Number of overseas Vietnamese students in Russia continues to rise

(Source: Internet)

(Source: Internet)

According to the Voice of Russia, currently there are about 6,000 Vietnamese students studying in Russia, of whom approximately 2,000 have their training and accommodation funded by the Vietnamese government.
However, the number of students is forecast to increase many times in the future due to the two countries signing a new agreement on training cooperation during the recent visit to Vietnam of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The number of Vietnamese students studying at six universities of Russia with training quotas are likely to increase from the current 500 to about 1,000 students per year, among the total 15,000 scholarships granted by the government of Russia for overseas students.

Many Vietnamese students are currently studying specialities in different universities of Russia.

According to statistics, at Tula State University alone, about 180 Vietnamese students and graduate students are studying at the university, ranking Vietnam first among 55 countries having students at this university. Only 20 students study by self-funding, the remaining are under intergovernmental agreements between the two countries.

Education experts in Russia all evaluated Vietnamese students having basic background knowledge, studying seriously, and actively participating in sport and art activities of the school.

Many Vietnamese students have achieved awards in Academic Olympic competitions in the city or the Russian Federation in the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics and informatics.

It is expected that in the coming years there will be significant changes in foreign student enrolment regulations in general and Vietnamese students in particular into Russian universities, due to strengthening the role of the Federal Agency for International Cooperation and the initiative of universities, therefore the number of Vietnamese students in Russia is expected to increase dramatically./.