Trinh Cong Son’s mementoes handed over at ongoing exhibit

At the exhibit running in Hue until Nov 24, several of revered late composer Trinh Cong Son’s long- time friends handed over his mementos to the representative of Trinh shed, where the composer lived.


Fans of Son’s haunting music and his relatives and friends gathered cozily at the exhibit, which is going on at 203/19 Nguyen Truong To in Hue. The exhibit, titled “Sac mau hoai niem” (The hues of reminiscence), features works by Vietnamese American artist Dinh Cuong, one of Son’s long-standing friends, and local artist Phan Ngoc Minh.

The composer’s friends also handed over Son’s mementoes which they have been treasuring all these years. At the exhibit, which features some of his portrayals of Son, Cuong gifted Son’s photos taken in 1970. Veteran singer Khanh Ly also gave her autograph on the photo featuring her and the composer.

Cuong also presented a letter written by the composer to a beautiful girl named Dao Anh. The letter, dated September 1965, has been yellowed with time.

Cuong and Minh’s exhibit features 30 paintings in oil and acrylic. The paintings, including those portraying Son and some other local celebrities, are richly reminiscent of the beautiful olden times.

Trinh Cong Son (1939 – 2001) is considered one of the country’s most revered, prolific composers. His music is well loved by local and international fans for its haunting melodies and profound lyrics. Several of his iconic songs have been translated and performed in other languages.

Trinh Shed is where the composer used to live during his youthful years and is now home to his many photos and mementos.