New Year meeting for outstanding religious followers, intellectuals, overseas Vietnamese


(VOVworld) – Vuong Binh Thanh, the An Giang People’s Committee Chairman, says that last year the province surpassed its set targets in all areas. Addressing a gathering of two hundred delegates including religious dignities, intellectuals, and outstanding overseas Vietnamese, Thanh attributed the achievement to national solidarity, especially the contributions of intellectuals, religious dignitaries, and outstanding overseas Vietnamese.Monk Chau Cac of the Khmer Nam Tong (Theravada) Buddhists, said he’s glad about the province’s socio-economic achievements and expressed his gratitude to the province for improving the lives of religious followers, especially those of his religion. Monk Chau Cac affirmed that followers of Theravade Buddhism will uphold their solidarity with other religions and fulfill their citizen’s responsibility to the nation.