Mother indicted for selling 2-month baby for $700

Police in central Nghe An Province has decided to prosecute a young woman who sold her 2-month son for VND15 million (US$708) and then falsely accused her mother-in-law of abducting the baby.

According to the case file, Ha brought her son, Le K.H., to the Tra Vinh General Hospital for a check-up on October 22. Ha later met a woman at the gate of the hospital and told the woman that she wanted to sell her son.

The woman then introduced Ha to a man, Pham Anh Tuan, 35, of the province’s Vinh City, who have no children after 6 years of marriage.

Tuan later contacted Ha and reached an agreement that the man will pay VND15 million for the baby.

On October 23, Tuan received the baby from Ha at her house after paying her the price.

Immediately after selling her son, Ha reported to local police that the baby had gone missing and that her mother-in-law could have kidnapped him.

While the police were investigating into the “abduction,” Ha changed her mind and confessed to investigators that she had sold the baby to Tuan.

Ha told police that she sold H, her second child, since she was afraid that she could not afford bringing him up.

She also said her husband, Le Van Hung, 31, is a taxi driver, and that they married four years ago.

Police have taken the boy from Tuan and returned him to Ha.