New AIA insurance product offers pension security

AIA Vietnam last week introduced voluntary pensions to the market, targeting employees with labour contracts with organisations.

Industry leader AIA's latest pension product offers benefits to both employers and employees

Industry leader AIA's latest pension product offers benefits to both employers and employees

Golden Age Pension Plus will enable employees to define a financial plan for retirement as employees not only contribute to their own fund, but also benefit from financial contributions from employers.

The package also enables employers to enhance benefit packages for employees in order to encourage and reinforce engagement and commitment from staff, and help them build long-term human resources strategies that will build the company a solid reputation. Employers who participate in the pension plan can also enjoy tax advantages.

AIA Vietnam has done their upmost to make Golden Age Pension Plus as convenient as possible for customers. The insurer has allowed customers to change the accumulated period and premium amount, choose the age of beneficiaries, change the assurance sum and transfer pension accounts.

“We are very excited to introduce Golden Age Pension Plus to the market, as this is a pre-eminent product for both employers and employees,” said Stephen Clark, chief executive officer of AIA Vietnam.

“Golden Age Pension Plus is a wonderful opportunity to build a stable income for a financially independent and relaxing retirement period”, said Clark.

The Golden Age Pension Plus will be accumulated from the contributions of both the employer and the employee. If a member of staff was to change employers, the insured members still benefit from the pension account value including contribution from employers dependent on the agreed prepositions and timing between them and their employer.

AIA Vietnam is a member of AIA Corporation, the largest listed corporation of Asian origin in the world. Officially operating in Vietnam since February 2000, for the last 13 years, AIA Vietnam has been developing human resources with more than 500 staff and more than 17,000 agents. It is also a pioneering company in Vietnam, introducing a variety of products to meet customer demand. The insurance firm presently has nearly 320,000 insurance contracts across the country.

By Ninh Kieu