Growing vegetables without soil

Vegetable production technology without soil has long been quite popular in the world. A few years ago, scientists in the country made “Vietnamization” of this technology to suit to the conditions and people’s cultivation practices.

These important materials replaced soil is cultivation medium, cellular sheets and vegetable planting liquid are mixed the multi-elements, essential micronutrients. Vegetables irrigation water source can use the treated and cleaned water from wells.

In this technology, the irrigation system is specially interested because nutrients provide for plants mainly through irrigation. Vietnamese scientists manufactured vegetable care system that is installed and programmed by automatic drip or semi-automatic irrigation. Thus, plants can directly draw nutrients evenly. It is economic and suitable with lack of irrigation regions.

The advantages of the technology don’t cause pollution of heavy metals in the soil or toxic chemicals, harmful microorganisms, such as when vegetables are grown by soil. It is easy to manage fertilizer source, helps the vegetables to be not contaminated as nitrate toxicity. The vegetable growers are always proactive about seasons, adjust pH and EC exactly.

The experts evaluated the technology that has quite flexible application range. It can be applied to large vegetable planting farms with hangars or outdoor places, also can be applied on a small scale for individual households, or even on the balcony, terrace of the tall building. This technology is also suitable for areas with harsh natural conditions, such as islands, arid areas, lack of arable land and water.