Bring about lots of convenience

Supplying administrative services in the modem way, particularly applying information technology (IT) has brought about the satisfaction among the individuals, organizations, in parallel with reducing the workload for cadres and civil servants. Currently, Phu Yen province has got the level 3 direct public services.

Administrative reformation of Phu Yen has practically changed once the province started constructing, applying the system of quality control under the criteria ISO 9001:2008 into the operation of state administrative offices, investing into IT application in a synchronous way from top to bottom level. According to the report by the PPC, so far up to September 9th, the people’s committees at district level has been equipped with act management system with connection with the offices of communes’ people’s committees; 16 out of 21 departments, sectors have also been equipped to implement the act and operation management system; 100% of communes, wards and town lets have been connected with the Internet; live T.V at three points of the PPC’s office, the office of the provincial delegates at the national assembly and the provincial people’s council, the department of information. Simultaneously, the system of live T.V broadcast at the point of the PPC to 8 points of districts’ people’s committees is under construction; 81 offices and units in the province have applies the system of quality control ISO 9001:2008. Particularly, the province’s portal with 24 internet information at district level, departments, and sectors in the province is being upgraded as to the stipulations by the government; also, the province’s portal has already got level 3 direct public services.

According to Mr. Le Van Thu, director of Phu Yen department of planning and investment, applying IT to solve the issues for the inhabitants and enterprises has reduced the papers. The model of “one modern door” by the Department of planning and investment has been well operating, thanks to the human factor as well as the great role of IT application. Therefore, the majority of files and papers have been timely solves, creating the great trust for investors, so does it speed up the province’s economic growth. According to Mr. Le Ty Khanh, deputy director of the department of information, IT application not only increases the operation efficiency of state management but is also the foundation for forming the electronic government. Simultaneously, IT application helps people, enterprises get opportunities to contact a data system of state offices in such a sufficient and convenient way.

Currently, the province’s portal and the websites of departments, sectors, districts, town and city have applied IT into their operation; the department of planning and investment is successfully operating the pointed model of “one door”, “one modern thorough door”, some of the level 3 direct public services…, firstly constructing the scientific process system, which is very convenient for individuals, organizations; storing, finding documents, files in a fast and standardized way. The majority of cadres, civil servants of the province have gained informatics level of A and B, meeting the requirements of IT application.

Addressing to conclude the conference on summing up the 3 years implementing the province’s administrative reforms, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party commissioner cum Chairman of the PPC, Mr. Pham Dinh Cu stressed, “The ultimate target of administrative reforms is to create the satisfaction among the individuals and businesses, improving PCI. Striving to the year 2015, the province’s PCI is among the top 10 of the nation. Therefore, the factor of IT application into management of administrative offices, professional units needs to be put at the top priority, also needs to be more drastically implemented for the sake of fulfilling the assigned criteria”.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN