The first exhibition in supermarket held in Hanoi

VietNamNet Bridge – Painter and curator Le Thiet Cuong, 51, assumes the role of selecting artworks by 10 young artists to introduce to the public. Cuong has selected a trade center in Hanoi to organize this exhibition.

Painter Le Thiet Cuong at the exhibition opening.

Painter Le Thiet Cuong at the exhibition opening.

At the beginning, the organizers planned to hire a traditional gallery, such as the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum or 29 Hang Bai Gallery… with walls and lighting systems exclusively for the paintings. However, from personal experience that Le Thiet Cuong understands that most of Vietnamese people do not have a habit to go to galleries to admire paintings.

“By displaying paintings at a supermarket, we will bring art to the public in a more direct, more open and more accessible. It is the activity of bringing art back to life. For the first time opening an art exhibit in the supermarket, I want to create democratic spirit of the art approaches,” Cuong said about his daring plan.

The exhibition, taking place from October 2 to 13, introduces the works of 10 artists: Ly Hung Anh, Nguyen Duy Manh, Le Thi Minh Tam, Doan Hoang Lam Nguyen Dinh Vu, Nguyen Tat Long, Nguyen The Dung, Thai Nhat Minh, Truong Tien Tra and Nguyen Van He.

According to Le Thiet Cuong, the first criterion to select artists for this exhibition is those with potential but have little chance to express themselves. Moreover, this is a series of art activities so it is not too fond of any art school.

Cuong selected two sculptors and eight painters for the exhibition. The materials that the eight painters use are also different.

This exhibition is the opening activity for a series of activities called Davines Art Series to bring contemporary artworks to the public. These activities will take place twice a year since October 2013.

The young artists and their works on display at the exhibition:

Painter Le Thiet Cuong and the artists whose works are on display at the exhibition.

Painter Le Thiet Cuong and the artists whose works are on display at the exhibition.



T. Van

T. Van



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