Thieves displace ATM but fail to steal money

Police in Hanoi are investigating a case in which an ATM was moved about 10 meters away from its place but the safe of the ATM remained unopened.

The incident was discovered on early Friday by residents who live on Giang Vo Street, Dong Da District, where the ATM, which belongs to Vietnam Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Maritime Bank), was located.

Locals called police and the bank to the scene to handle the case.

A representative of the bank opened the safe, which remained intact, for examination and later confirmed that no money was lost.

Police have examined the scene and collected some items that they think are related to the case.

Police presumed that an alarm installed in the ATM was activated and sounded when it was moved out of its place. This might cause the thieves to be panic-stricken, so they fled the scene.

As the ATM and the safe weigh about 500 kilograms in total, thieves could have used a truck to pull the ATM after using tools to ‘uproot’ the ATM from its place, Maritime Bank said.

The bank also said its ATMs were imported from US-based Diebold Inc., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of ATMs.

These ATMs are equipped with advanced security sensors and anti-theft alarms with powerful loudspeakers, the bank said.