Vietnam treasures ties with Cuba

(VOV) – Vietnam is committed to developing and strengthening solidarity and friendship with Cuba, Vice Chairwoman of the National Assembly Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, has said.

Ngan made the statement at a meeting in Hanoi on January 8, marking the 55th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

Ngan emphasised the January 1, 1959 victory opened up a new chapter for Cuban people to enjoy better education, healthcare services, employment, housing and other human rights.

Despite the collapse of communism in the early 1990s, global financial crunch, and economic embargo, Cuba stands firm and reaps considerable success in national development, she stated.

She recalled former President Fidel Castro’s speech, noting the Vietnam-Cuba relationship is very special and sets an exemplary role model in international relations.

This relationship has stood the test of time and developed well towards communism over the decades.

Vietnamese people are very proud of having friends like Cuba who always understand and support the previous struggles for national independence and current national construction and defence, Ngan said.

Reviewing the 55-year history of the revolution, Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Herminio Diaz Lopez emphasised Cuba has always received significant support from Vietnam during its struggles and has learned a lot from the country’s economic development experience.

He expressed his hope with support from the Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Association and other organizations, both countries will realize their trade and economic targets on a par with their fine political relations.

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