To expand VSIP Quang Ngai

VSIP Quang Ngai

VSIP Quang Ngai

​In the recent decision, Chairman of the PPC agreed to expand VSIP Quang Ngai’s area in phase 1 from 458 ha to 660 ha.

​Chairman asked the Construction Department, Dung Quat EZ Management Board and related agencies to guide and help VSIP Quang Ngai Co. Ltd. with preparing necessary documents for the expansion.

VSIP Quang Ngai was approved its detailed Planning 1/2000 with over 1,226ha in communes of Tinh Phong and Tinh Tho, Son Tinh district.

Chairman also agreed for the investment of 03 resettlement areas inside VSIP Quang Ngai and approved the construction project of 02 streets of D1 and D3 to connect VSIP Quang Ngai’s routes with the National Highway 1.

Minh Thien