes. Considered an Asian version of the Hollywood's classic "Speed" starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in the 90s, "Quick" features a break-up couple getting caught in a city bombing plot. In the role of a delivery guy, young actor Lee Min-ki cannot stay more than 10 meters away from his ex-girlfriend, played by actress Kang Ye-won, or the micro-bomb installed in his helmet will set off. The film reunited two film stars who had appeared in 2009's Korean box-office hit "Haeundae" as a couple who suffered from a tragic ending. "Quick" will premier on October 7. Loyal fans of the "Twilight" saga will be enthralled with "Abduction," starring the rising Hollywood heartthrob Taylor … [Read more...]

Vietnamese movie to be screened at Vancouver, Busan Film Fests


After the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada, Vu Ngoc Dang's "Lost in Paradise" will participate in the Vancouver Film Festival in Canada and Busan Film Festival in South Korea in October. Two leading actors in "Lost in Paradise", Luong Manh Hai and Ho Vinh Khoa (second and third from the left) met with the audience in Toronto. At the Toronto Film Festival, "Lost in Paradise" had three film showings for the audiences (selling tickets) and two free showings for journalists and critics. While only 15-30 percent of the seats were sold for other Asian movies, the rate was 80 percent for the first show and 100 percent for the second show. Most of the audiences were middle-aged foreigners. Giovanna Fulvi, the festival's film curator in Asia-Pacific, said that "Lost in Paradise" bravely describes difficulties of gays in Vietnam. "The film shows us uncommon aspects of the modern society in Vietnam and an uncommon story about the life of Vietnamese people," she said. … [Read more...]

Fashion Men’s show debuts in city

Joining the event will be designers Nguyen Cong Tri with his fashion brand Kin Concept and Duy Quan with his brand Moda Mundo. The program, held by Dan Ong (Men) magazine and Jet Studio, will gather a number of celebrities from the fashion, movie and music industries such as Hua Vi Van, Huy Khanh, Duc Hai, Duc Tien and Tien Doan. The audience can also enjoy singers Dam Vinh Hung, Jimmi Nguyen, Ung Hoang Phuc and Duong Trieu Vu at the event. Luong Manh Hai, Ho Vinh Khoa and Linh Son will be MCs. … [Read more...]

Vietnamese film to screen at Toronto Film Festival


The film "Hot boy noi loan va cau chuyen ve thang cuoi, co gai diem va con vit" (Lost in paradise) by director Vu Ngoc Dang will be Vietnam's entry at the 36th Toronto Film Festival from September 8-18. "Lost in paradise", produced by BHD Viet Nam Media Corporation, will compete for the Discovery Section at the event. Actors Luong Manh Hai and Ho Vinh Khoa will represent the film in Toronto in Canada during the film festival. The film talks about the lives and loves of gay people and girl prostitutes. It will be screened at the Toronto Film Festival before its commercial release in Viet Nam later this year. It is the first Vietnamese film to be purchased outright by Fortissimo Films, one of the world's leading distributors, from the original copyrights holder, for distribution in foreign countries. … [Read more...]

Vu Ngoc Dang’s film to be screened at Toronto Film Festival


VietNamNet Bridge - "Lost In Paradise", a movie about homosexuality by director Vu Ngoc Dang, will be introduced at the Toronto Film Festival on September 8. Ho Vinh Khoa (left) and Luong Manh Hai, the two leading actors of "Lost in Paradise". "Lost in Paradise" is among 24 movies from many countries will be introduced in the "Discovery" program, part of the Toronto Film Festival. The Vietnamese film will be screened on September 8 and 16. According to the Toronto Film Festival's organizing board, "Lost in Paradise" is considered as the first Vietnamese movie about homosexual love, with a positive and profound view. In the movie, Khoi (Ho Vinh Khoa), 20, goes to HCM City to start his career. Being swindled and losing all of his money, Khoi met Lam (Luong Manh Hai) and felt into a homosexual love affair. The Toronto Film Festival, a prestigious international film festival, will take place in Toronto city on Setpember 8-18. "Lost in Paradise" will be launched at local cinemas from … [Read more...]