Vietnam’s agriculture copes with climate change

(VOVworld) – A seminar on Vietnam’s agricultural response to climate change, opportunities and challenges opened in Hanoi on Tuesday. Resident Coordinator of the UN Development Program in Vietnam Pratibha Mehta praised Vietnam’s achievements in responding to climate change in recent years. Pratibha said that as Vietnam is actively implementing a program to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 2020, the country needs more concrete action in the fields of forestry, cultivation and husbandry. Pratibha said that: “International capacity and human resources are critical to addressing climate change challenges. Staff at all levels should have a regular opportunity to acquire leaders’ knowledge and expertise of how to address climate change. It is also critical to further strengthen the climate change office to extend expertise to enable integration of climate change into sectoral strategies and action plans.”

Vietnam’s greenhouse gas emission in agriculture remains high at 43%. Vietnam, accordingly, has implemented a number of measures to develop green and sustainable agriculture.