Low cost smart phones still live well amid their predicted ill fate


VietNamNet Bridge - Contrary to all predictions that low cost smart phones would soon disappear from the market because of their low quality, the products still have been selling very well and become more and more favored by customers. VnMedia newspaper, which conducted a mini survey on the mobile phone market, has come to a conclusion that it was not high end smart phones, but the medium class and low cost products which were the best sellers in the market last week. 24h.com has reported that Hanoians now rush to buy VIVO HD, a kind of low cost and multi-functional product distributed by AVAtelecom. VIVO HD is now priced at VND4.2 million, which, in the eyes of consumers, is a very reasonable price, if noting that it can connect TV, allows users to watch TV and play heavy games and to make documents. Low cost smart phones are understood as the products with the retail prices of no more than VND5 million per product. The owner of a mobile phone shop on Thai Ha Street in Hanoi said … [Read more...]

2-SIM smart phones bring fat profits to Vietnamese manufacturers


VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese now tend to use the low-cost smart phones adaptable to 2 simcards and powerful with strong configuration. The strongest card of small manufacturers The mobile phones adaptable to 2 simcards first appeared in Vietnam in 2007. Most of the products were made by unknown manufacturers and imported from China. Later, Vietnamese telecom groups also jumped into the profitable market by launching multi-simcard products. Even the world's big manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, Phillips, Alcatel and LG have also developed 2-SIM models. 2-SIM phones were understood as low cost products, which are equipped with the basic features. However, the concept has changed a lot over the last 2 years. More and more 2-SIM phones with strong configuration, including Vietnamese brand blockbuster products have been marketed recently. VinaPhone, one of the three biggest mobile network operators, has made its presence in the mobile phone market by launching Avio Sky A850, a … [Read more...]

Locals talk up future


The global smartphone boom is led by tech giants like Samsung, Apple and Nokia, but Vietnamese firms are starting to make their mark in the low and medium market segments. Increasing numbers of Vietnamese are dialing into the smartphone revolution Photo: Le Toan Many local manufacturers jumped into making handsets but most earned meager revenue figures. The number of Vietnamese brand handsets remains only a handful at present, with the most popular brands being FPT, Q-Mobile and Mobistar. Q-Mobile has captured articular attention from consumers. The brand first appeared in May 2008 by An Binh Telecom Company Limited (ABTEL) and is now ranked third in Vietnam's smartphone market in sale volumes. According to Q-Mobile chief executive officer (CEO) Nguyen Quang Minh, Vietnam's smart-phone market is currently vibrant across all market segments, entailing big challenges to the firm. "But competition is inevitable in the marketplace. With proper strategy, we are confident to … [Read more...]


HOSE to honor sustainability reports The Hochiminh Stock Exchange (HOSE) has announced to present the Sustainability Reporting Awards to listed enterprises with remarkable contributions to environmental and social issues given the framework of the 2013 Annual Report Awards (ARA). Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, the awards will be granted for the first time in this year's competition. The World Bank's International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Britain-based Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) will be in charge of professional aspects and send judges to evaluate related contents in listed firms' reports. On Tuesday's 2013 ARA launch also witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the ARA's organizing committee, IFC and ACCA. Following its success over the past five years, the ARA contest is co-organized by HOSE and Vietnam Investment Review's sister publication Dau tu Chung khoan and sponsored by fund manager Dragon Capital. This … [Read more...]


Seafood industry faces slow export growth Vietnamese seafood producers are facing slow export growth and a shortage in material, after the US Department of Commerce levied higher tariffs on export of frozen pangasius fish fillets, effective from August 1, 2010 to July 31, 2011. Figures by the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Processors show that export turnover of the country's seafood industry merely touched US$6.2 billion last year, compared to a target of $6.8 billion. With a growth rate of nearly 1 percent, last year was considered the worst year for the local seafood industry in recent years, as breeding, producing, and exports, all faced difficulties. Breeders struggled with fluctuating prices and diseases since the beginning of the year, causing a decline in shrimp crops. Meanwhile, firms faced a financial crunch, shortage of material, and were forced to operate perfunctorily or even run the risk of bankruptcy. Last year, demand from the EU market, the major … [Read more...]

Vietnam to produce cheap smartphones and tablets


Vietnamese consumers may have more choices when the first locally made smartphones and tablets are unveiled at around just USD50, one official said. Thieu Phuong Nam, CEO of Qualcomm in charge of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, announced that the company is cooperating with Vietnamese producers and network providers to realise the plan. According to Nam, mobile phones are a new technology trend that could change the lives of people in Vietnam and many other countries in the world. "3G and mobile devices have become a common part of people's lives when they find more affordable to normal mobiles," he noted. He said that Qualcomm planned to intensify its operations in Vietnam this year in a bid to bring 3G technology to almost every resident in the country. "While there are around two billion 3G subscribers in the world, Vietnam has only 20 million 3G subscribers, according to the Ministry of Information and Communication. We see a great potential for 3G development in Vietnam in the … [Read more...]

Vietnam tech firm plans to sell 600,000 smart phones


FPT Technology Products Company, a subsidiary of technology giant FPT, plans to shift from production of feature phones to smart phones to catch up with the global trend, news website Saigon Times reported. The company hopes to have 600,000 smart phones under its own brand name in the market this year, Le Hoang Hai, its deputy director, said. It expects smart phones to make up 70 percent of its mobile handset sales, he added. It would make efforts to push sales of its smart phones above the country's average growth rate, which was 15 percent last year, by using the latest technologies, it said. FPT IV from FPT Technology Products Company is the first Vietnamese-made smart phone to use a quad-core processor. The company has forecast growth in smart phones sales to double this year. Its FPT IV, which went on sale on February 18, became the first Vietnamese-made smart phone with a quad-core processor. Its price starts at VND4.45 million (US$213). The company entered the mobile … [Read more...]

Luxury Vertu TI unveiled in Vietnam


Quoc Hung and Van Oanh FPT aims to sell 600,000 smartphones this year The 3.7-inch Vertu TI has the scratchproof sapphire crystal screen and the lightweight titanium casing which is five times harder than other smartphones. Running on Android 4.0, the smartphone is equipped with the 1.7 GHz processor, an 8MP rear camera and a 1.3MP front camera. Vertu TI is handmade by a single craftsman at Vertu's headquarters in Hampshire, England. Every VERTU Ti is signed by the craftsman before being distributed to buyers worldwide. In a related development, FPT Technology Products Company has set a target of selling 600,000 FPT-branded smartphones this year, said Le Hoang Hai, deputy general director of the company. FPT forecast the sales volume of smartphones would increase twofold this year, accounting for 30% of the total number of mobile phones sold in the domestic market, versus 15% last year. Smartphone consumption in Vietnam is rising rapidly. Therefore, FPT this year will … [Read more...]

MOF continues to cherish Vietnam’s automobile dream


VietNamNet Bridge - While experts remain pessimistic about Vietnam’s automobile industry, pointing out that its great efforts in the last several decades have been in vain, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) still puts high hopes on the industry’s development. MOF has warned that under international integration, tariff on ASEAN imports will be cut to zero percent, which will create challenges for domestic automobile enterprises. The ministry also pointed out that the tax cut under the framework of free trade agreements (FTAs) has caused a problem that the tariffs on CBU (complete built unit) imports are equal or even lower than the tariffs on car part imports. Meanwhile, in principle, car part imports must bear lower tax rates so as to encourage enterprises to make cars domestically. MOF admitted that the unreasonable tax scheme will ‘discourage the local automobile production’. Therefore, it believes that amending the tax policies on car parts for less than … [Read more...]

Honda Vietnam requested to recall 12,000 scooters


The Viet Nam Register has requested Honda Viet Nam to recall 12,000 SH scooters, produced from August 19 to October 6 this year, due to an error in the anti-theft system software. The Viet Nam Register explained that the error will increase the risk of losing the asset of the customer. Honda introduced its latest SH scooters with the latest anti-theft system software (Honda SMART Key), which will be sounded automatically for 10 days if the SH scooter is stolen. However, due to an error in software, the system worked only for 10 minutes. Honda Viet Nam has discovered the problem since October 6. The company proposed to fix the problem through customer service, which has been announced on Honda Viet Nam's website since October 26. However, the Viet Nam Register disagreed with this solution and requested Honda Viet Nam to recall all 12,000 SH scooters. A representative of Honda Viet Nam told VnExpress online newspaper that the company will report to the parent company in Japan … [Read more...]

Vietnam to boost ASEAN IT, telecommunations


Viet Nam commits to promote regional co-operation as an active and responsible member, and contribute to building an ASEAN Community with unity, solidarity with a regional and global reputation, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said at the opening ceremony of the 15th ASEAN Telecommunications and Information Technology Ministers Meeting (ASEAN TELMIN 2015) in Da Nang. The event, entitled: "Towards a Digitally-enabled, Inclusive, Secure and Sustainable ASEAN Community", has drawn the participation of over 300 deputies including Ministers of Telecommunications and IT from ASEAN countries, the Secretary General of ASEAN, and partner countries from China, South Korea, Japan, India, the EU, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Viet Nam. The meeting will discuss programmes and co-operation activities to boost information technology infrastructure and narrow the digital gap and improve the ability to apply IT among ASEAN countries. "In realising the ASEAN Community … [Read more...]

Earning a living in 60 degrees Celsius fish-steaming workshops


VietNamNet Bridge - Hundreds of poor workers in Binh Dinh province, in central Vietnam, work hard for 10 hours each day inside fish-steaming facilities to earn a daily income from VND150,000 to VND200,000 ($7-10) per person. Every day, hundreds of workers in the poor rural areas of Binh Dinh get up at 2am to go to the harbor to buy fresh fish and squid and take them to the steaming facilities in Hai Cang Ward of Quy Nhon City for semi-procession. They put fresh anchovy fish into bamboo baskets and place them into the steaming pans. Depending on the type of fish, they steamthe whole fish or cut them into slices. Dozens of fish-steaming pans are placed close together, and they work all day, pushing the temperature around up to over 60 degrees Celsius. Having worked for over 10 years at a fish steaming workshop, Mrs. Co said everyday, whenever she returned home, she felt that her body lacked water. According to the Management Board of the Harbor Fish … [Read more...]

Aviation companies’ shares hunted


VietNamNet Bridge - The companies in the aviation sector, which have large investment capital and enjoy business advantages, have always been eyed by big investors. The fact that the Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) puts 77.8 million shares into auction slated for December 10 has drawn the investors’ attention. With the chartered capital of VND22.431 trillion, ACV is one of the companies with the biggest capitalization value in the aviation sector. After the equitization, the state will hold 75 percent of capital in ACV, while the other 20 percent, or 448.6 million shares, will be sold to strategic shareholders. Of the remaining 5 percent, 3.47 percent, or 77.8 million shares will be sold to the public, while the other to the corporation’s workers. The starting price of ACV shares, set at VND11,800 per share, is described by securities experts as ‘attractive’, because ACV is the key company in the aviation sector with large operation scale. The … [Read more...]

Sweden shares experience on sustainable urban transport with Vietnam

Swedish Vice Minister for Infrastructure Erik Bromander.

VietNamNet Bridge - A transport delegationled by Swedish Vice Minister for Infrastructure Erik Bromander is visiting Vietnam to share the country’s best practices in the fields of transportation and urbanization. The delegation from Sweden includes business leaders from various Swedish companies who are interested in understanding the urban transport situation in Vietnam and offering leading solutions in the field of public transport to Vietnamese partners. Among them are Scania & Volvo (buses), Gunnebo (entrance control), Axis Communications (surveillance), Icomera (solutions for a connected journey), KapschTrafficCom (toll road solutions) and Wate4Fuel (waste-to-fuel solutions). "Sweden has long been at the forefront of safe, environmentally friendly and efficient transport solutions. There also exists a long-standing relationship between Sweden and Vietnam and there is great potential to take this cooperation forward in the field of infrastructure and transportation," … [Read more...]

Models with disabilities on the catwalk


VietNamNet Bridge - Some 30 disabled female models graced the catwalk at the "I Am Beautiful. You Too!" fashion show in Hanoi on November 21, showcasing original pieces that fuse Western and Asian styles. Held along with activities to celebrate the International Day of People with Disabilities (December 3), this was the first fashion show for disabled Vietnamese women. It aims to change the stereotypical idea of beauty and promote a new perception of beauty stemming from diversity and difference. The three designers participated in the show include two Vietnamese designers - Miss Vietnam 2010 Ngoc Han and Chu La and an Italian designer Ricardo. This is a design by Ngoc Han in the collection "Hometown". The models are members of the Nghi Luc Song Center. T. Van … [Read more...]

A visit to the Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam


VietNamNet Bridge - If you travel to Nha Trang, do not forget to visit the Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam to learn about the beautiful and rare sea creatures housed here. The museum is located at 1 Cau Da St., about 5km from Nha Trang City Center. It is an interesting aquarium with images of Nha Trang's marine environment. Opened to the public on September 14th, 1922, today it is still a popular destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. The collection of this museum spreads out over two floors. The ground floor is home to fish tanks of varying sizes that house all manner of marine life. All kinds of fish you would find in the sea area of Khanh Hoa Province are presented there: reef sharks, turtles, living coral, anemones, puffers, lionfish, clownfish, seahorses, and a whole array of colorful reef species, some of which can be found in no other place in the world. Each of them has a label indicating their name, origin and characteristics in Vietnamese and in English. The … [Read more...]

20 beautiful images of Vietnam on Rough Guide


VietNamNet Bridge - Rough Guides has selected the 21 top favored photos on Picfair, which depict typical images of Vietnam. Portrait of an elderly woman in Hoi An, Quang Nam. A mother carrying her baby on the back in Sa Pa, Lao Cai. Making non la (conical hat) in Vietnam. Two old men in traditional costume in Long Son (Ba Ria - Vung Tau) write parallel sentences for the New Year. Workers on a salt field in Hon Khoi, Ninh Hoa, Khanh Hoa. Exposing seafood under the sun on Nam Du Island, Kien Giang. Woman gathering lilies in the river. Cow Racing Festival of the Khmer people in Chau Doc, An Giang. Man on bicycle returns home in the evening after a working day. Dawn in Hon Thieng Bay in Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan. A "cowboy" and his cows. Fireworks welcome the New Year on the roof of Bitexco tower in HCM City. Children and summer on Lap An lagoon (near Lang Co Beach), Thua Thien - Hue. People dry … [Read more...]

New virus that hacks Facebook accounts spreads in Vietnam


VietNamNet Bridge - A new way of spreading a virus has been used by hackers, successfully affecting Vietnamese Facebookers. Not using the familiar tricks such as spam SMS with malware or Facebook apps, hackers this time used an ‘unusual’ method to trap Facebookers. ‘ Notifications were used as the instrument to spread the virus. Users are informed that they are mentioned in comments by friends, and when they click the notification, they will be redirected to a website forging Facebook, where there are virus traps. The website has an interface which looks like Facebook’s, but the link looks strange. A notification will appear and ask if users want to install an extension named ‘Buz’. And users will become hackers’ victims if they click ‘ok’. According to Ngo Tuan Anh, an internet security expert from BKAV, in principle, Buz, the trap, also seduces Facebookers to access fraudulent websites, and invite to install apps, add-ons … [Read more...]

Vinacomin plans to build another thermal power plant


VietNamNet Bridge - The Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin) is going ahead with its plan to build its third third thermopower plant in Cam Pha City, despite warnings about environment pollution and protests from Quang Ninh residents. Quang Ninh has a coal mine under exploitation. If the plant is built, this will be the fifth thermal power plant in the small city which is located in the province which has one of the world’s natural wonders – Ha Long Bay. The four operational thermal power plants include two in Mong Duong Ward. One is developed by the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) – Mong Duong 1 (1,080 MW), and the other by foreign investors – Mong Duong 2 (1,240 MW). In Cam Thinh Ward, which is located in the inner city and on Bai Tu Long Bay’s shores, there are also two thermal power plants developed by Vinacomin with the total designed capacity of 680 MW. The plants, both built by Chinese contractors, run with low-quality peat and … [Read more...]

Hundreds of millions of bank shares put on sale


VietNamNet Bridge - Commercial banks are sprinting to sell shares of other banks they are holding, so they will not be fined as warned by the State Bank (SBV). SBV, in Circular No 36, stated that commercial banks must divest the shares of other banks prior to February 1, 2016 to reduce their ownership ratios in the banks to below five percent of chartered capital. One commercial bank is allowed to hold shares in more than two banks. As such, banks only have three banks ahead to withdraw capital from other credit institutions. A report showed that Vietcombank holds 7.1 percent of Military Bank’s stakes, 8.2 percent of Eximbank, 5 percent of OCB and 4.3 percent of Saigonbank. Meanwhile, Eximbank holds 8.76 percent of stakes of Sacombank and Maritime Bank holds 8.9 percent of Military Bank’s stakes. Under Circular No 36, commercial banks will be allowed to hold more shares than stipulated by legal documents in case the banks have to implement the task of assisting … [Read more...]