War correspondents gather and recall historical time


A charity exchange programme entitled, "Journalists-Events and Witnesses 2010", was held in Hanoi on June 20 th to honor war correspondents who crossed the Truong Son range in order to save the homeland. Through the exchange, participants learned more about the hardships that Vietnamese war correspondents had to undergo to cover events during the war. It can be said that aside from photos, articles that accurately depict historical moments are borne out of a great deal of blood and sweat for … [Read more...]

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Advancing to call from soldiers at the front


PANO - The great historic victory of the General Offensive and uprising in the spring of 1975 was a brilliant feat of arms of the Vietnamese nation in the 20 th century. This epic victory was partly thanks to the great efforts and sacrifices of thousands of artists and musicians who had volunteered to advance to the battle fields to write resounding immortal songs about the heroic struggle of the Vietnamese people for national salvation and national reunification. These artists in fact had … [Read more...]