Media contributions to successful foreign relations

(VOV) – Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh has emphasized the importance of the press’s contributions to diplomatic relations during 2013.

Meeting with media agency representatives on January 9 in Hanoi, Minh described the media as an important avenue of information distribution, keeping the people and wider world abreast of the Party and State’s foreign affairs.
Vietnam’s diplomatic efforts unfolded against a challenging backdrop of global economic difficulties, sluggish recovery, regional political complexity, and intensified competition from world powers.

Along with finalizing comprehensive strategic partnerships with major countries, Vietnam has augmented its international status at bilateral and multilateral forums, making 2013 a notable diplomatic success.

More than 30 high-level visits between Vietnam and influential powers including China, the US, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and France clearly demonstrates Vietnam’s international stature.

The international community expressed unequivocal support for Vietnam in electing the country to seats on the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

Remarkable progress was also recorded in cultural diplomacy, directly contributing to boosting national construction and development.

FM Minh praised the media’s efforts to represent the interests of Vietnamese citizens abroad and safeguard sovereignty, territorial integrity, peace, and security in the East Sea.

Vietnam’s foreign affairs will proceed with implementing the Politburo’s Resolution No 22 on international integration, and enhancing bilateral and multilateral cooperation, Minh said.