More tourist arrivals in the National Tourism Year of Red River Delta – Hai Phong 2013

By focusing on exploiting advantages of each regional province and strengthening regional linkage in the National Tourism Year of the Red River Delta – Hai Phong 2013, the region has attracted 35 million tourist arrivals, increasing 15%; and achieved revenue from tourism by more than 35 trillion VND, a rise of 16% over the same period last year.

Hai Phong particularly received more than 5 million tourist arrivals, up 11%. The achievement is quite encouraging, especially in the context of difficult socio-economic situation of the city and the country. The success of the National Tourism Year has created impetus for promoting Hai Phong tourism in future.

By motivation of the National Tourism Year’s success, Hai Phong is having opportunities to abolish the seasonal business of tourism and develop into a big and high quality tourism centre where national and international events are organized; thereby to attract high spending and long staying visitors. Taking full advantage of positive effects brought by this event is also expectation of the majority of Hai Phong people.