Attracting Investment – Key to Socio-Economic Development

In recent years, Ninh Binh's economy has gained remarkable achievements, including high economic growth and economic structure shifting positively with an increasing proportion to industry and services.

In recent years, Ninh Binh's economy has gained remarkable achievements, including high economic growth and economic structure shifting positively with an increasing proportion to industry and services.

Besides favourable factors of traffic, geography, Ninh Binh province also has appropriate resources to develop material areas for seafood processing industry, exported fruits or other types of agricultural products, handicrafts, particularly limestone resources and minerals suitable for the development of construction materials industry. Thanks to active policies in attracting investment and creating favourable conditions for enterprises to do business, Ninh Binh province has been and will be a destination for domestic and foreign investors, contributing to socio-economic development of Ninh Binh in particular and of the country in general.

Identify the right direction

To promote investment in industrial zones and clusters, in the past years, Ninh Binh’s provincial People’s Committee concentrated on directing departments and localities to coordinate with related agencies in the area to create a favourable environment for investors. The Provincial People’s Committee has policies such as giving incentives to encourage investment in industrial parks and tourism spots in the province. Investors are entitled to preferential land rent, corporate income tax, loan interest rates, infrastructure use, facilities, public utilities, etc. Thanks to the favourable investment environment and policies encouraging all economic sectors to invest in various business areas, many large enterprises such as Tam Diep cement company, Ninh Binh phosphate company, Tam Diep steel, fertilizer plant, automobile assembly plant, Vissai cement plant, Duyen Ha cement plant, Huong Duong cement plant, after investing time, have gone into production and made the output value of industrial production increase.

Together with industry, tourism is under the development orientation of becoming a key economic sector of the province. Ninh Binh has many historical and cultural spots with various types of architecture, art, history, beliefs, religion and historical revolution. The diversity is reflected in the types of tourism including ecology, culture, relaxation, adventure and sports. Many heritages have become attractions for both domestic and international tourists. Nature offers Ninh Binh with many spectacular landscapes, thick density of heritages widely distributed from the hills to the plains and coastal areas. It is known by tourists as a wonderful area of rivers. Mountains, landscapes, scenic and historic cultural spots lie from primary forest Cuc Phuong to Nui Vang (Gold Mountain). To meet the demand of high quality accommodation for tourists and to increase revenues from supporting services, the province has set aside land fund in Ninh Binh city’s centre to call for investors to build hotels and organizes advanced training to provide human resources to serve tourism activities. In the long run, the Provincial Party has Resolution; the Provincial People’s Committee has tourism development plan up to 2020 and orientations towards 2030 to achieve the objective of quickly making tourism a spearhead economic sector of the province.

Agriculture, forestry and fishery shifted in the right direction, towards the development of commodity production. The province has established several specialized agricultural areas such as Dong Giao farm specializing in industrial crops such as pineapple, Kim Son area planting papyrus for making mats and other handicraft items, Kim Son sea with tiger prawn and fish, Yen Khanh growing rice, livestock, and Ninh Phuc and Ninh Son growing flowers and clean vegetables. In growing animal, there appear new production models which bring high economic efficiency. Aquaculture remains stable and tends to develop under the orientation of infrastructure investment in alluvial coastal areas towards industrialization.

Creating open environment

Implementing Resolution 30c/NQ dated 8th November 2011 of the Government-approved overall program on administrative reform for 2011-2020 and plan 07/KH-UBND dated on 6th March 2013 of the Provincial People’s Committee on administrative Reform in 2013-2015 period of Ninh Binh province, on 5th July, the Provincial People’s Committee Office issued Plan 04/KH – VPUBND on the implementation of the administrative reform in 2014. Accordingly, the purpose and requirements of the plan is to continue promoting administrative reform; improve the effectiveness and efficiency of advisory activities; well serve directing and management activities of the Provincial People’s Committee in all sectors including social economy, society, public security, national defence, social security, complaints resolution, and corruption and waste prevention. The implementation of administrative reform has to ensure time, quality, content of the assigned tasks, and tight coordination among related offices and departments.

In order to well implement the purposes and requirements, the Office of Provincial People’s Committee has set out important tasks that require priority focus. First, the Office has to continue to improve the quality of advising and assisting the work of the Provincial’s People Committee in issuing legal documents and guidance documents; ensure operator competence in accordance with policies, guidelines and laws of the Party and State; and timely post provincial legal documents on electronic portals and on the provincial Gazette. Besides, the office must receive and process documents regularly; follow the progress of implementing directive documents of the Provincial People’s Committee; implement effectively the management and release of documents in compliance with the provisions of law on clerical work and storage; and improve the quality of the province’s electronic portal. In addition, it is important to strengthen the management of public servants and employees. Also the office implements the recruitment and use of public servants and officials and policies related to the rights and obligations of public servants and officials in accordance with the law, ensuring objectivity, openness, fairness and democracy. In particular, the Provincial People’s Committee office has been promoting the application of information technology in solving tasks, managing document transfers, effectively applying e-mail and e-Office systems in the operation of the unit. The office applies ISO 9001:2008 quality management system in the agency’s operation as well.

Attracting investors

Over the past time, Ninh Binh Province has issued many policies to attract investment at home and abroad and to encourage investment in industrial parks and tourism spots in the area; encouraged export and investment in the service sector, hotels and restaurants; and had information mechanisms about advertising, trade promotion activities and administrative procedures. The implementation of compliance processes upon investment approval is carried out by Ninh Binh in accordance with current regulations of the State. Accordingly, the Department of Planning and Investment is the lead agency for receiving and giving advice and guidance for investors to launch projects, follow procedures and implement investment projects. Investment point of view of Ninh Binh is selecting investors with criteria such as large or medium scale project depending on each field, clean technology, high technology, available labour in the province, and positive contribution to the state budget.

Currently Ninh Binh has a number of fields calling for investment such as high quality brewing projects, Dong Thai eco-tourism; seaweed processing; projects in electronics industry, semiconductors, software production; high-tech aquatic processing plant project; chemical pharmaceuticals manufacturing project; and infrastructure construction of industrial parks. In the next period, Ninh Binh province will focus on the promotion and introduction of potential strengths and mechanisms to attract foreign investment capital of Ninh Binh.