HCM City needs 40,000 blood units for emergencies

(VOV) – HCM City is encouraging volunteers to donate approximately 40,000 units of blood for emergencies during the upcoming lunar New Year (Tet) festival.

Blood is often in short supply at hospitals over the Tet holiday to handle emergencies as a consequence of rising traffic accidents. Yet, the number of blood donors declines at the peak season.


The HCM City Blood Donation Centre is mobilising donors from 24 districts, state organisations, businesses and individuals, to help ease blood pressure on hospitals in the coming weeks.

The Red Cross of District 3 launched a blood donation on January 4, attracting 300 State officials, employees, and young people who gave nearly 400 units.

Its mobile blood donation car also travelled to schools, hospitals, and churches, gathering 800 more units.

Last year, the district supplied more than 6,000 units of blood to hospitals in the city.