Boost ties with Ajaccio (France) on waste management

In the framework of the European Community’s activities, representatives of Hai Phong Urban Environment Co., Ltd, Ajaccio city (France) and AVEC Association (France) recently signed a MoU on a waste management project between Hai Phong and Ajaccio. The project participated by 3 cities including Hai Phong, Ajaccio and Pakse (Laos) will be implemented in 5 years (2013-2018).

Objectives of the waste management project between Hai Phong and Ajaccio are to improve the urban waste management capacity of Hai Phong; exchange experiences in waste classification, collection and treatment; waste separation at source; and enhance people’s awareness of waste separation at source. The project’s main purpose is to reduce a significant amount of buried garbage by composting into fertilizer. This change will be implemented on a pilot area for 5 years before applied to the entire city.
During pilot implementation, waste separation will be carried out in households of 2 wards in Le Chan district. Garbage collecting handcarts will be designed to meet practical demands. Applying this solution will maintain the current method of waste collection directly from households (which has been well operated and complied by the households). Also, it helps the collection of separate inorganic and organic waste without increasing the number of workers as well as turns of garbage transport.