Singapore to offer Quang Ngai province MBA scholarships

Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (right) affirmed with Quang Ngai's Provincial Party Committee's Secretary Mr. Vo Van Thuong (left) to offer Quang Ngai MBA scholarships

Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (right) affirmed with Quang Ngai's Provincial Party Committee's Secretary Mr. Vo Van Thuong (left) to offer Quang Ngai MBA scholarships

​It was said by Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hien Long to the Central Committee member – Quang Ngai Provincial Party Committee’s Secretary Mr. Vo Van Thuong on December 3.

The Secretary’s six-day visit to Singapore is the 40th Lee Kuan Yew Exchange Fellow (LKYEF) from 2 to 7 December 2013.
LKYEF programme invites outstanding individuals for high-level exchange visits to Singapore. The Fellows are chosen on the basis of their proven track records or extraordinary potential to contribute to the development of their nations as well as promote international understanding and goodwill.
Vo Van Thuong is the third of Vietnam after President Truong Tan Sang and Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and the forty invitee of the programme.

Singapore’s leaders answered as many as questions regarding my most concerns, said by Secretary Vo Van Thuong as answering the questions of Thanh Nien Daily, cited on Thanh Nien Online (the Youth.

Thanh Nien: What were your studies from Singapore?

Vo Van Thuong: For Quang Ngai province, I am interested in 6 sectors that are: (i) recruitment, valuation, promotion, and improvement for governmental staff; (ii) good environment for businesses and provincial industrial zones; (iii) a better transformation for province’s education; (iv) effective management of the local medical quality; (v) the prevention of corruption in locality; (vi) management of social order and security.

I received great briefings from six ministers who gave me more details and explanations. Deputy Prime Minister, Coordinating Minister for National Security and Minister for Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean gave me answers in sector of management of social order, while Minister for Education Heng Swee Keat explained as many as my questions about education. I also had good meeting with Minister for Health Gan Kim Yong, various social and economic agencies including the Ministry of Manpower, the Economic Development Board, JTC Corporation, and the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau.
Thanh Nien: In your opinion, what was the most interest?

Vo Van Thuong: Regarding education, the orientation of career is the most interest for me. Singapore has been doing well in this aspect.

A part of students enters universities, while others apply in colleges or schools, so all graduated students can get jobs. Significantly, the teaching quality is the volume of graduated students recruited.
“93 percent of total trainees in Singapore Polytechnic (SP) get job after their graduation, said by vice-head of Management Board to me in my visit to SP, adding that If the ratio is low, SP will present its causes to local educational authorities.

The second interested thing is the system of governmental staff recruitment. The most important thing is not the qualification of candidates, but their community service minded.

They swap interviewers and markers to search the best quality candidate (A level). According to Prime Minister Lee Hien Long, Singaporean Government mostly focuses on A level staff. The positional rotation of Ministers and governmental staffs aims at improving their perfect knowledge and experiences.

Thanh Nien:What methods will you apply in Quang Ngai province?

Vo Van Thuong: The process of understanding and applying all friend’s excellent methods need a serious selection and depend on time. The most important thing is the determination of implementation.

For Quang Ngai province, firstly I plan to push up the important role of families in orienting future career for their children suitably and effectively.
Secondly, the process of recruitment will be public to seek real quality staffs for the government.

Besides, I will focus on improving environment in business and investment to attract investors to this central province. Additionally, I will improve qualification of local authorities so that they are not only good at administration but also modern knowledge minded.

The most interesting thing is that in my 45-minute-meeting with Prime Minister Lee Hien Loong on December 3, he agreed to offer Quang Ngai MBA scholarships.

Thanh Nien: After watching a Meet-the-People Session, what do you think a bout its process and effect?

Vo Van Thuong: Each national parliament of the Singaporean People must schedule to receive residents. Firstly, residents go to their area as requisition, and then volunteers will collect or note all their complaints. All the complaints will be transferred to parliaments who after that meet with one by one to answer and explain their questions. The parliaments are to send voter’s reflections to higher level appropriate authorities, and then give answers back to voters. Overall, this is a good mechanism to timely solve their problems.

Thanh Nien: Is it possible to be applied in Vietnam?

Vo Van Thuong: Basically, it is quite the same in Vietnam, and I think it will be better to firstly start in commune and ward level, and then national parliaments. There will be a large human resource serving this, I believe.

Thanh Nien: Thank you very much for your answers.

Translated by Minh Chau