Northern province’s losses from snow and frost reach VND35 billion

The largest ever snow and frost in mid-December in the northern province of Lao Cai killed over 200 animals and destroyed over 800 hectares of crops, causing losses of VND35.2 billion.

(Photo: Lao Cai newspaper)(Photo: Lao Cai newspaper)

In Bat Xat district alone, 76 animals have been killed, nearly 800 hectares of crops have been damaged, and the Den Sang – Y Ty 35KV electricity line was destroyed, causing a loss of over VND16 billion.

In Sa Pa district, the cold spell caused a loss of nearly VND20 billion, with 131 animals killed, 100 hectares of chayote, tens of thousands of flower pots, over 3,000 square metres of flower houses and potatoes areas destroyed.

The harsh weather has brought troubles to local people, especially with a shortage of vegetables and food in cold days.

The Lao Cai provincial People’s Committee is asking localities to continue to carry out urgent measures to protect plants and animals from the cold, instructing farmers on how to keep animals warm.

There are currently over 200,000 animals, 50% of which are in highland districts.

Nguyen Van Tuyen, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, suggested that people not let their animals wander, instead keeping them in protected areas, blocking the wind and building fires to help warm up the animals./.

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