Quang Tri people engage in building new rural areas

(VOVworld) – Quang Tri province used to be a poor land in the central region, which suffered heavily from wars and frequent natural disasters. Quang Tri nowadays has changed positively, especially in the rural areas, a result of the people’s involvement in new rural development.

Building rural roads in Trieu Phong commune, Quang Tri province   (photo: nongthonmoi.quangtri.gov.vn)

Building rural roads in Trieu Phong commune, Quang Tri province (photo: nongthonmoi.quangtri.gov.vn)

The people in Vinh Son commune, Vinh Linh district, are isolated from the rest of the province. They have to cross a river and travel tens of km to get to the market in Ho Xa township. Aware of the difficulty the villagers have transporting their farm produce to the distant market, war veteran Nguyen Van Nam, who lives in Tien An hamlet, decided to build a market in the commune. He donated 500 square meters of land and 30,000 USD and hired people to build Tien An market in three months. Around 100 traders are now doing business there. Nguyen Van Nam says: “Going to the market used to be very difficult. We had to go to Ho Xa or Gio Linh. I built the market to improve trading and production.”

People in Vinh Son are happy now because they no longer have to get up so early to go to the market or get back so late. It’s easier now to sell their farm products and buy essential goods. The market is growing steadily. Vo Van Quan is a local villager. “The market is near the river and roads. Old people can get to the market easily now. People respect Mr. Nam’s initiative.”

In Thanh commune, Huong Hoa district, patriarch Ho Van Ba of the Van Kieu ethnic minority donated 2,000 square meters of his garden to build a school. Mr. Ba said his hamlet is far from the center. Many children have drowned crossing the river to go to school. Responding to the new rural development program, Ba contributed land to build a two-storey school. Mr. Ba said: “The children study in this semi-boarding school and local people give them free meals. I’m very happy to see the pupils studying.”

Many public works such as electric lines, roads, schools, and clinics in Nai Cuu hamlet, Trieu Dong commune, were built with donations from the local people. Nai Cuu people who work and live elsewhere have sent 600,000 USD to build their home village. Vo Van Bac is Vice Chairman of the Trieu Dong commune People’s Committee. “Nai Cuu has been successful in collecting donations for infrastructure development. We have built roads and other public works.” Bac said.

In three years of implementing the new rural development program, people in Quang Tri province have contributed millions of USD and thousands of work days. Nguyen Van Bai, Director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, says: “People have played an important role in the program. Their creativity and intellect have generated momentum for production and building new rural areas.”

People’s generous contributions have positively changed the rural landscape and improved living conditions in Quang Tri province.

Dinh Thieu