Hoi An in the eyes of foreigners

(VOVworld) – Hoi An ancient town with it mossy houses, wooden bridges and ancient wells dating back 3 centuries is always a magic magnet for both Vietnamese and foreign tourists Reputed to be the most charming town in Vietnam, Hoi An has become a key destination for foreign tourists passing through central Vietnam.


The first thing that strikes visitors upon arriving in Hoi An is the feeling of returning to the 16th century because of its ancient architecture, peacefulness and hospitality. There are no horns. Motorbikes are banned from 8:00 to 11:00, from 14h to 16h30 and from 18 h to 21 h. This makes the city more peaceful and beautiful at meal time. Mara Landoni, an Italian architect, thinks Hoi An is most beautiful in the morning: “I like walking around the town in the early morning when the street is not crowded. I like to see people opening their shops. It’s the best moment for me “.


In the morning, Hoi An seduces you with cobblestones, mossy houses and flowering bougainvillea. Kiara is another Italian tourist. She visited Hoi An after hearing about this magical place: “I think it’s very beautiful and amazing. I like the architecture of the old town. I like local people. They are very friendly”.

Kiara’s impressions are shared by her son Francesco, who spent an unforgettable few days in this ancient Vietnamese town: “It’s very nice. I like the lanterns lights and many things. I like all the places including pagodas. Our guide show us many interesting things”


If Hoi An is fairly quiet during the day, in the evening, it comes alive and sparkles in the lights of lanterns. Tourists usually prefer Hoi An at night. Sandra is a Latvian tourist: “It’s very pretty and calm. At night, Hoi An is quite different. The streets are lit by the light of candles and lanterns. It is absolutely beautiful.


Every street corner and house is decorated with colorful lanterns made by the local people. Walking along the small lanes, listening to the sounds of wooden windchimes, melodious music on the street corners, and chanting on the Hoai river, visitors grow more and more enamored with Hoi An. Nguyen Su is Secretary of the Hoi An Municipal Party Committee: “In the ancient streets at night, you have the feeling that everything is moving more slowly. Walking around the streets, smelling the fragrance of aloe wood and listening to the unhurried sounds around you make you feel more relaxed. The ancient town is like a stage play”.


Full moon nights are particularly conducive to exploring Hoi An. When night falls, the town lights its lamps and is filled with delicious odors. Hoi An is a place full of surprises and magic whose subtle gastronomy, textiles and decorations inspire tourists to return again and again.

Lan Anh