Nearly 200,000 sets of remains of martyrs found


PANO - Over the past 20 years, nearly 200,000 sets of remains of Vietnamese martyrs have been found in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, Le Kha Phieu, former General-Secretary wrote in a congratulation letter to the Research Center for Human Potential. The Centre, under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, held a get-together to review 20 years of seeking sets of remains of martyrs with special methods on January 23 rd in Hanoi. According to Major-General, Dr. Nguyen Chu Phac, from the Centre, different ESP practitioners have used their extra-sensory perception to search for sets of remains of martyrs. Attentively, some young ESP practitioners, including Le Trung Tuan and Nguyen Thi Thanh, have had rapid and precise results in seeking remains. Also on this occasion, the Ministry of Labor, War-Invalids and Social Affairs has presented certificates of merit to 38 researchers and ESP practitioners, including Colonel Han Thuy Vu, former People's Army Newspaper's … [Read more...]

Binh Duong: International Women’s Cycling Tournament opens


PANO – The Binh Duong International Women’s Cycling Tournament – Biwase Cup 2016 was launched on March 8th with the participation of 67 cyclists from eight local and six international teams from Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Kazakhstan. Member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary of the Provincial People’s Party Committee Tran Van Nam and Major General Pham Van Huan, the People’s Army Newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief and Chairman of the Vietnam Motor-Bicycle Sports Federation, attended the launch ceremony. After the opening ceremony, the cyclists completed the first race of a 66 km long route. With the invaluable support of teammates, national cyclist Nguyen Thi That (Loc Troi Cooperation team, An Giang province) won the first prize with a time of 1 hour 45 minutes and 24 seconds, and an average speed of 37.571 km/hr. The runner-up was cyclist Supuksorn Nuntana (Thailand team), followed by Pham Thi Thuy Lien (VUS Ho … [Read more...]

Central Highlands Steering Committee’s delegation visits PAN


PANO – A working delegation, led by Deputy Head of the Central Highlands Steering Committee Tran Viet Hung on February 6th visited the People’s Army Newspaper's (PAN) representative office in Dak Lak province and extended New Year wishes to all of its leaders and reporters. During the visit, the head delegate encouraged PAN’s reporters to fulfil their mission during the lunar New Year festival and briefed them on the information about the situation in Central Highland region in early 2016. The official hoped that PAN’s uniform reporters will make more efforts to promote the prestige of PAN and build up readers’ trust in the newspaper with their high quality articles. He said that in the coming time, the committee will keep providing quick and accurate information about political and social situation in the Central Highland localities to the newspaper's reporters. Earlier, the Dac Nong provincial Military Command, Dak Lak provincial Border Guard … [Read more...]

Military teachers in photos


PANO - Together with lecturers from military academies and schools, who have spent most of the time teaching green-uniformed cadets, border guards undertaking missions in remote border areas and on islands, have not only exerted their efforts to accomplish their political missions, but also tried their best to become real teachers of local kids and even their parents to provide them with basic knowledge and more. Here are some photos of military teachers taken by the People’s Army Newspaper’s reporters. Translated by Ha Thanh … [Read more...]

People’s Army Newspaper’s cadres and reporters return to the “roots”


PANO – Around 50 cadres, reporters, and staff of the People’s Army Newspaper on October 10th visited Khau Dieu hamlet, Dinh Bien commune, Dinh Hoa district, Thai Nguyen Province where the first edition of the newspaper was published 65 years ago. At the meeting with representatives of the commune and local people, Senior Colonel Phung Kim Lan, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper expressed great gratitude to former generations of locals for their supports to the newspaper’s cadres and reporters in the difficult days. The delegates and local people in Khau Dieu hamlet also recalled memories of the resistance war against the French. This is annual activity of the People’s Newspaper Army. Over the past years, the newspaper has mobilized and provided financial assistance to help the locality build cultural projects. On the occasion, the delegation presented gifts to policy beneficiaries and local party committee and authorities. Translated by Chung Anh … [Read more...]

Physical training at Regiment 692

PANO - Troops of Regiment 692, Division 301 of the Hanoi Capital Command, daily improve their physical strength, using modern gym equipment to meet their training requirements. Interestingly, the gym is on a terrace where troops are stationed. Therefore, trainees can enjoy fresh air or the wonderful view of mountains nearby and the green garden below. Here are some photos taken by the People’s Army Newspaper’s reporter Vu Quang Thai. Many troops are keen on doing gymnastics. Modern gym equipment inspires trainees. Gymnastics helps improve the physical strength of trainees. From the gym, trainees can view the barracks. Translated by Ha Thanh … [Read more...]

Vietnam War in war correspondents’ eyes


PANO - The French Cultural Centre in Hanoi is showcasing photos on the Vietnam War taken by Vietnamese war correspondents in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the South Liberation and National Reunification Day (April 30th). Photos of battlefield reporters to be exhibited The authors are the People’s Army newspaper’s Doan Cong Tinh, the Vietnam News Agency’s Chu Chi Thanh and Hua Kiem, and the Vanguard newspaper’s Mai Nam. More than 40 works help visitors learn more about the hard but glorious time and about the Vietnamese people and troops’ courageous fighting spirit during the war. French correspondent Lady Borton, who joined the Anti-Vietnam War campaign, held that arriving in Vietnam in the fierce period of 1969-1973, she could witness locals’ suffering and losses caused by the war. Through these exhibited photos, she has further understood the war’s consequences to both sides. Nguyen Thu Trang, a student of the Hanoi … [Read more...]

Art & Entertainment News 9/4

Fireworks display to mark National Reunification Day Ha Noi will set off fireworks at five locations on National Reunification Day on April 30, the capital's culture, sports and tourism department said yesterday. High-range 15-minute fireworks will be set off at 9pm at Hoan Kiem Lake, Thong Nhat Park, Van Quan Lake and My Dinh National Stadium, besides Son Tay Town's Flower Garden. Hue festival spotlights traditional crafts Two hundred artisans from 40 craft villages across Vietnam will gather for a large-scale festival honouring their skills and creations in central Thua Thien-Hue province. The biennial traditional craft festival is scheduled to take place in the heart of Hue city, including popular sites like Phu Van Lau (Pavilion of Edicts), Hue culture museum and Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian walkway from April 28 – May 2. Sewing, embroidery, jewellery-making and pottery are among a wide range of conventional crafts presented at the event. The festival also features a … [Read more...]

Photos of battlefield reporters to be exhibited

An exhibition themed "Reporters on the battlefield" will be held from April 14 to May 10 in Hanoi, showcasing dramatic battlefield photos taken during wartime. The exhibits will include outstanding works by veteran reporters such as the Quan doi Nhan dan (People’s Army) newspaper’s Doan Cong Tinh, Chu Chi Thanh and Hua Kiem of the Vietnam News Agency and Mai Nam of the Tien Phong (Vanguard) newspaper. On the sidelines of the exhibition, several reporters, including Chu Chi Thanh and French photographer and film-maker Patrick Chauvel, will attend a talk show to share stories about their career and their duty on the battlefields. The events are part of the activities to mark the 40th anniversary of the Liberation of the South and the National Reunification (April 30).-VNA … [Read more...]

Vietnam creates favorable conditions for private sector to develop

Photo for illustration. Source:

PANO – There have recently been rumors saying that the Vietnamese Government is unfair to the private economic sector; as a result, the sector has been contracted and many private firms have gone to bankruptcy. Is this true or not? The People’s Army Newspaper’s reporters have met private businesses and learnt about facts. The following is an insight into the situation. Businesspeople becoming much richer The view considering that the private economy has shrunk and private enterprises have become weaker and weaker and been on the edge of bankruptcy seems one-sided, short-sighted or too pessimistic. According to VnDirect Securities Corporation, an affiliate of a well-known private-owned group, IPA Investments Corporation, as of December 25th, 2014, 80 more US$ millionaires appeared on the Vietnamese securities market. This figure has brought the number of businesspeople with their securities holding valued at over US$ one million up to 395. Among them, President of … [Read more...]

Gifts for Truong Sa island district’s troops and students

Senior Colonel Phung Kim Lan (C), the People’s Army Newspaper's Deputy Editor-in-Chief receiving the gifts for teachers, students and troopsin Truong Sa island district

PANO - Representatives from Cat Linh Secondary School in Dong Da district, Hanoi, handed over VND10 million, raised by the school’s teachers and students, and 40 students’ letters, to the People’s Army Newspaper. The money will be presented to teachers and students at Sinh Ton School in Truong Sa island district, Khanh Hoa province, to buy school supplies, while the letters will soon reach troops working on islands of the island district. At the handover ceremony, Senior Colonel Phung Kim Lan, the newspaper’s Deputy Editor-in-Chief, was touched by the good deed of the Hanoi school’s teachers and students, affirming that the newspaper will work with relevant organs to hand over the gifts to troops, teachers and students in the island district as soon as possible. Translated by Tran Hoai … [Read more...]

Social News 15/10

Family farms key to sustainability Sustainable family farming could help solve hunger and food production problems in Viet Nam, UN food security officials said during a celebration yesterday of the 34th World Food Day in the northern province of Quang Ninh's Hong Phong Commune. The commune, where many households farm together and women play an important role, embodied this year's theme: Family Farming: Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) and UN Women in Viet Nam hosted the celebration. … [Read more...]

Winners of story competition on women revealed

The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) announced winners of a story competition to spotlight the important role that women play in family farming in Vietnam, UN Women said on October 13. The first prize went to the article "Vo chong Ly A Sui" (Ly A Sui and his wife) by reporter Tran Thi Minh at the Fansipan Magazine. Journalist Pham Thi Que Ha from Quang Nam province's Arts and Literature Association secured the second prize with "Soi da cung thanh com" (Even rocks are turned into rice). … [Read more...]

OV goes to Truong Sa to find the truth


PANO - "Let's return to Vietnam, see Vietnam with your own eyes, hear with your own ears and if possible, go to Truong Sa archipelago to talk with naval troops who have been on duty there, you would realize the truth that Vietnam's seas and islands are under Vietnam's sovereignty forever". This is the message that David Nguyen, an overseas Vietnamese (OV) in the US would like to send to all Vietnamese living in foreign countries. Undeniable truth … [Read more...]

Ideological work in the Dien Bien Phu Campaign

Lieutenant General Le Nam Phong (C) at a talk on history in Dong Nai province

PANO - The second period of the Dien Bien Phu Campaign became fiercer and more difficult. However, it was thanks to the effective implementation of ideological work of commanders of units participating in the campaign that troops in the battlefield could maintain their determination to fight and to win. The experiences of the commanders in the battle field of the Dien Bien Phu Campaign in carrying out ideological work are valuable lessons for present generation of cadres. Lieutenant General Le Nam Phong, former commander of a key company of Brigade 308's Regiment 88 in the Dien Bien Phu Campaign recalled that before the campaign, units' heads used to come to trenches to talk and promote the "Determination to fight and to win" spirit of the soldiers. The commanders provided troops with the People's Army Newspaper's most updated news about land reform in the rear, those who had supplied food and munitions, examples in digging trenches and building fortifications, Uncle Ho's … [Read more...]

Documents on Dien Bien Phu Campaign showcased

Cutting the ribbon to open the exhibition

PANO - The People's Army Newspaper's issues printed at the front during the Dien Bien Phu Campaign are among nearly 1,000 documents on display at the ongoing exhibition hosted by the Army Library in Hanoi. Lieutenant General Mai Quang Phan, Deputy Director of the General Department of Politics on April 10th cut the ribbon to open the exhibition. The month-long exhibition showcases books and articles, written domestically and internationally, research works and sum-ups on the resounding Dien Bien Phu Victory as well as memoirs of army generals who had taken part in the Dien Bien Phu Campaign. The documents are arranged to highlight such key contents as the Party and Uncle Ho leading the resistance war against French colonists and the Dien Bien Phu Campaign, development and results of the Dien Bien Phu Campaign, the world with the Dien Bien Phu Campaign, the Dien Bien Phu Victory-national strength and Vietnam after 60 years of the Dien Bien Phu Victory. The Army Library is … [Read more...]

Vietnam actively contributes to Komodo exercise

A basketball match between participating delegations

PANO - Vietnam was actively contributing to the Naval exercise Komodo 2014. This showed the fine relations between Vietnamese and Indonesian Navies in particular, and between the two armies and countries in general, affirmed Rear Admiral Amarullah Octavian, Head of the Organization Panel of the exercise, in a recent interview with the People's Army Newspaper's reporter. Talking about the contents of the exercise, the Indonesian Admiral said that the Asia-Pacific region always needs disaster relief. Over the past years, countries in the region were hit by natural disasters, such as the devastating tsunami in Indonesia in 2004, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011, and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013. The exercise would promote cooperation among countries to better cope with natural disasters in the coming time, contributing to stabilizing the region. Besides, non-military, humanitarian aid and disaster relief campaigns are on the agenda of the Komodo exercise, … [Read more...]

Chinese rear admiral thanks Vietnam for searching missing jet

Chinese Rear Admiral Kan Likui.

PANO - Chinese Rear Admiral Kan Likui, Deputy Head of the Operations Department under the General Staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army highly appreciated Vietnam's efforts in searching the Malaysia plane missing since March 8th with 154 Chinese residents on board. The appreciation was made in an interview given to the Vietnam People's Army Newspaper's reporters on March 11th in Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh province. The Chinese Rear Admiral said that being notified of the news, Vietnam had mobilized vessels and aircraft for the search in a large scale and at the same time created favorable conditions for other countries' vehicles to join the search. "Vietnamese people have been actively implementing measures to search the missing jet as they considered the problem of China as that of their own. It proves the traditional friendship between the two countries and their people", Kan said. He expressed gratitude to Vietnam's Party, Government and army for their timely … [Read more...]

Vietnam further supports Cambodian students

Vu Mao, Head f the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association

PANO - Though living far from their country and families, many Cambodians studying in Vietnam have looked on the S-shape country as their home, because in here they have their adoptive Vietnamese parents, which makes them love more for Vietnam. Those students help nurture and consolidate the friendship between Vietnam and Cambodia. That confirmation was made by Vu Mao, Head of the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association, in a talk with the People's Army Newspaper's reporter on the association's movement sponsoring Cambodian students in Vietnam. Vu Mao held that the Vietnam-Cambodia relations, based on the motto "good neighbourers, traditional friendship, comprehensive cooperation, long-term sustainability", have been consolidated and deeply developed in all fields, including education and training. At present, more than 1,000 Cambodian students are living and studying in Vietnam. Along with offering scholarships and creating opportunities for doing internship and attending … [Read more...]

Vietnam deserved to be a member of the UN Human Rights Council

Andre Sauvageot.

PANO - In 1964, Captain Andre Sauvageot was sent to battles in Vienam. Now, speaking Vietnamese fluently as his mother tongue, he told the People's Army Newspaper's reporter about human rights in Vietnam. - Vietnam is nominating itself for membership in the United Nations Human Rights Council for 2014-2016 tenure. What do you think of this effort? Andre Seauvageot: I have a positive impression, because the Human Rights Council fits Vietnam's foreign policy of diversification of relations and to be a friend to every nation to the extent feasible. Naturally, the process of diversification of relations is enhanced by participation in the activities of international organizations to better understand some issues of importance to entire world. Clearly, human rights is an important issue for the people of the entire world and of Vietnam specifically. Therefore, membership in the UN Human Rights Council, would be an opportunity for Vietnam to better understand the positive and … [Read more...]